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Back Cover:
    In you, the World's got a fighting chance!

    Guilty Gear X2, the sequel to the world's best 2D fighter - includes 6 new characters for a devestating 20 playable fighters! Each has 8 modes for you to master, with all-new Mission, Medal of Millionaires and Story Modes. Use explosive new moves like Psych Burst, Faultless Defense, Burst Gauge and more.
    Each fighter's jaw-dropping, eye-popping attacks are enhanced, including Guilty Gear trademarks Overdrive Attack, Gatling Combo, Roman Cancel and signature Instant Kills. Guilty Gear X2 will floor you with mind-blowing graphics, brain-numbing speed, killer Rock & Metal music, outrageous movies and hidden extras.

    Contributed by Kartanym (12825) on May 09, 2003.