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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.8
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 2.9
Overall User Score (15 votes) 3.7

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The Video Game Critic (Aug 30, 2007)
It may lack the originality of the first game and the innovation of the second, but Rock the 80s is arguably the most enjoyable Guitar Hero yet thanks to its excellent line-up of feel-good hits.
86 (Oct 03, 2007)
Es cierto que Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s no es tan completo ni profundo como las dos primeras entregas de la serie, pero la carencia de personajes, canciones y contenidos desbloqueables se ve más o menos compensada gracias a una selección de temas que todos los seguidores del juego deberían probar. Es la mejor forma de calentar antes de que llegue el esperadísimo Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Además, como es el menos exigente de todos, es perfecto para empezar con la guitarra.
Game Chronicles (Jul 26, 2007)
Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the 80’s would have been a much better installment in the franchise had it been priced as an expansion or offered more content to justify the high sticker price. Guitar Hero fanatics will still flock to the stores to purchase this game just to have more songs regardless of price or musical taste. And for most, there will be weeks and months of enjoyment to be had rocking out to some serious hits from the 80’s.
Game Captain (Aug 21, 2007)
Es riecht irgendwie nach dem schnellen Geld: Mal eben 30 Songs in ein altes Spiel gepresst und zum Vollpreis angeboten - wird sich schon verkaufen. Etwas mehr bietet der Ausflug in die 80er dann doch: Einige echte Hits machen den Titel zur Pflicht für alle Besitzer der Vorgänger, auch wenn die Songauswahl durchwachsen ist und längst nicht an den genialen ersten Teil heranreicht. Einsteiger sollten hingegen lieber zu einem Bundle aus Gitarren-Controller und einem der (besseren) Vorgängertitel greifen. Etwas schade, dass der Umfang so stark beschnitten wurde. Ein Spiel, für das ich 50 Euro beim Händler lassen muss, sollte eigentlich mehr bieten als ein aufgewärmtes Konzept. Aber Activisions Vermarktungswut lässt hoffen: Vielleicht kommt ja bald eine „Slayer-Edition“ oder ein Death Metal-Spinoff. Man wird ja wohl noch träumen dürfen…
UOL Jogos (Jul 27, 2007)
"Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s" continua um grande jogo, muito divertido, mas a seleção musical não se mantém no mesmo nível que as edições do passado. Naturalmente, isso não vale para quem é admirador (ou apenas um saudosista) dos anos 80 ou fã incondicional da série. Mas mesmo eles precisarão constatar que o conteúdo é menos rico, fazendo com que o preço de US$ 50 não pareça tão vantajoso como antes. Pesa também não existir um "bundle" com o controle-guitarra, que era uma boa pedida.
Gamestyle (Aug 28, 2007)
£30 for 30 tracks is not the best value for money, but can you put a price on this sort of fun? Granted, this is a filler game before the next 'full' edition, but in terms of songs, there's no filler here - not one track is tacked on or unsuitable - that's not even something GH2 can claim. Neversoft have their work cut out for them.
It seems like I've been fairly harsh to Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80's and maybe I have. The decision to release the game as an exclusive on an outdated system baffled me nearly as much as the completely random scattering of great songs alongside awful ones. If you're as big a GH fan as I've become over the past few months, these minor criticisms won't matter one bit; in fact, you have probably already purchased a copy. Rocks the 80's is a .5 version of a great game, released just months before the next full-fledged sequel. I know I won't be happy until Dragonforce makes it into a GH game and/or you are able to use mp3s as custom tracks, but platform choice and song selection aside, if you love GH, you'll love this game.
GameLemon (Oct 08, 2007)
All in all, GH80s is probably worth picking up (at a reduced price, if you can find it) for die-hard fans of Guitar Hero; just don't go into it expecting too much and you should have a great time. And if you prefer to wait and get a little more value for your money, GH3 is just around the corner.
Softpedia (Jul 24, 2007)
Unless you're a Guitar Hero fan, or a collector, you won't appreciate the fact that you get 70% percent of the content from Guitar Hero II at a higher price and the whole pack's been named Encore. It's true that the characters and environments are a little bit revamped and that the track list is brand new, but Harmonix are really targeting a certain audience, leaving many members of the public aside. Some are still hoping to see a Guitar Hero: Metal or Guitar Hero: Punk edition to fulfill their aspirations of becoming the next Sid Vicious or James Hetfield, but that's not going to happen too soon. If you consider Guitar Hero II to be an aperitif for Guitar Hero III and Rock Band, then Encore is a chewing gum, that will start tasting bad after three or fours hours of hard-rock chewing.
Worth Playing (Nov 11, 2007)
It is truly just GH2 with a garish color scheme, some different character models, 30 new songs and nothing else. It feels incredibly bare, but as a song pack, it stands up surprisingly well. The major issue is the staggering price, but with Guitar Hero 3 now released, I imagine that will drop a little. If you're a long-standing fan of the series, then chances are you'll want to pick up GHERT80. Casual players may only want to pick it up if they like the music, but experienced players who want new songs should find some joy in this, even though the best that can really be said for it is that it's "OK."
Gamernode (Jul 23, 2007)
The saddest thing, Guitar Hero, is that this is the last time we'll be together when you're being developed by Harmonix. I know your future offspring are in good hands (and I'll continue to watch over them), but things just won't be the same. Rock Band is fun, though, so I suppose we'll have that to look forward to. It's just a shame you couldn't deliver an encore as perfect as your opening set.
74 (Aug 07, 2007)
Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80's is a disappointment in a series which has had two great compilations, and almost certainly a third soon. It will add some game time to the series, but is one for die-hard fans of 80's rock only.
Again, GHE:Rt80s is still fun to play, and it’s great to have more songs to jam to, but it feels more like an expansion pack than an actual game… even though it still has an “actual game” price tag to it, the biggest addition to a game that could have been so much more.
72 (Sep 14, 2007)
A less strong list of tracks, less locations and characters and especially no unlockable songs for the hardcore guitar players amongst you, this couldn’t get us warm at all. Add to that the fact that the presentation is just that from Guitar Hero 2 with some paint added and you know that the dozen really good songs won’t be able to save the average score of Rocks the 80s. Only for the true fans or those that are patient enough until the price drops.
IGN (Jul 23, 2007)
Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the '80s is certainly a disappointing release in one of the most fun and refreshing franchises we've seen anytime lately. It's fun, but it doesn't hold a candle to the previous two releases. If you're hard-pressed for new tracks and don't mind spending $50 for only a handful of good songs, you'll find that the good parts are great. But be prepared to sludge through plenty of boring tracks.
Gamer 2.0 (Jul 27, 2007)
While Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80s certainly doesn’t bring much new to the table, it’s certainly an enjoyable game in its own right. The worst thing about the game really has to be what Activision expects you to pay for it, as the game clearly brings less than what Guitar Hero II gave you for exact same price. The game certainly isn’t a must have right now, but when deals pop up to make it cheaper, that’ll be the time to strike. If you’re looking to spend some money on new Guitar Hero and you’re expecting something more substantial, Guitar Hero III is only a few months away and may very be worth saving the money for a full-fledged sequel.
70 (Aug 14, 2007)
Okay, das Positive vorweg: Guitar Hero 80s spielt sich genauso super wie seine beiden Vorgänger, gerade im Mehrspielermodus ist die Freude groß, die Gitarren-Steuerung klappt wunderbar. Und das ist ja bei dieser Art von Spiel das Wichtigste; am grundsätzlichen Konzept kann man hier, genauso wenig wie bei den SingStars dieser Welt, einfach nichts kaputt machen. Aber, und damit verlassen wir die freudvollen Ufer, das Herz spielt dieses Mal nicht mit: Man wird das Gefühl nicht los, dass Harmonix dieses Add-On schnellstmöglich raushauen musste, um seinen Activision-Vertrag abzuhaken, und sich voll und ganz der Entwicklung von Rock Band widmen zu können. Jedenfalls fühlt sich »Rocks the 80s« nicht wie ein vollwertiges Guitar Hero, sondern mehr nach Dienst nach Vorschrift an, etwas, das man auf dem PC ein »selbständig laufendes Add-On« nennen würde.
GameSpy (Jul 24, 2007)
Although I've been pretty negative throughout this review, it's still pretty hard to screw up a Guitar Hero game, and I plan on playing a good deal of Rocks the 80s over the next few months. I can imagine spending a lot of time trying to nail all the solos in songs like "Round & Round" or "Play With Me," and the return of co-op play will help make the game a solid party title. But the differences between Guitar Hero II and Rocks the 80s couldn't be more drastic. While I once said GH2 felt like a love letter to the series' hardcore fans, Rocks the 80s feels like a title lacking in heart. Or, for that matter, Heart.
Meristation (Aug 21, 2007)
Aun con todos los defectos nombrados anteriormente, Rock de los 80 mantiene la aplastante y endiablada jugabilidad de la serie y nos mantendrá pegados a la guitarra durante un buen número de horas. La diversión se multiplica en el modo competitivo, donde la exigencia de las partituras mas avanzadas se cobrará víctimas rápidamente. Superadas las reticencias iniciales al inmovilismo de esta expansión, la versión ochentera de Guitar Hero esconde virtudes que los seguidores más fieles agradecerán. Lástima que estas virtudes se vean empañadas por la ausencia de contenido realmente interesante y de peso. De forma coherente, el juego llega a nuestro país con un precio reducido, acorde a sus características de expansión.
Pro-G (Aug 20, 2007)
Despite the moaning and criticism there is fun to be had from Rocks the 80s. It's not a bad game by any means, but it is a disappointing game that simply doesn't live up to its potential. Accept that you're going to long for better tracks and wish there were a good deal more, and you'll get a good few weeks of solid play and a few tracks to come back to time and time again. The track list for Guitar Hero 3 already looks great, so hopefully Rocks the 80s is just a slight blip on the series' run of excellence.
GameSpot (Jul 23, 2007)
Ultimately, Rocks the 80s is for Guitar Hero diehards only. There are some excellent songs in here, to be sure, and the gameplay is as fun as ever. But with such a decisive lack of content compared with other GH releases, not to mention the slightly insane price tag, Rocks the 80s feels like a quick-and-dirty cash-in. It's one you'll probably still have a good time with, but it's dirty all the same.
Computer Bild Spiele (Sep 05, 2007)
Die ersten beiden Teile von Guitar Hero überzeugen durch umfangreiches und sorgsam ausgewähltes Songmaterial. Dazu gab's zahlreiche Lieder von unbekannten Nachwuchsbands, die durch gute Leistung freigespielt werden konnten. Genau hier schwächelt Guitar Hero - Rocks the 80s. Zwar befinden sich einige Toptitel im Songrepertoire, doch insgesamt dominieren mittelmäßige Rocksongs im schleppenden Mid-Tempo. Da will der Funke nicht so recht überspringen, der Spieler hat selten das Gefühl, ein echter Rockgitarrist zu sein. Zudem fehlen freispielbare Songs von unbekannten Gruppen komplett, was der Motivation zum Durchspielen einen schweren Dämpfer versetzt. Deshalb ist dieses Spiel nicht schlecht, aber eben der bislang schwächste Teil der Serie.
GamingExcellence (Aug 08, 2007)
Fans of Guitar Hero's previous titles will, in all likelihood, still enjoy this game, and there's no real reason they shouldn't. There's a new song list of classic tunes (some more classic than others) to riff through, and all the features of the previous games. The fact that Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s has nothing more, and in some cases, less content than the previous titles, while still charging the same price, is the problem here. And, in the end, fifty dollars for only thirty new songs, and nothing else, really just doesn't cut it.
FOK!games (Aug 29, 2007)
Nummers die niet rocken en te makkelijk zijn, te weinig items in de shop, een jaren tachtig look dat maar half afgewerkt is en geen extra outfits voor de karakters. Guitar Hero draait om het euforische gevoel van een rockster, en deze punten onderdrukken dit gevoel. Het overheersende gevoel van Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks The 80s is niet direct negatief, daarvoor zitten er nog iets te veel toffe tracks in de game. Het is meer een gevoel dat er met meer werk een betere game uit had kunnen komen. Wellicht dat de breuk tussen Activision en Harmonix de game niet goed heeft gedaan, maar er zat enorm veel potentie het thema en de setting. Het eindproduct geeft je het gevoel dat je het voorprogramma gezien hebt, terwijl je toch echt het hoofdoptreden hebt gehad en de schoonmakers inmiddels al bezig zijn om de rotzooi op te ruimen.
Lawrence (Sep 17, 2007)
If Guitar Hero III gets trampled by the imminent arrival of the Rock Band franchise, it’ll be easy to point to Rocks the 80s as the beginning of the series’ downfall. This is an obvious cash-in on a big name, and the limited tracklist features only two or three songs you’ll take multiple trips back to. Even the best songs in the game (“Holy Diver” by Dio, I’m looking at you) aren’t even that fantastic from a guitar standpoint. A disappointment to say the least.
Gamer Within (Aug 10, 2007)
It is questioning as to why Activision has decided to release this expansion pack as an almost full-priced game. If it had admitted to what it was and given it the typical expansion pack treatment, we wouldn’t have had any hesitation in recommending fans to pick this one up. The game is still very solid, and is still one of the best music rhythm games currently out there. Alas, while this one is worthwhile if you’re looking to add further tracks to your available library, we can’t help but feel a bit ripped off with the lack of new additions and its arguably unfair price point.
67 (Aug 12, 2007)
Fans der Serie werden, allein um die Zeit bis zu Guitar Hero III und/oder Rock Band zu überbrücken, Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80s kaufen. Obwohl sich sowohl sich die Entwickler mit mageren Inhalt und einem Preis, jenseits von Gut und Böse, es eigentlich nicht verdient hätten. Ich, als redaktionsinterner Guitar Hero-Fanboy, habe für einen Moment schon angedacht dem Spiel einen Donkey-Award zu verleihen. Das solide Gameplay war dann allerdings doch Grund genug dies nicht zu tun. Dennoch, lest es von meinen Lippen, read my lips, Zahlen oder Wertungsgrafiken können meiner Enttäuschung nicht annähernd Ausdruck verleihen.
Game Positive (Aug 07, 2007)
Music issues aside, the game itself feels recycled from previous titles, but with several parts actually removed. For instance, there are fewer characters here than used previously, only now they are wearing leg warmers. The reused maps are covered in neon lights to make them seem more 80's-like and that really doesn't cut it for what's supposed to be a new game. All of the bonus content is also cut out, leaving you with a bare bones version of Guitar Hero 2 with half as many decent songs. With the standard song list being so poor, it's scary to think of what they might have added as a bonus song had they chosen to. Also, the final Spinal Tap-inspired Stonehenge stage is gone, which is actually a big loss being that the entire joke of that level comes from the eighties.
AusGamers (Oct 05, 2007)
While not unwelcome, Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80s is ultimately nothing more than 30 new songs to play in a near year-old game. If you don't already own Guitar Hero II, it's definitely recommended you pick that one up first for a much more well-rounded rock-out experience. If you're a GH veteran looking for fresh tunes and new challenges to tide you over until Guitar Hero III and Rock Band arrive, make your decision after first reading the track list.
65 (Sep 02, 2007)
To use a musical analogy, rather than a true third album from a great band Guitar Hero Rocks the 80s feels far more like an unnecessary b-side compilation pushed out to fulfil a record company contract. It's as flawless in execution as GH II was however by having mined such an uninspiring collection of obscure 80s songs it has forgotten a large part of the previous game's appeal. With Guitar Hero III and Rock Band on the horizon only those who can claim an encyclopedic knowledge of dodgy 80s rock or find the Guitar Hero brand too hard to ignore should even contemplate this over priced stop-gap release. It's a shame though, the idea had such potential.
60 (Oct 05, 2007)
On le répète, 40 euros pour 30 morceaux ce n'est clairement pas suffisant et ce tarif excessif est à lui seul un trait peu attractif de ce Guitar Hero Rocks The 80's. Mais si on ajoute que la bande-son peine à séduire avec des titres dont la plupart se sont perdus dans la mémoire des stations de radios, on en vient à se dire qu'il ne reste alors que le pur challenge technique qui pour sa part est au rendez-vous. C'est bien peu au regard de la diversité qu'offre jusque-là la série.
60 (Aug 29, 2007)
Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80s is een ietwat gemakzuchtige game die een aantal aardige liedjes toevoegt en die je zeker weer wat avondjes plezier zal geven, maar die uiteindelijk vooral te weinig te bieden heeft voor zijn prijs. Wacht liever nog een paar maandjes op het derde deel.
FZ (Aug 07, 2007)
Jag älskar Guitar Hero-serien och har sedan debuten släpptes till Playstation 2 spenderat åtskilliga timmar med min platsgitarr, ofta tillsammans med en samling glada vänner. Kanske är det därför som min besvikelse och negativitet är en aning överdriven. Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80's är trots allt långt ifrån ett dåligt spel. För den som är riktigt frälst på 80-talets rocklåtar är det med största sannolikhet ett måste och då det behåller samma härliga spelmekanik som föregångarna kan alla ha roligt med det. Samtidigt är det dock svårt att inte sucka en smula över den bortkastade potentialen.
60 (UK) (Aug 02, 2007)
At its worst, though, this is a meandering cock rock 'anthem' you've never heard and worse still, one that hints of the Guitar Hero franchise being sullied by constant SingStar-style stopgaps. Most disappointingly, the specialisation makes this rather an obscure little thing for anyone not already familiar with the series, which normally boasts enough diversity and flavour in its track list that everyone can find something they like and rock out. For enthusiasts, it's thirty new tracks to master at a rather inflated price and will certainly entertain for a while and add extra variety to your Guitar Hero collection. For those of you who haven't yet been bitten by the Guitar Hero bug, though, the second game is still your best bet until GH3 and Rock Band arrive to shake things up at the end of the year. One for 80s obsessives (you know who you are...) and die-hard GH fanatics only.
Rocks the 80s hade kunnat bli hur bra som helst. Istället blev det en bortkastad chans och en påminnelse om att Guitar Hero-spel aldrig kan bli bättre än de låtar det fyllts med.
Game Revolution (Jul 30, 2007)
So, thanks to our standing ovation for the earlier titles, the “encore” game boils down to a spastic track list with a $50 price tag. Even though Rocks the 80s can stand-alone, it isn’t very likely that it will. And only if you were four different kinds of personalities during the 80s will you like everything on the track list. Thus, $50 for 30 songs actually feels more like $50 for ten to twelve decent tracks—not a good deal in any decade. Like, totally bogus, dude.
Digital Spy (Jul 26, 2007)
If this had been released as an expansion disc for Guitar Hero II - which it really should have been - it would have been priced lower and – therefore – a far more attractive buy. As it is, the game is only worth buying if you already own the guitar peripheral and you’re a keen fan of 1980s rock music.