Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

After a lengthy series of animated company logos the game plays a cartoon sequence showing a couple of hard rockin' guitarists awakening the god of rock
A bit of helpful advice for those using a guitar controller
The game's title screen. After this comes the main menu
The game's main menu
Playing a training option (1). There are many options that make learning the game easy for those with no skill whatsoever. First there's some easy songs
Playing a training option (2). The player has the option of playing guitar or bass after which they select from four levels of difficulty
Playing a training option (3). The player can select from many different parts of their chosen song and can practice at any of four speeds
Playing a training option (4). The actual display looks a lot sharper than this. Notes move towards the player who must press the right button as the note slides beneath it
Playing a training option (5). After each session the game scores the player's progress and gives them the option to repeat
There are numerous game configuration options
There is a multiplayer mode which means the player's must set up their controllers
Whenever the game needs to load something it displays this screen with a different humorous message
A scene from the start of the Quickplay option, each song has a different setting
Playing an easy rendition of a song in Quickplay. The on-stage view changes but most of the time the player is too focussed on the notes to pay much attention

Wii version

Title screen
The main menu
Select difficulty level; Expert mode is really quite difficult!
You can select and customize a character.
Select a venue; right now it's time for the video shoot!
Selecting a song.
The gameplay screen
Chords are worth more points than single notes.
Nice five star performance!
Star power is ready!
Utilizing star power.
My earnings for this song.
Occasional cut-scenes detail your rise to stardom.
A "boss battle" against Slash
Do you want to play an encore?
Performing a solo with star power.
There are several different venues you'll perform in.
Begin by performing in a backyard.
The loading screens offer you advice.
Time to move on to the next gig...

Windows version

The Legends of Rock awaken (Intro).
Main menu
Choose your character.
Your first gig! (cut-scene)
The poster of your next event
The song list
Let's get ready to rock!
The crowd is already hot.
I'm sorry about those cars...
I was so good that the crowd wants an encore!
Waiting for the notes to drop.
The detailed breakdown of your last song.
I got a sponsor!
The next song awaits.
Prepare the green fret!
Yeah! I totally rocked!
I'm on the front page of a unknown magazine yeah!
Rockin' in Tokyo to the sounds of ZZ Top's La Grande.
A battle against Slash were he used a power-up to deactivate my whammy-bar.
Rockin' in Alcatraz.
Activated Star Power for double points.
The song comes slowly to an end and the camera moves away from the scene.
Every encore has a little ingame cutscene beforehand.

Xbox 360 version

Animated intro.
Main menu
The tutorials section offers instructions for new players.
Main career mode menu
The guitar shop, apparently sponsored by Guitar Center.
You can customize your clothing and guitar.
Songs are grouped on the setlist just like the other Guitar Heroes.
Loading screens give tips and trivia.
Band takes the stage.
Standard Guitar Hero gameplay. Hit the notes and don't miss.
Hitting all the star-shaped notes in a section gives "Star Power"
Gaining star power.
Star power active. Our score multiplier can now go twice as high.