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Windows version

Main title screen
Our hero.
Drink from a bottle to restore your health.
The shopkeepers will sell you useful items and weapon upgrades.
Aim carefully. You don't want to kill a woman, do you?
Improve your skills by completing side missions.
The Miller gang will arrive shortly. Prepare the ambush!
In this side mission, I must herd the calves into their pen.
The badlands.
The Texas Hold 'em Poker mini-game.
The abandoned mine.
The gatling gun is a very useful weapon against a group of enemies attacking you at once.
Stop the train at all costs.
A map.
Quickdraw mode. It works like the bullet-time in other action games.
Magruder's hideout. Wipe out machine gun nests.
Colton White on his horse.
There is a small ferry here which you must use if you want to cross the Missouri River.
The game is very brutal.
Ruins of the Hollister's fort.
Preparing to battle at the steamboat.
Zoom in for better aiming.
The Piper Lake.
The Indian trader. He can upgrade your bow for better distance and damage.
You can even mine gold...
Hunting for the Great White Buffalo.
After finishing the story mission, you'll get a new weapon.
Preparing to leave the Dodge City.
Welcome to Empire city.

Xbox 360 version

Neversoft logo from the opening cinematic.
Main menu differs upon your current position in the game.
Coronado's second expedition, 1542.
Game starts 300 years after, just as you wake up ever so abruptly.
In-game menu screen lets you see your current location, inventory, skills, statistics, change option, save game, or end the mission.
Fighting a grizzly bear will be your first boss battle.
Don't fuss over it Ned, saved your life, didn't I?
Main title, right after the introductory mission
Colton and Ned are boarding the Morning Star to buy some time... and meet certain people.
Bandits are attacking the steamboat you're on.
Using a cannon to blast enemy boats sky high.
Quick-draw mode allows for better precision due to the slow-motion effect.
Good thing about a rifle is that it's a weapon even when you run out of bullets.
Shooting flaming arrows in the air to prevent them from hitting barrels filled with gunpowder.
Looks like this stagecoach might need some protection while passing through the territory, and Colton will help any damsel in distress.
Jenny doesn't know how good of a shooter Colton truly is, or she wouldn't act so scared.
Even when on fire, Colton is still dangerous.
Colton doesn't like to be used... but then again, who does.
At the rebel camp.
Following Clay to the point of ambush for Magruder's train.
Saving the indian village from the bandits.
A full scale attack on the enemy fort.
I may not cross over, but those spikes won't stop my bullets, you son of a gun!
Taking a detour around the fortified trenches in a canoes.
Checking the map... the green arrow is you.
Aiming from a horse does not require you to turn the horse, you can even shoot to the opposite from where your horse is running.
You can mine gold if you acquired a pick-axe.
This looks like a good sniping point.
Scalping the badguys can only be done while they're still alive.
Clearing the enemy fortified position, them having a machine gun won't help them either.

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