Gyrodine Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
The 1st wave.
Ground defences.
Wave to the holidaymakers.
Tanks on the beach.
Planes attacking.
Flying over avast forest.
A runway.
Blast the vehicles.
Tanks on the bridge.
Keep blasting.

MSX version

Title screen
Fighting helicopters
Fighting bunkers
Fighting tanks above the dessert
Fighting fighter jets
Fighting above forrests
Fighting tanks above a military camp
Fighting against an other type of helicopter

NES version

Title screen.
The start of the game.
Enemy helicopters in sight!
Aproaching bunkers. Be careful.
A road ahead! Shoot some cars.
Flying above the desert.
Game Over

PC-88 version

Title screen
Game start!
Starting area
Shooting some pesky helicopters
Picking up a little man on the ground
Shooting missiles at trucks on the bridge
Tank! Tank!
The jets fly in and out quite fast
The buildings can be destroyed
Several enemies approaching at once
Flying over a river

Sharp X1 version

Red title screen, besides the default blue one, there's 3 other colors
Green title screen
Yellow title screen
The staff from Crux later moved on to Toaplan, so this game can be seen as the predecessor to Tiger Heli and Twin Cobra
Looks like I'm in trouble