User Review Spotlight: An in-depth review of Superman (N64), which has a reputation for being one of the worst games ever made.


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The fun and playability of the arcade game, but with a few twists. NES DarkBubble (370)
The kind of straightforward but thrilling action game we miss now Commodore 64 Martin Smith (76)
Terrific arcade conversion of the classic! Atari 5200 Rich Richards (167)

Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Arcade 9 4.0
Atari 2600 7 2.9
Atari 5200 5 3.1
Atari 8-bit 4 4.8
ColecoVision 4 2.9
Commodore 64 10 3.9
NES 13 3.6
Xbox 360 2 3.6
Combined MobyScore 54 3.6

The Press Says

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Atari 8-bitAtari Gamer - XL-XE Game Review Edition
The A8 version is, in my opinion, the best official conversion of the game out there. The graphics are great with a very convincing 3D effect. The sound is even better with an almost perfect POKEY version of the original soundtrack. Shoot'em up fans will really love Gyruss, its pure unadulterated arcade action as its very best.
ArcadeAll Game Guide
The game itself is not bad either, highlighted by double-fire power-ups, fun challenge stages, cool outer space graphics, and planetary progression between levels. One of the better aspects of the game is that extra points are granted for destroying a wave of enemies while it is still in formation. Gyruss is often referred to as a combination of Galaga and Tempest.
ColecoVisionAll Game Guide
One of the better outer space shooters for the system, Gyruss is a must-have for ColecoVision owners.
Atari 2600The Video Game Critic
There are no sound effects, but the music is some of the best you'll hear on the Atari 2600. Gyruss is a bit on the easy side, so be sure to play it on the hardest skill level.
Xbox 360GameSpot
Konami's Gyruss is now available on Xbox Live Arcade, and it has the same bells and whistles that you've come to expect from Digital Eclipse's emulation work. It's a reasonably faithful version of the arcade game, with a weird side-by-side online mode where you play at the same time as another player but never actually interact, and it has updated graphics and sound that you can disable if you prefer the original arcade experience. Gyruss isn't exactly the most famous shooter in the world, but if you remember it--and remember liking it--you'll get enough out of it to justify the $5 purchase price.
Naves inimigas atacarão a sua nave, sempre em formação e movimentando-se em círculos. Seu objetivo é defender todos os planetas do sistema solar e retornar à terra.
ColecoVisionThe Video Game Critic
An auto-shoot option would have been nice. If you enjoy the elaborate musical score, you should know that you're listening to Johan Sebastian Bach's Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor. Little did Bach know when he was composing 300 years ago that someday it would be used in a video game. I should also mention that although the instruction manual mentions an options screen, I could not get it to appear.
Xbox 360IGN
If you played and loved Gyruss back in the day, you'll find that the gameplay here is mostly intact and the trip down memory lane may be worth your 400 Microsoft points ($5 USD). If you aren't a Gyruss fan, there are plenty of better shooters on the Xbox Live Arcade to spend your points on. Even the 200 Achievement Points shouldn't be a good excuse to buy the game as they are far from easy to snag. With gameplay that has just grown more stale over the past 20 years, this one can be given a pass.
Atari 2600All Game Guide
Gyruss is a game only for die-hard fans of space shooters. But the controls are not good enough to make this game very enjoyable, even for them.
Xbox 360Video Game Talk
Gyruss is a complete waste of 400 marketplace points. Any feeling of nostalgia is lost in the sluggish shooting control, poor visual design, and average online gameplay. The achievements offer a bit of replay value, but only if you can stand memorizing enemy positions. Gamers are left with a poor excuse of a classic shooter and 5 bucks missing from their wallet. If you want to play an enjoyable arcade shooter on the Xbox 360, stick to Geometry Wars for another few months.
Xbox 360Digital Press - Classic Video Games
New fans to the game may appreciate the difficulty if the first release is unfamiliar. Those looking for a nostalgic trip will be treated harshly and quickly grow frustrated with this $5 edition. The changes make this a disappointing effort when emulation demands accuracy.
Xbox 360Netjak
This game had its day in the sun, in the mid-80s. It's one of those games that should have been left there. Gyruss' tube control and display mechanics do not translate over well to an analog stick and a distant TV display. I just can't recommend picking this title up to anyone, even if they DO love shooters as much as I do.
Alleen leuk voor diegenen die heel graag Uranus willen bezoeken (want daar is een achievement voor, genaamd Exploring Uranus)!
NESThe Video Game Critic
This NES edition is so excessively easy that it's a bore. You get five lives, and there's only one lame difficulty level. Unless you absolutely suck, you'll lose interest in the game far before you go through those five lives! The swirling aliens are huge compared to the original game, but that just makes them easier to shoot (it's hard to miss really). In addition, they are totally harmless as they make their initial entrance. Every few stages you'll encounter an unimaginative boss, usually taking the form of four connected pods (oh brother!). You also have a limited number of "super shots", but who even needs them? Ultra was clearly trying to "beef up" Gyruss for the NES, but they inadvertently butchered it instead.
Atari 5200The Video Game Critic
It's a shame this Atari 5200 version is so pathetic. The graphics look awfully chunky, with ships that look more like shapeless blobs. I could cut the graphics some slack had the gameplay been on target, but Gyruss suffers from abominable controls. I thought my controller was malfunctioning, but in fact it's the game that's really broken! You need to wrestle the joystick to guide your ship, and when centered at the bottom of the screen it's impossible to move right! If you want to get to the other side, you'll need to go all the way around the top! Unreal! The uptempo musical score is terrific, but music by Bach is far too good for this half-assed piece of garbage.