Hack Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

(v1.01) Start out by entering your name
(v1.01) Then choose a class
(v1.01) In the first room
(v1.01) Found a scroll – and a giant rat
(v1.01) Killed by the rat
v1.01E adds basic graphics but is still character block based
It also adds very helpful pull-down menus
Found some loot
Fighting a kobold
Walking the dog in the underground
Died of starvation after having quaffed a potion which made me float in the air, unable to reach food

Atari ST version

Character creation (Monochrome monitor)
Samurai on level 1
Eating dead giant rats is not a good idea...
... very bad
Killed :(
Level up thanks to a floating eye.

DOS version

Choose your character class
The start of a game. Here you can see a floating Eye, your dog, a ring ("="), and yourself ("@").
The inventory is categorized
Scrolls all have obfuscated names, so when you figure out what one does, you should name it
Some scrolls affect the player directly.
Running out of food leads to fainting and eventually death
Some monsters are "okay" to eat (hey, it's either that or death)
There are various shops stashed in the dungeon
Avoid the cockatrice, whose gaze can turn you to stone!
An unsuccessful adventurer
The high score table is updated at the end of a game