Hacker Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Hacking into the system
Diagram of the robots you use
Map screen showing the tunnels your robot travels through

Amstrad CPC version

Trying to login...
Your name, please?
The main game screen
Your mission, should you choose to accept it...
Offer $5,000 cash for a piece of the document?
Buy some (hopefully) useful items
Recovered two document pieces so far...
Hmm, can't go north here, better find a different route

Apple II version

Logon please.
We're in!
Identify the correct parts on the robot.
Align for your time.

Atari 8-bit version

Activision logo / loading screen
The game begins with a logon screen
Select the area you'd like to begin in
Your mission...
In the underground tunnels
Hmm, can anything be found in London?
Maybe this suspect character can help out...
Ah, the first piece of the puzzle...

Atari ST version

You begin the game attempting to login...
Your name, please?
The main game screen
Is what this character's offering worth $5,000?
A news update...
Two pieces of the document found
This character may have something valuable to offer...for a price!

Commodore 64 version

Beginning; try to log in
Your name, please?
The main game screen
Buy some items from this guy?
Here's a quick update...
This guy can offer a piece of the document; but what will you give him?
Offer some cash for a document piece
Watch out for those approaching satellites
The document pieces I've recovered so far...

DOS version

Where it all begins... guessing the password.
The main screen. You have to find your way through the underground.
Let's trade! This gloomy fellow offers valuables.
You're collecting fragments of this document.
Oops, another disaster?
Surveillance satellites (the pink crumbs) have been activated.

Macintosh version

Can you hack into this system?
Laser alignment procedure
Setup your home position
In the tunnel system
Your mission, should you choose to accept it...
Talking with a shady character...

MSX version

Title screen
Credits screen
Beginning the game
The main game screen when in the tunnels
On the surface; can this guy help you?
A quick update on what's going on...

PC-88 version

Title screen
Stylish computer-like intro
Test, test...
Looks simple enough...
3D cyberspace

ZX Spectrum version

The start of the game. This is where the player first encounters the Magma site.
Access is eventually granted
The first encounter with the S.R.U. - Subterranean Remote Unit.
This is where the player gets to decide on their choice of controller
There's a lengthy activation process (aka puzzle) to go through
Somehow The S.R.U. got positioned in the South Atlantic. I hope this is OK
The first screen showing the S.R.U. position, a small black thing in the South Atlantic (that's coloured green). The MSG / message icon is flashing
The company message. It does not look good. Perhaps we get to save the world.
Back with the S.R.U.. The unit is moving. Its current direction is in the top left, its current view is in the centre, in this shot its just changing from a view of a rock wall to a view of a tunnel