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More of the same... but that's not a bad thing. Windows Ian Badeer (79)
Pack your gear, Morgan.. I mean Gordon. There's still three episodes to go. Windows Marko Poutiainen (1160)
Has more of the unique level design of HL2, but not much. Windows Andrew Bruck (4)
Half-Life 2: Episode One Is Better Than Star Wars Episode One Windows MasterMegid (902)
About as good as it is long. Windows Peta Michalek (9)

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WindowsUOL Jogos (Jun 30, 2006)
Não se pode dizer que é a "medida certa" porque "Episode One" é tão envolvente que, quando menos se percebe, acabou, deixando o jogador querendo mais. Ao menos, agora a promessa de espera pela próxima dose está na casa dos meses, e não mais dos anos, entremeados por decepcionantes atrasos.
WindowsGamernode (Jun 02, 2006)
All in all, however, the game does not fail to impress, and follows up Half-Life 2 as a worthy sequel. And this is no easy feat given the game that it is following. There are far too many fantastic aspects of the game and general polish to outweigh the somewhat insignificant issues outlined above. The commentary mode on top of everything else really seems more like a great send off after beating the game. You get to unlock all the mystery behind and get sort of a recap on everything that happened while you were playing through. Valve really has done a great job showing people that episodic content doesn't have to be such a bad thing and can give the developers a chance to implement changes to the code as hardware becomes more and more powerful with time. The game is absolutely worth playing through and should not be overlooked in any case.
WindowsThe Games Machine (Italy) (Jun, 2006)
Di solito recensire i pacchi espansivi è uno scherzo: qualche arma in più, una manciata di livelli, "piacerà a quelli che hanno apprezzato l'originale" e tutto è a posto. Episode One apparentemente offre ancor meno delle altre espansioni (tanto per dire, non c'è neppure un'arma nuova!), ma in realtà rappresenta un ulteriore passo in avanti nella filosofia che la Valve persegue da sempre: l'assoluta predominanza della narrazione, dell'atmosfera e del coinvolgimento sugli effetti superficiali che purtroppo contraddistinguono ancora molti videogiochi. Episode One, per quanto breve, è un gioiello curatissimo. L'interazione con Alyx è qualcosa di unico nel panorama videoludico, e sbaglia chi dice che l'aspetto tecnico non è stato migliorato rispetto al capitolo precedente. Insomma, l'avete capito: per me è un capolavoro!
WindowsPelit (Jun, 2006)
Jatkoa kaikkien aikojen parhaalle 3d-toimintapelille? Nyt jo? Kyllä, kiitos!
WindowsGameStar (Italy) (Jun 13, 2006)
Half-Life non si smentisce anche questa volta e ci consegna un’esperienza a metà prezzo ma a pieno divertimento e di qualità indiscutibile. Grafica, trama, giocabilità, longevità sono tutte ad altissimo livello e in più abbiamo una nuova dimensione “didattica” estremamente interessante con la “commentary track” degli sviluppatori. Ancora una volta Valve produce un “must” assoluto che non delude sotto nessun aspetto; consigliato a tutti, nessuno escluso.
WindowsPC Powerplay (Jun 28, 2006)
Die ersten zehn Minuten von Episode 1 gehören wohl zu den emotionsreichsten meiner Spielerkarriere. Wie Alyx Gordon in die Arme schließt, nur um sich gleich darauf schüchtern zurückzuziehen - das ist großes Kino. Wenn sie dann später über die "Zombines" witzelt oder ängstlich hinter mir durchs Dunkel tappt, dann weiß ich, warum ich mich durch Horden von Combine-Soldaten schieße: nicht, um die Welt zu retten, sondern für Alyx. Auch das Leveldesign überzeugt: Episode 1 spielt sich so gut wie und doch erfrischend anders als Half-Life 2. Mehr Rätsel, mehr Ruhepausen. Trotzdem trägt die Fortsetzung unverkennbar Valves Handschrift. Geärgert habe ich mich nur über recyclete Texturen und Gegner. Und über den Seriencharakter - ich will Episode 2 jetzt gleich!
WindowsGameSpy (Jun 01, 2006)
Half-Life 2: Episode One delivers exactly what you'd expect from a Half-Life expansion: it returns to the intriguing setting of City 17, delivers lots of tight action sequences and well-crafted puzzles, and is arguably the best-looking shooter out today. At $20, it goes by pretty quick, but the developer commentary adds some replay value, and it's impossible to imagine anyone who enjoyed Half-Life 2 passing it up. It's exciting to see developers finally embrace the idea of episodic content; the big question now is whether Valve can keep up with the demand.
90 (UK) (Jun 01, 2006)
Just like the original Half-Life 2: Episode One keeps the player entertained almost the entire time through perfect pacing, a rich atmosphere and incredible production values. By being inventive, surprising and getting the basics absolutely right, Half-Life 2: Episode One is a wonderful advert for the excitement that true episodic content can generate when approached the right way. The sooner more developers go down this road, the better.
90 (Jun 14, 2006)
„In der Kürze liegt die Würze“, heißt es so schön. Wenn dieser Spruch bei einem Spiel perfekt zutrifft, dann ist es Half-Life 2: Episode 1. Die lang ersehnte Fortzsetzung des Blockbusters wirkt wie ein „Best Of“ des Originalspiels – und das ist trotz einiger Deja Vu-Momente durchaus positiv gemeint. So erfindet Episode 1 das Rad nicht neu und setzt auch kaum inhaltliche Akzente, qualitativ konnte Valve jedoch noch einen draufsetzen. Einziges innovatives Element ist die ständige Begleitung durch Alyx, doch dieses Feature hat es in sich. Zusammen mit den perfekten Scripts und der erstklassigen Animation der Charaktere, entsteht ein Action-Film zum mitspielen. Episode 1 bietet erstklassige Unterhaltung, um die Genre-Fans nicht herumkommen. Ritual, so hätte Sin Episodes aussehen sollen!
WindowsBordersdown (Jul, 2006)
With Episode One Valve have proved that episodic content can definitely work and once again raised the bar. Only Episode Two will reveal if they can continue to beat their personal best.
WindowsGamers Globe (Nov 25, 2006)
Desværre så kan det næppe tage mere end 6 timer at gennemføre E1. Ganske vist følger der to multiplayer-modes med, men hvis man allerede ejer HL2 (hvilket ikke er nødvendigt for at spille E1, men dog et must!), så har man dem allerede. Ganske vist koster E1 kun et sted mellem 120 og 200 afhængigt af, om du køber det gennem Steam eller hos din spilpusher, men før du ved af det, er det slut, og E1 efterlader os med en cliffhanger til Episode Two, der efter planen skal udkomme i andet kvartal 2007. Man kan dog ikke komme udenom, at den tid, man trods alt får i selskab med Gordon, Alyx og horderne af organiserede kampsoldater og blodtørstende uhyrer er af særdeles høj kvalitet.
WindowsHrej! (Jun 05, 2006)
Někoho může zarazit doba hraní. Stejně jako u SiN je herní doba oproti jiným titulům poměrně krátká, Episode One lze dohrát na střední obtížnost za nějaké tři a půl hodiny. Na druhou stranu je hra opravdu našlápnutá, takže vás chytne a nepustí. Společně se SiN se jedná o zřetelný nadprůměr, který dává jasně najevo, že herní epizody mají velkou šanci na úspěch. Koneckonců, ony ty skoro čtyři hodiny zábavy nejsou za dvacet dolarů až tak špatné.
WindowsGame Freaks 365 (2006)
All in all, Episode One is well worth the price when you consider what you’re getting. A fully standalone game worth hours of fun, as well as two multiplayer games worth the same, if not more play time. Although it uses the Half-Life 2 engine from years ago, it looks amazing with the improvements that Valve has made and is a blast to play. If you are a fan of FPS games or are looking to start off on the right foot, take a good look at Half-Life 2: Episode One.
90 (Jun 02, 2006)
Reprenant les mêmes bases solides employées dans le jeu original, cet épisode inédit en accentue l'intensité et apporte une touche de fraîcheur par le travail en équipe avec Alyx. Courte, la campagne solo que nous livre Valve n'en est pas moins excellente, variée et empreinte d'une ambiance qui ne laisse pas indifférent.
WindowsGotNext (Jun 05, 2006)
Episode One could almost be the beginnings of a true sequel if not for a few nagging issues. The engine, and most of the assets that inhabit it are taken from the previous game, and are beginning to show their age, despite the added layer of polish given by HDR lighting technology. There's also a complete lack of new weapons and only two new enemies to face. But ultimately, this isn't a traditional "expansion" pack, with a set of new props and levels dropped into a game, but rather a true extension of the Half-Life experience and as such, it is a resounding success. It's every bit as much fun to traverse its levels as the levels of its predecessors. It felt great to get back to City 17 and spend some quality time with Alyx, and I couldn't be more excited for Episode Two.
WindowsArmchair Empire, The (Jun 14, 2006)
Ever since the conclusion of Half-Life 2 – almost two years ago – I’ve been pining for the inevitable expansion pack. I wrote “not only is it a masterpiece you’ll also be playing it for a long, long time.” And I was right – I must have played through the game a couple dozen times. Even during the 4th Quarter Crunch, I would manage to squeeze in an hour or two traveling Ravenholm or ascending the Citadel. And though the replays allowed me to fully appreciate much of the fine detail I was starved for something new. Valve released what most termed a “tech demo” of HDR called Lost Coast and I played through it a dozen times. I needed to feed on something.
88 (Jul 10, 2006)
Als Computer-Spieler leben wir alle heute in schwierigen Zeiten. Es gibt nicht mehr einfach nur „Spiele“ und „Fortsetzungen“, sondern „Hauptspiele“, Prequels, Sequels, Addons, Booster-Packs, Expansion-Packs, Remakes und seit neuestem auch: Episoden! Nach SiN, was wir im letzten Heft für Sie unter die Lupe genommen haben, geht nun auch Valve den Weg des stotternden Geschichten-erzählens und spinnt die Geschehnisse um Gordon Freeman und seine reizende Begleiterin Alyx in kleinen Teilstücken weiter. Das erste davon ist schon eine Weile erhältlich und fand nun, nach einigen Umwegen auch den Weg auf unsere Test-Rechner! Was wir davon halten, lesen Sie hier!
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Jun, 2006)
Technische und spielerische Spitzenqualität bei einer Neuheit in der Unter-20-Euro-Klasse – willkommen in der schönen neuen Episodenwelt. Nach dem übelsten Cliffhanger der Action-Geschichte geht Gordon Freeman endlich wieder ans Werk – und zeigt sich in gewohnt guter Form. Sein neues Kompaktabenteuer ist enorm kurzweilig, etwas Story- und vor allem Alyx-betonter. Ein bisschen umstellen muss man sich schon nach dem epischen Flair und den vielen Innovationen von Half-Life 2. Episode One ist quasi ein inspirierter, hochkonzentrierter Remix der besten Spielelemente, angereichert durch neue Einfälle und Schauplätze. Zwar ohne neue Waffen oder Fahrzeuge, aber mit genug atemberaubenden Szenen, Physikkniffen, Teamwork-Ideen und Story-Spannung, um Sie zu fieberhaftem Durchspielen anzutreiben. Am (schon nach rund sechs Stunden erreichten) Ende waren wir jedenfalls mächtig scharf auf die nächste Verlängerung.
WindowsGameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands) (Jun 03, 2006)
Deze Episode One is wat gameplay betreft misschien wel beter dan Half- Life 2 (dat je niet geïnstalleerd moet hebben om deze episode te spelen) maar het is en blijft veel te kort en hoewel je enkele antwoorden op prangende vragen krijgt stelt het net zoveel vragen dat je nu al uitkijkt naar Episode Two.
WindowsGameSpot (Jun 01, 2006)
When you get down to it, the only major complaint about Episode One is that it's over so quickly. There are only four to six hours of gameplay, and veteran first-person shooter fans will definitely find themselves at the lower end of that range.
WindowsGamingExcellence (Sep 27, 2006)
In the end, at its price point Episode One is a good buy. It introduces a few new features, and continues the great gameplay that Half-Life 2 began, as well as advancing the storyline. Unfortunately, it is a little on the short side, once you start really getting into the game it’s over. You won’t find any new multiplayer components (those are slated for future episodes). Personally, I can’t wait to see how the rest of the story plays out in Episode 2 and beyond, and if you’re a fan of Half-Life 2, picking up Episode One is a no-brainer.
85 (Jun 03, 2006)
Anfangs macht Episode 1 einfach alles richtig: Der Einstieg ist saucool, atmosphärisch umwerfend, rasant, emotionsgeladen - ich hab mir die Hände gerieben und mich gefreut wie ein Kind. Doch danach geht es leider stetig bergab, man tummelt sich die meiste Zeit in nachtschwarzen Gebäuden, die Taschenlampennutzung erreicht fast Doom 3-Niveau – das hat tatsächlich nicht mehr so viel mit HL2 zu tun. Das überwältigende »Meine Fresse, wie geil!«-Gefühl des Vorgängers fehlt hier leider fast völlig. Doch genug gemosert, denn Episode 1 hat auch so viele gute Seiten: Die Kulisse ist nach wie vor der Hammer, die Mischung aus Kampf und ruhigeren Momenten, in denen es kleinere Puzzles zu lösen gilt, genau richtig, die Akustik besonders mit Surround-System ein Fest für die Ohren. Für HL2-Fans ist Episode 1 also ein unumgängliches Muss, auch wenn der Kuchen nicht mehr ganz so lecker schmeckt wie einst. Und man auf die Fortsetzung unangenehm lange warten muss.
WindowsIGN (Jun 01, 2006)
When it comes down to it, you should like Episode One if you liked Half-Life 2. Despite the fact that it isn't as adventurous or dramatic as HL2, Episode One still offers quality that's a cut above the rest. Its humanity (in the face of strange, masked soldiers and sometimes grotesque creatures) makes it more than a rote experience, and the Citadel is still an imaginative and interesting setting. In retrospect, HL2 appears to be a very difficult game to follow up on, and Valve does a very capable job of keeping the fire going. And buying the game on Steam is a relatively painless experience, especially compared to where the service was when HL2 launched. Judging by the material I saw in the Episode Two trailer, it looks like Valve will indeed open up the world a little. As it stands, Episode One is a brief, stylistically claustrophobic experience whose polish and personality manage to keep things moving.
WindowsGameslave UK (Sep 17, 2006)
Essentially Half-Life 2: Episode 1 is just an extension of the HL2 story; it doesn't really bring anything new in terms of weaponry or enemies, but quite frankly that doesn't really matter too much. It's still a very enjoyable few hours of gaming in the awesome world created by Valve; it doesn't really have any faults worth expanding upon. If this particular chunk of Half-Life 2 story was a little longer or indeed contained something new and exciting we'd be pushing beyond the 9 mark, as it is, I feel a little harsh in only handing out an 8.5.
84 (Jul 26, 2006)
There's no denying that Half-Life 2: Episode 1 is a title that needs no real recommending. It seems that Valve can do no wrong with the series. The real decision is whether you want to fork out the cash, albeit slightly less than for a 'full' title, for a game that is largely just more of the same of what Half-Life 2 offered. The multiplayer modes available are the same as that the prequel offered, leaving just the few hours of new adventuring and a cheap documentary into the game's development left to pad things out. It's fairly interesting if you really want to see what went where to create the end product, but really it's little more than a DVD-style bonus that most people will never watch, or perhaps sit through once and never again. If you haven't played Half-Life 2 then you're probably best off with that first before deciding whether you want to go for this afterwards. And you know what? Judging by the quality seeping almost uncontrollably from both games, chances are you will.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Jul, 2006)
Bekannte Grafiksets, praktisch keine neuen Gegner oder Waffen, geradlinige Levels, kurze Spieldauer – man könnte fast meinen, Episode One wäre eine anspruchsvolle Singleplayer-Mod. Wäre da nicht Alyx: Die hampelt nicht als seelenloser Bot neben uns herum, sondern ist ein tragendes Element des Spiels. Ständig arbeiten wir zusammen: Mal unterstützt sie uns mit einem Scharfschützengewehr, mal verstopfen wir gemeinsam Antlion-Löcher, mal pumpen wir Schulter an Schulter Blei in die Gegnermassen. Leuchten wir Alyx mit der Taschenlampe in die Augen, rümpft sie die Nase, hält sich die Hand vors Gesicht und motzt, aber sobald es ein paar Sekunden stockdunkel ist, fragt sie zaghaft: »Bist Du noch da?« Da hat man mitunter das Gefühl, eine echte Persönlichkeit bei sich zu haben. Also Vorsicht für »Single«-Player: Bloß nicht den Kontakt zur Realität verlieren.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Jun, 2006)
Episode 1 beantwoordt weinig vragen, maar voegt er wel enkele nieuwe toe. Valve zal mijns inziens meer informatie per episode moeten prijsgeven, wil het de fans blijven boeien. Uiteindelijk is de gameplay echter het belangrijkst uiteraard en deze staat als een huis. Het blijft jammer dat speelduur wat aan de korte kant is, maar tot die tijd heb je je ongetwijfeld prima vermaakt met deze Episode 1.
WindowsGameguru Mania (Jun 05, 2006)
Overall, Half-Life 2 Episode One is a solid game, but it was a little too short for me. I played it on regular difficulty and it took me less then 4 hours at normal difficulty. Sure, it costs only about 20 bucks, but I still feel like I should have gotten at least a few more hours of gameplay. There is also little replay value, so it hurts this even more. So, if you want to play some more of Half-Life 2 gameplay I would recommend this but only if you are willing to buy it for that price. In my opinion, 10 bucks would be a more appropriate price for this game, that's why I gave it a bit "lower" score.
83 (Jul 07, 2006)
Half-Life 2, for some the best shooter of 2004 with brilliant physics, for others the proof that Valve missed a chance and couldn't live up to the atmosphere/impact of the classic Half-Life and Opposing Force. But still, no matter how you looked at it, Half-Life 2 was a decent and varied adventure that everyone should have played through at least once. The disappointing ending (if you could call that an ending) and the many unanswered questions that popped up during the game were proof enough that there was still a lot more to come. It was the ideal opportunity for Valve to introduce a new distribution method for the next game, something they refer to as '‘Half-Life 3 in packages’. Oh yes, the small Episodes are hot! Less risks for the developers, gamers get content faster and the price ain't that bad according to Valve, so everybody wins! Or maybe not? Let's have a closer look at this first part.
82 (Jun 04, 2006)

אז נכון, אפיסוד 1 נמשך בסך הכל שש שעות. מצד שני, הוא גם עולה פחות ממשחק רגיל, ואפשר להזמין אותו ישירות משירות ההורדות סטים בלי לצאת מהבית. בעולם שבו סרטים של שעתיים עולים בסביבות הארבעים שקלים לכרטיס, נראה לי קצת טיפשי להתלונן. אבל אם בכל זאת קשה לכם לעשות את ההחלטה, תנו לי לעזור לכם: אפיסוד 1 הוא משחק נהדר. הוא לוקח כמה מהנקודות האהובות ביותר של האף לייף 2, ומחזיר אותנו אליהן בצורה שונה, מיוחדת, ובדרך כלל גם יותר אינטנסיבית. אין בו כמעט נפילות: מהצעד הראשון של השחקן בתוך המצודה ועד לתמונה האחרונה במשחק, הוא עושה את הכל מצוין. אם הוא רק היה קצת יותר ארוך, הוא אולי היה מקבל יותר מ...

WindowsPC Action (Jul 16, 2006)
Half-Life 2 hat sich seinen Heiligenschein verdient: Auch anderthalb Jahre später tut sich der Shooter-Nachwuchs schwer, dem Häuptling das Wasser zu reichen. Episode One lässt nichts anbrennen und bescherte mir die kurzweiligsten knapp sechs Stunden dieses Spiele-Sommers. Das clevere Teamwork mit Alyx Vance sorgt für Abwechslung, obwohl Schauplätze, Gegner und Waffen arg vertraut wirken. Aber einer preiswerten Erweiterung kann ich so etwas verzeihen. Mich hat Valve mit seinem Fortsetzungsformat erfolgreich angefixt, auch wenn die sechs Monate Wartezeit auf die nächste Folge qualvoll lang ausfallen.
81 PC Gaming (Jun 11, 2006)
Half-Life 2: Episode One is a more than worthy successor to Half-Life 2, as it kept all of the latter’s strengths, and even added some more, such as HDR and far improved character interaction and plot density. The problem is, it hasn’t nearly the same bang for the buck – lacking length and new multiplayer features.
WindowsEdge (Jun 08, 2006)
But therein lies the only real issue to be had with Episode One: a vague sense of conflict in a game that could just as easily be considered episode two. It's a new beginning staged in a world where much is familiar, and structurally it feels like an inverted reprise - a retreat from the Citadel in more ways than one. This doesn't make it necessarily worse, only diminished in certain regards and better in others. Beginning with one catastrophe and ending with another, it also feels like quite a peculiar way to start a trilogy. But when speaking of a game that's blessed with its forebear's incomparable diligence, available at a steal and brilliant throughout, that's hardly disastrous.
WindowsTTGamer (Jun 11, 2006)
Valve has once again proven that it knows its stuff when it comes to gaming. Half-Life is fast becoming one of the most legendary series of all time and Episode One only enhances this view. Considering this can be picked up for less than half the original game’s price, it’s almost a must have for those with powerful PC’s.
WindowsGamesWEB (Jun 02, 2006)
Keď sa pozriem na prvý datadisk k HL2 ako na celok, musím uznať, že vývojári z Valve odviedli svoju robotu na jednotku. Všetky moje očakávania boli splnené a hra nemá prakticky žiadnu chybu. Hoci, námietky sa vždy nájdu – EO neprináša nič nové a originálne a samotná dĺžka hry sa pohybuje niekde okolo 6 hodín, čo je na hru, predávanú za 20$ pomerne málo.
WindowsGry PC (Aug 09, 2006)
Żeby nie skrzywdzić tej gry, dam jej 8, licząc, że w przyszłości ukaże się zlepek wszystkich epizodów jako jedna gra i całość będzie naprawdę dobra (można by nawet połączyć te wszystkie segmenty z HL2, wszakże ciągłość będzie zachowana). Polecam HL2:E1 jako grę krótką, miodną, momentami zabawną, dobrze wyglądającą i zawierającą Alyx:).
Windows1UP (Jun 08, 2006)
That experience gives this first episode much of its appeal. Its worth poses a more complicated question: How these pioneering episodic games get scored will establish precedent. While it's true that too often, minutes per dollar gets used as the main determining factor, it's hard not to feel like this installment is a little light, offering a scant few hours -- easily consumed in one sitting -- reprising things done in Half-Life 2 at one-third its price. Fans will definitely play through more than once -- both to try a harder difficulty and to go through with the developer commentary turned on -- but even so, it still comes at a premium. And it's hardly enough to tide you over the several-months wait before the story goes on. Until then, Mr. Freeman.
Windows3DAvenue (Jun 11, 2006)
Valve has once again proven that it knows its stuff when it comes to gaming. Half-Life is fast becoming one of the most legendary series of all time and Episode One only enhances this view. Considering this can be picked up for less than half the original game’s price, it’s almost a must have for those with powerful PC’s.
WindowsPress Start Online (Jun 12, 2006)
The relatively short running time will no doubt disappoint some, as will the lack of new weapons, locations, and enemies. Yet Valve remain confident enough in their own design ethos to provide an experience that’s both familiar yet refreshingly new. With the exception of the early stages, Episode one remains tight, focused, essential set piece driven action, and with the episodic approach firmly in place, if you’re left slightly disappointed with the familiarity presented in this episode, you’ve always Next Week on Half Life 2 to look forward to.
WindowsThunderbolt Games (Jul 02, 2006)
I don’t like this whole “episodic gaming” trend that’s hitting PCs everywhere thanks to our good friends at Valve, the creators of Half-Life. While I understand their justifications for releasing segments of a single game in four-hour blocks over the span of a couple of years instead of one whole package that will inevitably spend much more time in development, I just don’t like playing through what feels like an unfinished product. Half-Life 2: Episode One has all the polish and shine of Half-Life 2, but the abrupt, cliff-hanger ending takes a lot out of the whole experience. And though I was certainly left wanting more and the creator’s goal will be achieved (getting me to buy three products at a higher price than just the single product), I’m going to grow impatient waiting to see how the game I bought last week ends next year.
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Jun 05, 2006)
Сюжет E1 хватает Гордона и Аликс прямиком в момент взрыва, прогремевшего в финале HL2, и быстро, не давая очухаться, тащит по пяти главам. У Фримена, как у любого штатного спасителя человечества, всегда найдутся новые враги в старом обличье. К чести создателей, в дополнение попали не огрызки с обеденного стола: все идеи оригинала логически развиты. Пазлов, решаемых по обыкновению с помощью гравипушки, стало куда больше, и теперь они покрыты налетом изощренности. Так, чтобы и вашим (глупым), и нашим (умным) досталось. К слову, gravity gun является самым полезным в хозяйстве оружием, ибо половину первого эпизода в арсенале ничего другого и нет. Да и впоследствии мы частенько пользуемся чудом инженерной мысли, т.к. патронов к остальным "стволам" по развалинам City 17 разбросано негусто.
WindowsGamesWEB (Jun 02, 2006)
Dôležitou vecou je, že stále je to HL2, hrá sa to ako HL2, vyzerá to ako HL2, má to hardwarove nároky ako HL2. Jednoducho povedané nič sa podstatne nezmenilo a všetko ostalo tak ako to poznáme z pôvodnej hry (mimochodom pri samopale konečne ukazuje koľko granátov sa v ňom práve nachádza) a datadisk je "len" remeselne kvalitne odvedenou nadstavbou, kde frenetickú akciu striedajú jednoduché logické hádanky, ktoré však niekedy skôr zdržujú ako bavia a to isté sa týka aj miestami obyčajných a jednotvárnych lokácií. EO je datadiskom, ktorý ani neprekvapí a ani neurazí a fanúšik inteligentných akcií z pohľadu prvej osoby si určite príde na svoje.
WindowsGame Revolution (Jun 21, 2006)
The real question with Episode One is whether or not the content justifies the $20 price. Though short (with total gameplay running around 4-8 hours), the story is really told well and should adequately entertain fans. But the meat of any expansion - new environments, new weapons, and new enemies – is painfully thin. I suppose that’s why this is called an episode instead of an expansion, but rather than take issue with this new world of incremental updates, I’ll just go on record recommending Episode One. While I’d rather have a full game and I still hate the Steam download service with a passion, this is a worthwhile purchase for anyone interested in the further adventures of the toughest scientist this side of Buckaroo Banzai.
75 (Jun 27, 2006)
Voila maintenant deux ans que Half Life 2 est sorti, bousculant une fois de plus le petit monde du FPS en nous proposant une nouvelle aventure de notre malchanceux barbu muet. La fin du jeu était évidemment propice à une suite, et les développeurs de Valve ont préféré la réaliser non pas avec un add-on unique, comme il est de tradition, mais en proposant une série de trois courts épisodes. Voici que le premier pointe le bout de son nez...
70 (Jul 16, 2006)
You’ve seen the Half Life 2 world before, but now there are a few more things to do in it. At best, Episode 1 breathes refreshing new life into a series that was left unfulfilled and underutilized. At worst, it’s a cheap three hour rip off that lacks any new designs and only serves to satiate salivating, overlooked and ignored Half Life fans. Is it worth checking out? Yes, but more for the gameplay itself, and not for the progression of story or to add any sense of finality. Play Half Life 2: Episode 1 and you’ll be left with short and sweet memories of alien busting action while waiting for the next installment to come around.
WindowsFactornews (Jun 09, 2006)
Half-Life 2 : Episode 1 n'apporte strictement rien à son illustre aîné, c'est un fait : mêmes environnements, mêmes armes, mêmes personnages, même gameplay, même réalisation, le tout emballé dans quelques très courtes heures facturées une vingtaine d'euros. Malgré tout, le jeu est vraiment agréable, pas prise de tête pour un rond, très bien fini, et pour peu que vous ne soyez pas réfractaire au genre ou à l'ambiance HL², il y a de fortes chances que ce Half-Life 2 : Episode 1 vous satisfasse au moins autant que HL², malgré un début d'aventure un peu mollasson. C'est déjà pas mal, mais on espère quand même que VALVe prendra un peu plus de risques pour l'Episode 2.
MacintoshMacworld (Jun 04, 2010)
The good news is the game plays exactly like other levels in HL2—both from a technical and a practical perspective. The bad news is that there’s not much new here. The plot developments can be summarized in about three sentences and there aren’t any new weapons or exotic areas to explore. There are various seeds and hints that are further expanded upon in Episode 2, but these tastes could have been better implemented in areas that didn’t play so redundantly. You’re on familiar ground, and you get the sense that Valve is building the series to something, but it's taking a circuitous route to get there.
WindowsGamereactor (Sweden) (Jun 05, 2006)
Trots allt mitt bittra gnäll så är en låg Valve-nivå långt över mycket annan skit som släpps nu förtiden och även om mina skyhöga förväntningar knappast infriades så är Episode One i alla fall mer Half-Life 2 - och det är inte kattskit det.
WindowsGamekult (Jun 05, 2006)
Presque deux ans après Half-Life 2, Valve semble parvenu à prolonger l'expérience avec un Episode One certainement pas aussi innovant que son aîné, mais globalement aussi efficace. Malgré un départ franchement mou, le titre nous fait retrouver assez vite les sensations de l'original à grands coups de gravity gun et de puzzles typiques de la série, tout en nous proposant une aventure à part entière. Trop court et certainement trop proche du jeu original, dans son gameplay comme dans ses environnements, il pêche également par un certain manque d'ambition côté situations mais possède cependant suffisamment de qualités pour mériter l'achat, surtout à vingt euros. Pour une extension, fût-elle stand-alone, c'est déjà pas mal... Vivement la suite.
WindowsPlayback (Jul, 2006)
Reasumując, ten dodatek mimo cały czas przyzwoitej grafiki i grywalności nie jest wart swojej ceny. Rozsądną granicą pieniężną za te 4 godziny zabawy byłoby 20 zł. Wtórność jak i brak innowacji nie pozwalają mi wstawić większej oceny niż 6+. Idealnym rozwiązanie byłoby dla tego tytułu ukazanie się wraz z podstawową wersją gry, oczywiście w zaproponowanej przez dystrybutora cenie.
WindowsGaming since 198x (Dec 02, 2007)
Manque d'ambition, manque de renouvellement, cet épisode ressemble beaucoup trop au Half-Life² original pour être réellement intéressant. Reste qu'il est indispensable de le faire pour profiter des évolutions du scénario et enchaîner sur un Episode Two s'annonçant autrement plus passionnant.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Aug, 2006)
Not surprisingly, HL2’s Source engine puts on a pretty show with its latest improvements, keeping good visual pace with recent videocard technology. The commentary mode from the Lost Coast demo level also returns, giving curious players a fascinating look behind the curtain. I enjoyed the insightful discussion about how much goes into every detail—even those we sail past for but a brief moment during a firefight—but I also felt a little like I was attending an academic lecture. Fans will revel in it, though, as they will in the game itself. It’s more Half-Life, after all—and that’s what really matters.