Half-Life 2: Lost Coast Screenshots

User Screenshots

Linux version

Title screen and main menu
"You're that scientist chap. Freedman. Fishman. Am I right?"
Starting the game with commentaries turned on.

Windows version

Main menu. Like any other HL2 title, you get a background showing the level.
Starting point
The NPC that will open up the game to carry on your mission. (The only friendly NPC in this small test level.)
Nice detail...
One less to worry about.
Your aim is to stop that cannon from launching the headcrab shells into the village.
Combine repelling down from the slope. Just pop him as he comes down.
A bit too quiet, don't you think?
Church. Getting close to your target.
Look at this boat and the water.
The town is very detailed.
Another example of the HDR engine
It doesn't seem like the combine to put warning signs like this on their machinery
Starting the game with the commentary turned on.