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Super-Gordon vs Dr Breen Windows Lumpi (206)
Incredible Movie-like Gameplay well worth overlooking the flaws. Windows Dwango (300)
Fun, and innovative on a small scale, but not the "greatest game of all time" as some would have you believe. Windows Tibes80 (1567)
Not just a game, an experience Windows Matt Neuteboom (989)
A thoroughly immersive, plot-centric game (no spoilers). Windows null-geodesic (243)
The half life of Half-Life turned out to be about seven years Windows Peta Michalek (9)
Outrageously overrated Windows Sebastian Cardoso (51)
"The Right Person In The Wrong Place Can Make All The Difference" Windows MasterMegid (902)
Light and fun FPS game Windows Melody (119)
Methodical FPS with a decent story. Windows AkibaTechno (254)

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WindowsAll Game Guide (2004)
Half-Life 2 continues the story of Gordon Freeman, the scientist-turned-marine who managed to escape from the Black Mesa Research Facility in Half-Life. In Half-Life 2, Gordon has accepted the G-Man's "offer" and become a government agent on Earth. However, the Xen aliens, Combine soldiers, headcrabs, "ant lions," and other enemies threaten everything.
WindowsEdge (Oct 28, 2004)
This is possibly the most exquisitely crafted action game of all time. Half-Life 2 is a firstperson shooter. But in action, storytelling, technical achievement, atmosphere and intensity it has far outdone its peers. Valve just hit the top note no other PC game developer could reach.
WindowsClubic (Nov 18, 2004)
Half-Life 2 m'a convaincu et plutôt deux fois qu'une ! Superbe, passionnant, immersif et doté de quelques trouvailles absolument remarquables, Half-Life 2 est sans aucun doute l'un des tous meilleurs FPS auxquels j'ai joué en solitaire devant mon PC. Il ne s'agit pas d'un jeu de rôle ou d'un jeu d'aventure et en ce sens il ne saurait être comparé à Deus Ex ou Morrowind par exemple, mais dans le domaine de l'action pure, Valve est bigrement efficace !
WindowsGamereactor (Sweden) (Nov 20, 2004)
Visst, det finns smärre svagheter såsom långa laddningstider, bökig installationsprocess och AI-styrda medhjälpare som tenderar att ställa sig i vägen för Gordon med jämna mellanrum. Jag tycker också att det är synd att Valve inte valt att göra en renodlad multiplayerdel med äventyrets alla vapen och fordon inkluderade utan istället skickat med Counter-Strike Source. Allt detta överskuggas dock löjligt lätt av en spelupplevelse olik någon annan jag någonsin upplevt. Jag leder revolutionen och kommer knappast att ge mig förrän ordningen, makten och friheten är återställd. Robespierre, Jefferson, Washington och Franklin - jag är en av er, jag heter Gordon Freeman... och jag är en fri man.
WindowsThunderbolt Games (Dec 14, 2004)
So what is there to say about Half-Life 2 that hasn’t been said about it already? There are the generic blurbs: “possible game of the year”, “a crowning achievement”, “one of the best FPS ever” and so on. I can’t think of anything to add, aside that newcomers to the series and veterans will both be amazed with Half-Life 2. I know I was.
WindowsHonestGamers (Jul 09, 2005)
Half-Life 2 is a fascinating vault of original sci-fi lore, and a gigantic compendium of spectacular anecdotes and jaw-drawing spectacles waiting to happen. Don't experience it second-hand; board the train, be Gordon Freeman, and make some memories of your own.
Half-Life 2 will dominate the first person shooter market for years. It's got the best graphics I've ever seen, plenty of single player action, a wonderful, mysterious story, and Counter-Strike: Source for multiplayer. The promise of some great mods and future Half-Life related content also compels me to call this the best FPS that I've ever played and one of the best games of all time.
100 (UK) (Nov 18, 2004)
Yes, Half-Life 2 is not the perfect game. No game is, especially one that tries to take on the ambitious task of simulating elements of the real world, but once you take Half-Life 2 in the context of what it is and what it excels in, as opposed to what you thought it might be or could be, then it's startlingly clear that we're dealing with the game of the year. Never before has a game shouted 'ten out of ten' to us from the opening seconds to the last, and if this is a sign of what's to come in the next generation, then we're not likely to be changing our hobbies any time soon. If there's another game out there capable of evoking such consistently bewildering and dizzying excitement then we're not aware of it.
WindowsGameCell UK (2004)
Overall… well… it’s my game of the year for sure. You can really tell the development time was so worth it, everything just oozes quality. And as soon as I finished it, I fired up a new game…
100 (2004)
The plot may not be as engaging as the first game, but the tense gunplay and dystopian police state it creates make Half-Life 2 one of the most impressive PC titles around.
WindowsGameSpy (Nov 16, 2004)
It's true that a lot of Half-Life 2 is essentially a refinement of the formula that made the original game and its expansions so popular. But when you factor in the new engine, its the detailed, living environments, and the possibilities the gravity gun introduces to the game, you've got a sequel that truly lives up to its billing and is more than worth the price of admission. Fans might find themselves wishing for a little more on the multiplayer end, and that the story had been tied up a bit better, but odds are you'll remember your visit to City 17 long after you've finished Half-Life 2.
WindowsBoomtown (Nov 17, 2004)
Half-Life 2 is the best first-person shooter you can buy, and for that reason it deserves the highest mark we can give.
WindowsGaming Nexus (Nov 22, 2004)
Overall, Half-Life 2 is one of the best FPS games I’ve ever played and I was really disappointed when I finished the game. Was it because the ending sucked? No it was because there wasn’t any more game to play. If that’s not a testament to a great game, then I don’t know what is.
WindowsTotalVideoGames (TVG) (Nov 23, 2004)
A dictionary crammed full of positive adjectives couldn’t even begin to convey the utter brilliance of Half Life 2 and the admiration we have for Valve Software. The development has often been a tough and turbulent time for the team, however they’ve come through and created a title that not only redefines the genre but can hold its head up high with its legendary predecessor.
WindowsGaming Age (Nov 30, 2004)
There's not much more I can say about the story without giving it away other than that I liked it. It definitely provides all the elements of storytelling: Characterization, Setting, Theme, Conflict and Plot. The one up for debate is apparently Plot. I maintain that we haven?t seen the whole story so we can?t judge the whole story and am content leaving it at that. I know others disagree. Well, to each his own.
100 (Dec 14, 2004)
Compared to Half Life 2, other games just look lazy. You'll take for granted things like intelligent enemy AI, cunning level design and useable physics, so much so that other games, which fail to incorporate such base elements, are bound to look silly as a result. Most of all, it shows just how graphics can enhance the emotional impact of a game. The detailed facial animations create some of the most convincing characters ever seen in a game. It's linear, but no worse for it. Certainly, the linearity goes no way towards ruining the sense of immersion, which remains strong right the way through the game - never letting up, never making you feel like you are anywhere other that deep within the game. It's been a long wait, but it's been worth it. Hal-Life 2 is the new benchmark for first person shooters.
WindowsJust Adventure (Dec 24, 2004)
Half-Life 2, although not totally without fault, is a game of exceptional merit. It's not original, yet basically takes old ideas and mixes them up into something distinct and pushes hitherto underdeveloped elements that exist in gaming to the forefront.
WindowsMiasto Gier (Nov 23, 2004)
Podsumowując moją recenzję chciałem napisać, że warto było czekać na Half-Life 2 tyle czasu i, że gra nie zawiodła mnie w najmniejszym nawet stopniu... mogę nawet spokojnie napisać, że przerosła moje oczekiwania. Wszystkie aspekty gry wykonane są bezbłędnie: świetna fabuła, super grafika i dźwięk oraz rewelacyjna fizyka wszystko to sprawia, że Half-Life 2 wciąga jak tornado...
WindowsGry o2 (Nov 22, 2004)
Half-Life 2 jest niemalże pozbawiony błędów, choć na siłę można przyczepić się do paru rzeczy. Na pewno wymagania sprzętowe są dosyć wysokie, aczkolwiek mogliśmy się tego spodziewać (jak w przypadku Doom 3). Drugą wadą jest konieczność posiadania stałego łącza, co w polskiej rzeczywistości jest dosyć kłopotliwe, ponieważ łączymy się z Internetem przeważnie za pomocą zwykłego modemu, a proces rejestracji wydłuża się niemiłosiernie. Jednak nie jest to bug, którego można było uniknąć, bo HL2 pojawiłby się w sieci na miesiąc przed oficjalną premierą, a piraci zyskaliby sporo gotówki. Dlatego też, mimo powyższych „niedociągnięć”, postanowiłem wystawić grze najwyższą możliwą ocenę. Uważam, że całkowicie na nią zasługuje. Polecam ją każdemu, kto lubi szybką i dynamiczną akcję na bardzo wysokim poziomie, a oprócz tego wymaga interesującej i spójnej fabuły.
WindowsUOL Jogos (Nov 19, 2004)
Se você ainda não comprou "Half-Life 2", não deve esperar mais nem um segundo. Entre sua capacidade de prender pessoas dos gostos mais variados e um grau de dificuldade bem acessível, esse é o tipo de jogo que não deveria faltar na coleção de ninguém.
Half-Life 2 has impeccable style, an unrivalled elegance, and a frighteningly realistic aesthetic that no other game can even attempt to rival. Videogame reviews so often deal in sways of subjective opinion and viewpoints of contention; every reviewer evaluates attributes differently. But, for once, let us deal with cold, hard facts told with a simple yet absolute finality. Discussion of the following statement is not an option; it's a statement of fact, not opinion. Half-Life 2 is not only the best Xbox game of 2005, it's also the best console game-ever.
100 PC Gaming (Nov 24, 2004)
There was a feeling you used to have when you were a kid. A feeling of intense anticipation and excitement experienced the night before Christmas or your last day of school before summer vacation. For many people, the announcement of Half-Life 2 rekindled this rare feeling when it was first announced at the 2003 E3 conference.
WindowsWithingames (Jan 22, 2005)
Manche werden womöglich mit spöttischem Tonfall wiedergeben: "Was, erst jetzt?". Oder die fiesere Variante: "Ochje, entweder ihr seid so elendig unaktuell, oder ihr seid von Valve bei der Berücksichtigung von Testmustern (Anmerkung des Autors: Solche waren eine Rarität) schlicht übergangen worden?!". Wir könnten uns jetzt elegant oder weniger geschickt aus der unentschuldbaren und unehrenhaften Affäre ziehen, machen wir aber nicht, weil wir Tugenden wie Ehrlichkeit und Aufrichtigkeit vertreten. Aus diesem Grund gehen wir auch nicht näher darauf ein, nach dem Motto: "Wer nichts sagt, der lügt auch nicht". Nach diesem kümmerlichen Erklärungsversuch, wenden wir uns jetzt lieber dem eigentlichen Thema zu: Half-Life 2.
WindowsArmchair Empire, The (Dec 05, 2004)
Not everyone will like Half-Life 2 – instead they’ll love every second of it. That is, apart from an agonizing conclusion, which practically guarantees you’ll be counting down the years until the next Half-Life.
100 (Nov 21, 2004)
De originele Half-Life verscheen alweer zes jaar geleden en was voor zijn tijd een baanbrekend spel. Ontwikkelaar Valve wist als eerste een verhaal in een First Person Shooter te verwerken op een manier die eigenlijk tot op heden nog ongeëvenaard is. Half-Life maakte immers geen gebruik van cutscènes, alles gebeurde in het spel zelf. Valve had voor de opvolger eenvoudigweg het beproefde concept kunnen herhalen, maar men wist maar al te goed dat dat niet was waar de spelers op zaten te wachten. Half-Life 2 zou minstens zo innovatief en baanbrekend moeten worden als het origineel. De ontwikkeling heeft zes jaar geduurd en tientallen miljoenen dollar gekost. Maar het resultaat mag er zijn!
XboxGameSpy (Nov 14, 2005)
Last year was all about Half-Life 2 for PC gamers. Valve's highly prized successor to the original Half-Life is the best first-person shooter ever made. And now its landed on the Xbox. While there are some minor bits and bobs that separate the two versions of the game, I can categorically state that Half-Life 2 for the Xbox is not only an incredible achievement in terms of technology, but it's also the best single-player FPS for the system to date (fans of Halo and Halo 2 might, of course, disagree).
WindowsGamePro (US) (Nov 17, 2004)
The wait may have been long, but it was worth it. This sequel truly exudes extraordinary gameplay at every turn. Striders, mechanical monsters with tall telephone-pole legs patrol the streets, prepared to skewer insurgents. As if anyone was willing to stand up to the planet's oppressors. Some have sold out to the off-world fascists, and clips of the frighteningly calm turncoats play throughout cities to further pacify the populace. Impulse and instinct, they insist, are a plague.
WindowsGameDaily (Nov 22, 2004)
It's been six years since the original Half-Life hit store shelves and redefined how first-person shooters would be designed. After a development period that suffered from major setbacks, including code-theft and litigations, their second masterpiece has finally been released. While it may not redefine the genre this time, it makes a meteoric impact that is sure to be felt in games to come.
WindowsGame Vortex (2004)
For fans of the original Half-Life, or fans of the FPS genre in general, this game is a must-have. And for those who haven’t experienced the original, you owe it to yourself to pick up Half-Life 2. If you want to see the future of gaming, look no further. Because of its amazing graphics and incredible gameplay, Half-Life 2 can easily be considered the greatest game ever created. The long wait is over, and it was well worth every second.
WindowsGame Chronicles (Jan 14, 2005)
Valve’s Source engine is what makes this game possible and it’s only a matter of time before we see it used for even greater effect. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines has already taken a shot and with great results, but nothing yet has come close to matching, let alone surpassing the wonder that is Half-Life 2.
98 (Dec, 2005)
I was drawn into Gordon’s story (fine! He was a scientist in the first, got sucked into a war, had to make a choice at the end, chose to live and work for the G-man, cue the opening of HL2). I wanted to see who he’d run into next (apparently Barney was in the first one). I wanted to see the next graphical wonder. I wanted the next perfectly weighted gun so I could blow some hell into bad guys. Most importantly, I wanted to be Gordon Freeman, and I was. What could make a video game more special or appealing than that?
WindowsIC-Games (Nov 19, 2004)
It’s the bees’ knees, the cats’ whiskers; hell it’s the dogs bo… lets just say it’s pretty damned good. If you like FPS’ and you haven’t already been and bought Half-Life 2, then why not? The whole debacle of last year may have put people off Half-Life 2, the waiting and multiple set backs marred what was definitely the most anticipated release seen in gaming history. But after you have spent just a short time immersed in this title I dare you to even think the time was wasted. Half-Life 2 has propelled Valve to the top of the FPS and the gaming league tables, not bad considering there are only 2 titles they’ve really released. But the biggest FPS in gaming history (Half-Life) and what is set to take its place (Half-Life 2) isn’t a bad contribution to the gaming world. Valve have not only pushed the envelope, they’ve signed, sealed and delivered it.
WindowsGamer 2.0 (Nov 19, 2004)
It would be all too easy to continue to list the many details that help push Half-Life 2 to the top of an overflowing heap of action games in 2004. Instead, we can simply state with absolute certainty that Half-Life 2 is a must-play title, a rare kind of entertainment experience that exists on its own level of excellence, and is simply the best pc shooter of this year ' and possibly any year. Stop reading and go play.
WindowsJolt (UK) (Nov 18, 2004)
It may seem like a bit of a cheek putting such an emphasis on fan-made content rather than including a ‘proper’ Half-Life 2 multiplayer, but we have already seen some sincere efforts being made to help get these projects off the ground and onto Valve's content download platform. In the meantime Half-Life 2's only longevity is in replaying the single player levels, or playing a virtually unchanged version of Counter-Strike.
WindowsGameBump/Gaming Horizon (Mar 30, 2005)
Valve has another hit on its hands. It seems like every time (both) it releases something it wins “Game of the Year” from a majority of publications. Hopefully they’ll keep the tradition alive with Half-Life 3 (and without the painful delays). Half-Life 2, simply put, is a complete masterpiece; once again, the definition of what gaming is all about. Shame on you if you haven’t already played it. Loser.
WindowsGame Freaks 365 (2004)
Like I said, this year has been terrible for gaming. What is even worse is that the critics gladly overrate any popular game out there. If you trust most popular gaming publications, I am sure that because of them, you bought a game that you really don't like. However, this time, this game surpasses the hype, partially because, the hype was more limited. I urge you to buy this game, especially when the price comes down and more mods are released. This game is obviously not going to be another Beyond Good and Evil or Grim Fadango (superb games but poor sales), but if you do play it, it does bring gaming closer to an art form.
Windowsgames xtreme (Nov 23, 2004)
There comes a time in every gamers life when they are given something that's the subject of much hype and marketing, it leaves that kind of lasting impression that it's going to fall flat on its face and bomb like a 1000 lead turkeys. Half-Life 2 looked wonderful from all the E3 and show demos but no one got to see a playable version of it, critics swarmed like flies and most of them said it was all 'glitz' and 'glamour'.
WindowsAtomic Gamer (Nov 18, 2004)
Half-Life 2 will dominate the first person shooter market for years. It's got the best graphics I've ever seen, plenty of single player action, a wonderful, mysterious story, and Counter-Strike: Source for multiplayer. The promise of some great mods and future Half-Life related content also compels me to call this the best FPS that I've ever played and one of the best games of all time.
WindowsWorth Playing (Nov 18, 2004)
All in all, there are games that suck, there are games that are great, and then there are those select few titles that redefine their genre and stand as one of its high points. Half-Life 2 doesn’t have any radically new technology under its hood, but every bit of it is as polished as the floor of a palace. It took six years for the sequel to what many consider to be the finest first-person shooter ever coded to finally be released, and it has emerged to be exactly the sequel that fans of the series had been hoping for. The original Half-Life won more than 30 Game of the Year awards and raised the bar in terms of what a good game should be, and now Valve’s Half-Life 2, only the second game the studio has ever released, once again looks to be not only a lock for Game of the Year but also as the yardstick against which future first-person shooters will be compared for years to come.
WindowsComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Nov 16, 2004)
The score I settled on is the sober, cynical games reviewer in me insisting on taking off points for the few shortcomings I found. But in the realms of excellence we're taking about, the score matters little. Half-Life 2 is simply the most essential gaming experience of the year, the game the entire FPS genre has been building towards for the past decade, and one of the defining moments of the videogame medium as a whole. Play it, enjoy it, savour it. Games may never get this good again.
WindowsPGNx Media (Nov 19, 2004)
Overall, Half-Life 2 is just as brilliant as hardcore fans of the series expected it to be. And despite a lot of improvements over the original Half-Life, these improvements just aren't enough to consider the game legendary. However, the game's one revolutionary element is the amazing Source engine, which has done wonders to make for a superb game with a meserizing graphics and physics engine. However, it can easily be considered, by far, the best game in the series. And if you weren't a fan of the Half-Life series before, chances are that you will be if you play Half-Life 2.
WindowsSector (Nov 21, 2004)
Tak či tak, aj napriek spomenutým mínusom je hra momentálne to najlepšie v fps žánri a určite je to jedna z hier, ktoré sa tento rok naozaj oplatia kúpiť.
WindowsBonusweb (Nov 24, 2004)
Half-Life 2 smetl stejně jako jeho předchůdce před šesti lety prach z rezavějícího žánru stříleček silou uragánu. Pokud nebylo snadné rozhodnout, zda Doom 3 splnil naše očekávání, v tomto případě není pochyb - Half-Life 2 předčil nejdivočejší sny i toho největšího fantasty. Veškerá slova jsou marná. Rčení „Zabedněte okna, nakupte jídlo…“ opět platí.
WindowsGamesWEB (Nov 20, 2004)
Na záver by som mimo metódy chovania veveričiek a pestovania ihličnatých drevín rád poďakoval Dougovi Lombardimu za HL2, vám za pozornosť a fanynkám za listy. Ale teraz vážne.k téme. K HL2 som pristupoval skôr s nedôverou, že pôjde o ďalší komerčný prehypovaný brak. A táto hra mala čo robiť, aby presvedčila. To sa jej s vyše 30 hodinami kvalitnej hernej zábavy aj podarilo. Jednoznačne stojí za všetky drobné aj so vśetkými bonusmi, a remakmi, ktoré su k nej pribalené. Ak by som mal hlasovať za hru roku na PC, i keď sa rôzne žánre nedajú veľmi porovnávať, tak Half-Life 2 by mal môj hlas.
WindowsGry OnLine (Nov 17, 2004)
Gra jest ekstrafcykaśna [tekst poprawiony - red.]. Jak długo piszę recenzje gier komputerowych, tak długo marzę o tym, by od tych słów tekst zacząć i na nich skończyć. Latami czekałem, aż pojawi się gra, która mi to umożliwi, która ten jakże pochlebny wulgaryzm uzasadni [przed poprawką - przyp. red.]. Pojawiła się. I nie jest nią ani trzecia część Dooma, ani druga część The Sims, ani Rome: Total War. Jest nią Half-Life 2 – najbardziej interaktywne, najmocniej przenikające doznanie, jakiego gracz może doświadczyć po kilkudziesięciu już latach rozwoju elektronicznej rozrywki. Half-Life 2 otwiera bramy przyszłości gier – światów żyjących własnym życiem, w które gracz wkracza jakby przypadkiem, lecz nie jest przypadkiem, że opuścić ich może nie mieć ochoty. A przynajmniej: prawie.
WindowsGame Overdrive (2004)
What I've deemed: Best Game Ever. Yes, this game beat Halo 2, in all aspects (minus multiplayer). If you've got this one installed after the hour+ installation hassle, then you're in for a great gaming experience...
WindowsIGN (Nov 15, 2004)
I wanted to make this review short and sweet, but it's hard to stop writing, even when excluding facts that could potentially contaminate an exceptionally well thought-out gaming experience. There's just so much to say. Half-Life 2 is, simply put, the best single-player shooter ever released for the PC. It does so many things right in so many ways that it might be possible to write a thesis on the topic of Half-Life 2 compared to other single player shooters.
96 (Nov 23, 2004)
Selten war die Erwartungshaltung gegenüber einem Spiel so hoch wie bei Half-Life 2 und noch seltener konnte diese auch erfüllt werden. Ganz ehrlich: Als Far Cry, Halo 2 und Doom 3 endlich im Laufwerk lagen, waren wir da nicht alle ein wenig ernüchtert? Präsentationen hin und Screenshots her, immer fanden wir im Test ein oder mehrere Haare in der Suppe. Nicht so bei Half-Life 2: Nach den genialen Präsentationen auf der E3 kann dasselbe Urteil auch für das finale Spiel gefällt werden. Grafik, KI, Physik, Gameplay, Leveldesign, Atmosphäre - in nahezu jedem Bereich wird das Optimum erreicht. Im Test wartete ich immer darauf, dass den Designern die Ideen ausgehen, doch selbst kurz vor Schluss wird noch ein Feuerwerk an Neuerungen abgebrannt. Valve hat den in meinen Augen mit Abstand besten Ego-Shooter abgeliefert, einen Meilenstein, der die Erwartungen voll erfüllt. Kaufen!
WindowsDarkZero (Jun 06, 2006)
Right, well, by now you should have an idea of just how stunning this game is. Seriously, it’s the crème de la crème, best of the best, top of the… err… pops. It is the pure essence of enjoyment from start to finish, and a more than worthy successor to the game that started it all off. Just get it. Trust me, you won’t regret it.
WindowsThe Games Machine (Italy) (Dec, 2004)
C'è chi dice che Half-Life 2 non sia tremendamente innovativo. In effetti, il gioco non rappresenta un balzo in avanti paragonabile a quello realizzato dal predecessore, e probabilmente si può dire che non avrebbe neanche potuto farlo, tante erano le aspettative. Quello che si può dire, però, è che riprendendo se stessi, gli sviluppatori della Valve hanno posto gran cura proprio sui fattori che hanno reso così grande il primo Half-Life, e innanzitutto sull'ambientazione. Impossibile non citare poi l'interazione con l'ambiente, resa infinitamente più varia dalla fisica realistica e dalla Gravity Gun, e il dialogo con gli altri personaggi. [...] In definitiva, il commento finale può essere uno solo: ammirazione davanti a quello che è innegabilmente un capolavoro. Ah, una nota finale: il voto non tiene conto del nefasto parlato italiano.
WindowsPelit (Dec, 2004)
Lehmät lentävät jäätyneen Helvetin yllä, mutta puoli elämää matkalla viipynyt PC-historian odotetuin messiaspeli on todella ilmestynyt. Tervetuloa takaisin, Gordon Freeman!
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Nov 26, 2004)
Meine Erwartungshaltung wirkte unerreichbar hoch, doch das Endprodukt hat sie locker übertroffen. Half-Life 2 setzt nicht nur neue Standards für Grafiktechnik und Physik. Mit welcher Liebe zum Detail bereits in den ersten Minuten eine Hochspannung aufgebaut wird, ist das reinste Lehrstück. Dazu kommen menschelnde Charaktere, die so glaubwürdig wirken, dass man sie am liebsten zum Kaffee einladen würde. Aber am meisten hat mich der abwechslungsreiche Spielablauf begeistert, jedes Kapitel überrascht mit frischen Ideen, Schauplätzen, Herausforderungen, da ist keine Sekunde Langeweile. Erforschen, ballern, fahren, rätseln und immer auf der Suche nach neuem Schabernack sein, den man mit dem fantastischen Schwerkraft-Manipulator anstellen kann (mein Kandidat für "Waffe des Jahres"). Kritikpunkte finden sich allenfalls in den Niederungen der Erbsenzählerei, mehr Team-Kämpfe und weniger Storylöcher wären nett gewesen, aber der "Meisterwerk"-Status ist unbestritten. Ganz großes Wow!
XboxGameZone (Dec 18, 2005)

You know the story; Gordon Freeman, research scientist for the Black Mesa research group inadvertently unleashes an alien invasion horde and then finds himself dead center of a three-way slugfest between alien invaders, a military death squad and Government assassins sent in to shut everyone up permanently. Winner: Gordon Freeman, but the victory comes at a price. Rather then find himself in the bellies of a horde of toothy critters, he instead agrees to work for a very strange yet powerful Government type.
WindowsGameguru Mania (Nov 22, 2004)
Graphical detail is the first thing you notice with Half-Life 2. The world is full of luscious graphics. The reflections, water, shaders and lighting is just amazing. The engine does a great job of rendering both indoor and outdoor environments, and there's a lot of eye candy to absorb if you have the hardware to handle it. Most surfaces nearly glisten with the latest shader effects, and the textures are sharp and richly detailed. Characters also move in a lifelike manner, and the animations are smooth and believable, especially the facial animation. Never in a game has a character looked so life like when they're speaking to you, it's so well done that you'll be in awe when you see just how incredible it all looks. There really isn't much to say about the graphics, they're fantastic and that really just about sums it up.
95 (Dec 01, 2004)
Again, I am not saying that Half-Life 2 is anything less than a wonderfully produced and highly enjoyable piece of entertainment. I am however, sadly, saying that Valve have been unable to repeat the scale of their previous level of achievement. So even though this review is littered with superlatives and enthusiastic gushing I still found myself slightly underwhelmed by the time it was all over. It is with a tinge of regret at opportunities unfulfilled that I look forward to getting home this evening and starting a new game of Half-Life 2. The best first-person adventure game with guns the world has yet to see.
WindowsVoodoo Extreme (VE3D) (Nov 21, 2004)
Was it worth the wait? Five years was a bit too much for my taste, but I'm pleased at how the game turned out. Hopefully they can use the Source engine to crank out new content at a much greater pace. Is Half-Life 2 the new best game ever? That's open to debate, but it is the best game released this year and in my opinion is the new best single-player first person shooter of all time. The way Valve took advantage of the Havoc physics technology was nothing short of genius and will pave the way for a new renaissance in gaming.
95 (Nov 30, 2004)
Este Half-Life 2 cel mai bun joc al tuturor timpurilor? Nu. Este cel mai bun joc al acestui an? Da, desi, daca in aceasta perioada ar fi aparut STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl si Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords, situatia poate ar fi fost alta, mai ales ca Half-Life 2 da impresia de joc ce ar mai fi putut fi slefuit - 6 ani reprezinta o perioada mare pentru dezvoltarea unui joc. Cert este ca S.T.A.L.K.E.R. si F.E.A.R, titluri asteptate anul viitor, vor trebui, cel putin, sa se ridice la standardele impuse de Far Cry si Half-Life 2. Se poate spunce ca o noua era pentru jocurile PC tocmai a inceput.
WindowsPlay Magazine (2004)
Half-Life 2 lives up to the all-time classic status of the original game, and in doing so, it becomes an essential part of your PC library and an easy contender for game of the year. This new era of dynamic gameplay also reinforces Valve’s status as an elite developer. Now that the Source engine is running on all cylinders, let’s hope they can roll out Half-Life 3 in a much shorter timeframe. We can’t wait to see what lies ahead for Gordon Freeman.
WindowsGame Informer Magazine (Dec, 2004)
However you feel about first-person shooters, Half-Life 2 is one of those titles that simply cannot be missed. I strongly suggest that you do everything in your power to experience it, even if it’s just watching over friends’ shoulders as they play. This will be remembered as a historic occasion in gaming, and there’s nothing better than participating in history as it’s being made. Yes, Half-Life 2 really is that good.
WindowsPC Dome (Nov 25, 2004)
Régebben találgattunk, hogy vajon melyik lesz az új FPS-etalon? A Doom 3 vagy a Half-Life 2? Most, hogy túl vagyok mindkettőn, nyugodtan állíthatom, hogy a Doom 3-at semilyen tekintetben még csak egy napon sem lehet emlegetni a Half-Life új részével... Egészen biztos, hogy akik az előbbit ismerik és kedvelik, azok az utóbbival is sok kellemes órát fognak eltölteni! Sok szeretettel várjuk a harmadik részt...
WindowsGry Mocny (Dec 03, 2004)
Gdyby Half-Life 2 trafił na rynek rok temu, to bez wątpienia stałby się „grą roku”, a ja zastanawiałbym się, czy dać mu maksymalną czy prawie maksymalną ocenę. Niestety przez tych 360 dni na arenie gier FPS sporo się zmieniło, a twórcy tej produkcji najwyraźniej nie nadążyli za tymi zmianami. Grafika, fabuła i cała reszta jest dobra, ale już nie najlepsza. Praktycznie do wszystkich aspektów gry można mieć jakieś małe lub większe „ale”, lecz nie zmienia to faktu, że HL2 jest świetnym tytułem i na pewno wartym zagrania, choć do doskonałości jeszcze sporo mu brakuje. Moja rada brzmi tak: grałeś w Half-Life’a ? Jeśli tak, to i jego kontynuację musisz zaliczyć, a jeśli dopiero dowiadujesz się, czym jest Pół-Życie, to masz sporo do nadrobienia.
95 - Extreme Players (Dec 05, 2004)
Selten hat mich ein Spiel derart in den Bann gezogen wie es Half-Life² gelungen ist. Ich habe minutenlang zu Beginn des Spiels Kisten, Flaschen und Telefonhörer durch die Gegend geschleudert und Polizisten beworfen, nur um mich auf der Flucht vor den Elektroschlagstöcken über akkurat umfallende Mülltonnen zu freuen – genial. Und, ich gebe es gerne zu, mit offenem Mund beim ersten Betreten der Plaza in City17 über die Spielwelt gestaunt. Und die erste Begegnung mit einem der Stalker – Half-Life² bietet viel zu viele dieser Aha-Erlebnisse als dass man sie hier aufzählen könnte. Wer’s noch nicht hat, sollte es schnellstens kaufen. Steam und allen Verschiebungen zum Trotz – Half-Life² ist genau das Spiel, dass wir uns alle gewünscht haben.
WindowsFiringSquad (Nov 18, 2004)
Half-Life 2 is clearly the game of the year. It's more polished, refined and spit-shined than any game since StarCraft. The areas where it's lacking, like the installation and authentication issues, or multiplayer, are clearly not the focus of the game. The most remarkable thing about Half-Life 2 is that it manages to perfectly recapture that magical feeling from the original of being there. City 17 feels like part of a complete world, with people adapting to the rigors of life there, with a nascent rebellion coming to fruition, with Combine cameras flying around taking pictures of everyone, the voice of dispatch calling in extra troops to the scene of a Civil Protector's death - it's completely believable.
XboxTeamXbox (Nov 15, 2005)
About this time last year, Valve unleashed their highly anticipated PC action/shooter Half Life 2 which boasted stunning visuals, fantastic gameplay and a deeply engrossing storyline that captivated hoards of gamers. PC gamers fortunate enough to possess a monster machine with loads of RAM and a mammoth video card experienced a fantastic first-person shooter that was unlike anything we’ve seen before in terms of graphics and gameplay. As soon as Valve announced that they would be bringing Half Life 2 to the Xbox, they certainly had their work cut out for them. Having to face the challenge of efficiently converting their mega-PC title to the more limited hardware constraints of the Xbox console, Valve has risen to the challenge and delivered Xbox owners a near exact version of the single player experience that sports both great visuals and better than average gameplay.
WindowsGameZone (Dec 06, 2004)
Gordon Freeman has finally returned! It’s been a long time coming for gamers but the game is definitely worth the wait. Gamers that have been following the history of Half-Life understand that there are two stories surrounding the release of Half-Life 2: the game’s story and the story behind the development. Sure there is a story in Half-Life 2, but the story surrounding the development of the game is just as fascinating as the game.
WindowsGamingTrend (2004)
Half-Life 2 is unbelievably fun. It truly raises the bar for future generations of electronic storytelling because it takes everything you could ever want in a game and polishes them to a high, merry shine. Sorrow, excitement, redemption, revenge, pathos, terror, salvation and hope all take their turn at center stage. Once Half-Life 2 takes hold of you, it is unlikely to let go. Despite my issues with Half-Life 2, I cannot recommend it enough. I have had a dream of how good this game could be for a long time, and it was immediately kicked out the door for not being grand enough. This is the real deal, ladies and gentlemen, a game that places you in a realistic world and then asks you to save it.
WindowsPC Powerplay (Dec, 2004)
Es lassen sich bestimmt ein Dutzend schlechte Dinge sagen über Half-Life 2. Mein Kritiker-Gewissen flüstert mir beispielsweise Stichworte zu wie „linearer Spielablauf“, „offensichtliche Rätsellösungen“ oder „ungewisse Hintergrundgeschichte“. Und wissen Sie was? Das ist mir völlig egal. Denn Half-Life 2 war für mich die überwältigendste Spielerfahrung, seit ich denken kann. Ein Film, in dem ich selber der Held war. Einer, bei dem ich mitgefiebert habe, der mir Angst eingejagt und mich zum Fluchen und Lachen gebracht hat. Fast perfektes Popcorn-Kino.
WindowsGamers' Temple, The (2004)
Half-Life 2 is as much an experience as it is an excellent first-person shooter. It is certainly a worthy sequel to Half-Life, and its innovations, atmosphere, and exciting gameplay make it one of the best games of the year … and it will probably remain one of the best first-person shooters available for quite some time.
WindowsWham! gaming (Nov 21, 2004)
A gaming masterpiece that combines groundbreaking technology, atmosphere and all-out action. It's the closest you'll get to starring in your own sci-fi flick.
WindowsKrawall Gaming Network (Nov 19, 2004)
Perfektion, dein Name ist „Half-Life 2“: Der heiß ersehnte Shooter macht alles richtig und leistet sich keine Schwächen. Unterm Strich schlicht und einfach das beste Spiel, das wir bei Krawall je getestet haben.
WindowsGamingExcellence (Mar 23, 2005)
It goes without saying that Half-Life 2 is one of the, if not the best first person shooter on the market today. With a massive fan base, nearly seven years in the making, and reports of over forty million spent on its development, it’s hard to expect anything less from Valve. Combine outstanding gameplay, highly enjoyable physics, and top-notch graphics, and you'll end up with a game that is pretty close to revolutionizing the genre. That game is Half-Life 2.
94 (Nov 19, 2004)
It may have seemed that I've been overly critical regarding the amount of puzzles in Half Life 2. If they seem tedious at times, it's only because combat is so much fun: "I don't want to build a bridge with the gravity gun! I want to fight a Strider!" The fact of the matter is that Half Life 2 is one of the most flat out fun games I've ever played. Fighting along side other freedom fighters against the oppressive minions of the Combine is a real treat and something that should under no circumstances be missed by anyone. There are a multitude of draw-dropping moments that I won't spoil here, but they will leave the player wanting more. Forget the flowery exposition: Half Life 2, while not perfect, is better on virtually all levels than any game before it and deserves all of the critical acclaim and praise that it will receive. If you haven't done so already, stop what you're doing and play this game.
WindowsPelit (Nov, 2007)
Half-Life 2 on älykäs, kypsä ja ajatuksia herättävä räiskintäpeli aikuiseen makuun.
WindowsPC Action (Jan 12, 2005)
Ich übernehme bei Wertungsdiskussionen sonst eher Part des altersstarrsinnigen Nörglers, aber bei Half-Life 2 strecke ich die rhetorischen Waffen - es macht einfach bodenlos viel Spaß. Der Spielablauf ist so abwechslungsreich, die Physik-Simulation so kreativ ausgereizt, dass sich Doom 3 eigentlich in eine Ecke stellen und schämen müsste. Erwähnte ich schon, dass es Counter-Strike Source als kostenlose Mehrspieler-Beigabe gibt? Half-Life 2 macht die Action-Konkurrenz noch platter als es der Vorgänger getan hat.
94 (Dec 03, 2004)
The crowbar has returned ! Well, actually it isn’t the crowbar but the man that handles it, Gordon Freeman. Half-Life 2 is finally upon us and we’ve checked it out to see whether it’s worth the long wait and seemingly endless delays we’ve had to endure.
XboxIGN (Nov 11, 2005)
There are very few times in life when one is able to sit down with a videogame and, over the course of 16 hours, feel waves of wonder, delight, and pure unfettered joy. Valve's Half-Life 2 on PC, and now on Xbox, is such a game.
WindowsCD-Action (Aug, 2004)
Każda gra tego kalibru musi się zmierzyć z ogromnymi oczekiwaniami, a w tym przypadku, ze względu na aferę z kradzieżą kodu i przesuwaną - jak się zdawało bez końca - datą premiery, uwaga i nadzieje graczy były jeszcze większe. By oczekiwaniom tym sprostać, Half-Life 2 musiałby być perfekcyjny, pozbawiony jakichkolwiek błędów i kontrowersyjnych rozwiązań, tymczasem, o czym świadczy poprzedni akapit, gra ta ma ich trochę - niewiele, ale jednak. Czy jednak należy krytykować grę za to, że nie sprostała nierealnym, wygórowanym oczekiwaniom? Moim zdaniem - nie, szczególnie jeśli jest to najlepszy FPS wydany w tym roku na PC i jeden z kilku najlepszych gier tego gatunku w całej jego historii.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Nov, 2004)
Half-Life 2 ist, Stand Mitte November, mein persönliches Spiel des Jahres. Ob ich mit dem Luftkissenboot über brennende Barrikaden fliege, mit der Panzerfaust gegen Gunships anrenne oder mir mit den gewaltigen Stridern famose Häuserkämpfe liefere – selten stand mir beim Spielen so oft und so lange der Mund offen. Ist Doom 3 vor allem eine Demo von id Softwares Grafik-Engine, haben die Valve-Entwickler eine spannende Geschichte in 14 höchst abwechslungsreiche Kapitel verpackt, die mal einen Schwerpunkt auf Action, dann wieder auf Rätsel und vorsichtiges Voranpirschen legen. Was ich etwas schade finde: Es gibt keinen richtigen Multiplayer-Modus mehr. Counterstrike Source hin und her, aber beim ersten Teil haben mir die Deathmatch-Partien in den eigens dafür angelegten Maps viel Spaß gemacht. Half-Life 2 setzt als neue Action-Referenz die Messlatte ein gewaltiges Stück nach oben. Ein ganz, ganz großartiges Spiel!
93 (Nov 19, 2004)
Während andere Shooter immer noch am Spielgefühl des Erstlings verzweifeln, hat Valve sich selbst problemlos übertroffen. Half-Life 2 ist kein dumpfer Shootout wie Doom 3, es ist vielmehr ein Action-Adventure, das euch trotz der strikten Linearität viele Freiheiten lässt – wodurch man eben diese Linearität gar nicht bewusst als solche wahrnimmt. Das ist eines der wenigen Spiele, bei denen man so langsam wie möglich voranschreitet, weil man Angst hat, dass es auf einmal vorbei sein könnte. Insgesamt, inklusive aller Kontra-Punkte, ist Half-Life 2 ein Meisterwerk, ein Meilenstein, ein absolutes Muss für jeden PC-Spieler, ob Shooter-Freund oder nicht.
WindowsGamesFire (Nov 28, 2004)
Half-Life 2 ist das Spiel, worauf wir lange gewartet haben, es hielt zwar nicht alle Versprechen, dennoch macht es irrsinnigen Spaß unter anderem durch die Welt von City 17 zu ballern. Lediglich die langen Wartezeiten trüben den Spielsinn. Was man in Teil 3 aber sicherlich anders machen sollte, ist die Steam-Aktivierung, denn diese nervt nicht nur, sondern ist auch für Breitband-User nicht nur von kurzer dauer. Half-Life 2 sollte dennoch in keiner Action-Sammlung fehlen!
WindowsActionTrip (Nov 17, 2004)
Generally speaking, there is no question whether or not you should buy this game. I guess the real question here is whether Half-Life 2 deserves the status of a classic, and that is really a matter of your personal preferences and your current frame of mind. My initial thoughts would be that Half-Life 2 indeed pushes the bar like no other shooter this year. Far Cry comes close, but if you step away for a second and think rationally, you'll realize that it doesn't raise the bar quite like Valve's sequel. However, Half-Life 2 is not perfect. The bizarre decision to include teammates in the way that Valve has, as well as the many and annoying loading times can actually diminish some of the fun factor. That said, this is still a game you don't want to miss. I guess this is forty million well spent for Valve.
Half-Life 2 delivers in so many areas that it cannot help but be the best FPS of 2004. Is it the best FPS ever? Not quite.
WindowsGameSpot (Nov 15, 2004)
t's hard to believe that, prior to Half-Life 2, Valve had really made only one game. Of course, it was a masterpiece. Half-Life single-handedly reinvented the first-person shooter, putting the emphasis on cinematic pacing and complete immersion in the experience. As a result, it paved the way for many of the outstanding first-person shooters that have followed. And while there was little question that there would eventually be a sequel, no one could have imagined the long and torturous development process that led to Half-Life 2. Well, it's time to forget about that, because Half-Life 2 has arrived. And, in many ways, this big-budget sequel does what it sets out to do: Half-Life 2 is a technically amazing, sharply honed first-person shooter that pulls all the tricks that made Half-Life such a beloved experience.
XboxQuebec Gamers (Dec 16, 2005)
Half-Life 2 est définitivement une pièce de travail colossal par les développeurs Valve Software et est un jeu que je recommande fortement à tous ceux qui aiment les FPS. Les développeurs on prit les grands moyens pour nous étonner et ça réussit! Un jeu absolument impressionnant! Même si j'ai trouvé l'aventure un peu longue, à la fin je ne pouvais que me dire quelle pièce de travail incroyable que Half-Life 2. Si vous voulez voir des trucs jamais vus à ce jour, procurez-vous ce jeu.
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Nov 26, 2004)
Для проекта с шестилетним сроком создания Half-Life 2 на удивление скоротечна. Четырнадцать глав, перетекающих друг в друга, точно ртуть, проносятся перед нами за десять часов. Разработчики четко знают, когда следует двигаться дальше, как будто они вымеряли геймплей с секундомером в руках: эпизоды заканчиваются, едва успев надоесть, уступая место совершенно иным заданиям. Подобно TRON 2.0 и Tribes: Vengeance, игра искренне заботится о том, чтобы игрокам не было скучно, вытаскивая из шляпы все новых и новых кроликов.
WindowsGaming Nexus (Nov 22, 2004)
It's a crowning achievement for Valve and one game that I thoroughly enjoyed. A few problems do exist such as the crashing and minor engine quirks. All in all, a wonderful PC game and one that fans of the original will love.
WindowsGameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands) (Nov 17, 2004)
Hoe sterk de concurrentie ook, de sfeer en actie van het singleplayergedeelte met het succes van het online multiplayerluik Counter-Strke en je krijgt met Half-Life 2 het sterkste shooterpakket dat je deze drukke dagen in de winkelrekken kan vinden.
WindowsGame Revolution (Nov 24, 2004)
But if you look past its technical flaws, Half-Life 2 is a fantastic game on an absolutely incredible engine. It presents the most exciting single-player first-person game you'll find on any system this year. It's a shame that the product is marred by issues that have little to do with the game itself, because ultimately, the games are what matter most...and few matter as much as Half-Life 2.
91 (Dec 30, 2005)
In a time where PC games ran fluidly on my PC, my facial hair was disappointing and my love life consisted of a mad adoration for cats, I played Half Life. One of the most defying shooters of that time, but since I didn’t like shooters back then, my first introduction with Gordon Freeman went pretty rough. After seeing numerous gameplay movies of HL2 at the E3 2004, Valve caught my attention. I finally said goodbye to PC games (still using the same PC as I did with the first Half Life) and cheerio to facial hair, a healthier love life and even shooters. Hand over the Xbox version, it’s mine, MINE I tell ya.
90 (UK) (Nov 21, 2005)
Whether you'll want to overlook such niggling issues will come down to how important the lack of a multiplayer mode is to you. Given that about 98 per cent of European Xbox owners aren't Live subscribers, we'd suspect that - for most of you - it's not the biggest issue in the world. As a single-player experience, even in its slightly compromised state, it's easily one of the most intensely enjoyable console shooters there's ever been. While we'd agree that many of the criticisms levelled at Valve's epic are completely valid, the broader context is that missing out on the opportunity to play Half-Life 2 would be a dereliction of duty to buy and play the very best games around; only this time you can get Steam-ed up about it for all the right reasons.
XboxRetroage (Apr 20, 2013)
Wszystkim lubiącym takie klimaty polecam Orange Box gdzie mamy Epizod 1 i 2 do tego Team Fortress i jeden z lepszych debiutów siódmej generacji grę Portal. Epizod 1 jest dosyć krótki ale na tyle intensywny ,że nie pozwoli się wam nudzić a dzieje się w nim naprawdę dużo do tego kończy się w epicki sposób. Epizod drugi natomiast jeszcze bardziej wciąga z powodu gorącej fabuły i strasznie apetycznego zakończenia. Jest on prawie tak długi jak Half-Life 2. Gorąco polecam ten tytuł miłośnikom dobrego strzelania w ciekawych klimatach. Half-Life 2 zasługuje w pełni na notę 10/10 niestety nie w wersji na Xboxa pierwszego.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Feb, 2005)
So, it’s not perfect. It’s not the greatest game of all time, It’s not even the greatest Half-Life of all time, an honor I would still give to the first game, if only because many of Valve’s clever tricks were seen there first. Still, it’s clear with Half-Life 2 that Valve’s artistry is unmatched in this industry—at least as far as shooters are concerned—and, like all great artists, it makes its ambitious undertaking feel like it was the easiest, most natural thing in the world. You play a game like Half-Life 2 and wonder, “Why can’t all games be this good?”
MacintoshMacLife (Aug 23, 2010)
Valve did well with the port to Mac, but a little more work remains to be done. During testing, the game crashed twice on a Mac Pro running Mac OS 10.6.3, and occasional control glitches emerged that caused the main character to automatically move sideways for 30 to 60 seconds. These are by no means deal-breakers to an otherwise great game, but some patch work isn’t out of the question. A few hiccups aside, this remains one of the finest first-person shooters for any platform--ever. The story and visuals are spectacular, and the inventive gameplay keeps you coming back. For $9.99, it’s hard to go wrong, even though the multiplayer mode is in a separate $4.99 game called Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, which wasn’t available for the Mac at press time.
MacintoshMacworld (May 27, 2010)
Depending on your perspective, Half-Life 2 is either the most epic and ambitious title Valve has ever done, or the most bloated and unfocused. But even with its missteps, there’s a reason why Half-Life 2 appears on virtually every “best games of all time” list. It pushes the FPS genre in new and ambitious directions—the gravity gun, the physics engine, the visuals, the story, the AI, are all innovations that would carry other games. But with Valve, they’re just part of a laundry list of things they got right. Half-Life 2 is simply one of those games that can be held up as art, as something that is smarter than Halo or Gears of War while still being engrossing to play and fun to explore. If you have Steam on your Mac, you simply need to experience this colossus of game development.
XboxGamereactor (Sweden) (Nov 30, 2005)
För mig som redan upplevt Gordon Freemans hektiska, skräckfyllda och strålande äventyr på PC var Xbox-versionen mer en påminnelse om att jag borde installera det på datorn igen än. Half-Life 2 på Xbox bjuder inte på någonting nytt för mig men för de som inte har lirat spelet alls är detta ett lika självklart köp som Halo. Man kan inte med gott samvete missa upplevelsen av att headcrabs plötsligt hoppar mot en i mörkret eller att slåss mot Combines enorma Striders på City 17:s krigsfyllda och ödesmättade gator. Half-Life 2 är fortfarande världens bästa spel och genom Valves skickliga arbete kan nu även Xbox-ägare komma till insikt med detta obestridliga faktum.
WindowsCheat Code Central (2004)
Valve survived a lot to get this game into your hot little hands and you should repay the favor by buying and playing this excellent addition to the Half-Life series. Like the other big name, super hyped games of the year recently released, it isn't the second coming of software; it's simply a well put together game that will while away the hours until you locate a girlfriend, who will undoubtedly have to stumble down your basement stairs by complete accident and fall madly in love with you, even though you pay her absolutely no attention. So while you are waiting for Ms. Wonderful to enter your life, pick up HL2 and give Mr. Freeman a hand saving the world again. He'd do it for you.
WindowsJive Magazine (Dec 20, 2004)
At times during the game I did not feel a sense of purpose for completing a particular task or being in a certain location. And although the game does a great job of placing your character in the context of larger events, I felt the transition from schlub to hero in the eyes of these strangers was a little forced. Maybe I'm just frustrated because I wanted more answers/backstory regarding the events of the first game. But these are minor quibbles, especially when you consider the action-packed gameplay. Half-Life 2 is an amazing game that will entertain a vast majority of people. The game is as close to perfect as any mass-market release these days can be. Romping through City 17 and its outskirts will provide plenty of action-packed moments and thrilling experiences. Half-Life 2 seriously ups the ante when it comes to an engaging first-person shooter experience.
90 (Nov 25, 2004)
Is Half-Life 2 an instant classic? Probably not, whilst there are good elements they are not enough to swamp the weaknesses that exist and have been carried over from its elder sibling. However it is a fine game, with a visual look and sense of self-knowing ness that does suck you in and then chews you over whilst you consider what next. There is much to commend it and the flaws that do exist are inherent in the expectations of the majority. The linearity whilst noticeable does add to the drama at points coupled to the lack of story development and the way that lack of development occurs you almost have to ask the question. Is Half-Life 3 nearly complete already?
WindowsEntertainment Depot, The (Jan 14, 2005)
Minor gripes and technical issues aside, Half-Life 2 is easily the best game of its kind I've ever played. Solid throughout and spectacular at times, it demonstrates the potential of the genre and it offers the kind of direction its contemporaries should be striving toward.
WindowsUSA Today (Dec 06, 2004)
Shortcomings aside, "Half-Life 2" is a must-have game for action fans. It more than lives up to the original and excels in nearly every aspect — from game play and presentation to story and pacing to graphics and sound. If you only buy one computer game this year, make it "Half-Life 2."
WindowsSwankWorld (2004)
Half-Life 2 seemed to take forever and a day to ship out. The gameplay is definitely worth the hype, as it stays true to the gameplay of the series. However, some cutbacks on the AI and a disappointing story keep Half-Life 2 from perfection as it leaves even more questions and riddles in the end. One could say it suffers from the “Matrix Reloaded” syndrome in terms of story. It does, however, deliver in terms of a solid FPS experience as well as technical marvel for its time.
WindowsGame Critics (Dec 29, 2004)
Whatever problems I may have had with the story progression, lack of characters, and so-so last hour can't dull my love for this game. It's an example of nearly perfect game design, with play mechanics polished until their shine could blind the unprepared. It's also one of the most fantastically paced games in the history, moving along at breakneck speed, never letting the player take a breath. It's only ten hours long, but nine of those hours are practically perfect in every way. For everyone who's ever played a first-person shooter, and who has a computer powerful enough to play it, there's simply no excuse to miss this game.
WindowsGame Watcher (Nov 29, 2004)
As sequels go, this is a great one, but it isn't a perfect game. The story line has holes, there are seemingly pointless clues and dead ends, and some really crappy jumping levels, but a lot of that can simply be avoided. If you are a Sci Fi or shooters fan, this game was made for you, and if you know someone who is, its the perfect gift. I have made a slight alteration in the lead in to the first paragrapgh, after recieving a letter from HL fan Matthew Godlaski, who pointed out a few errors.
XboxPlay Magazine (2004)
The well-told story and its expansive presentation—there’s a foundational role-playing quality to the game—elevates the emotion of the experience. Half-Life 2 is special in many ways, not the least in the vast reach of variety of design. But it’s how all this variety and detail is implemented and structured that positions the game as such a uniquely enveloping adventure.
WindowsGry PC (Feb 26, 2005)
Czy Half-Life 2 jest jedną z najlepszych gier 2004 roku? Tak. Czy spełnia oczekiwania i jest bezwzględnie najlepszą grą wszechczasów? Nie. Jest to produkcja godna polecenia. Daje nam wiele zabawy. Mam jednak kilka wad, ale to nieznacznie wpływa na ocenę ogólną.
Tak więc, reasumując, za kwotę 140 zł dostajemy grę wybitną, będącą wzorem dla następców, lecz nie przełomową. Przełomem była część pierwsza, druga zaś poszerza te standardy i nadaje im nowe granice. Cieszmy się zatem, bo następcą hitu wszech czasów zostaje syn dawnego władcy, który mimo iż przerasta ojca, wciąż zdaje się być do niego niezmiernie podobny.
WindowsGildia Gier Komputerowych (Mar 18, 2005)
Pomimo tych "niedoskonałości", o których napisałem wyżej, Half Life 2 jest niesamowitą grą. Grafika, dźwięk, klimat i grywalność stoją na bardzo wysokim poziomie. Dodatkowo można liczyć na niezawodnych fanów, którzy zaczną tworzyć nowe mody przedłużające żywot HL2. Wróżę temu tytułowi bardzo długą żywotność i na dzień dzisiejszy nie widzę na horyzoncie gry FPP, która mogłaby temu tytułowi zagrozić. Chociaż...pojawiły się plotki o Half Life 3... No to łomy w dłoń...i do boju...
WindowsImperium Gier (Nov 30, 2004)
Czy warto kupić Half-Life 2, wydając na niego nieco ponad 100zł? Na pewno warto, bo ta gra to jednak kawał dobrej roboty, a pomimo wszystkich wad i błędów jest całkiem niezłą produkcją. Niestety nie zasługuje na najwyższą ocenę, właśnie z powodu wymienionych wad. Plusem jest to, że w cenie jednej, otrzymujemy dwie gry, bowiem dochodzi jeszcze wspomniany CS: Source, pozwalający wyżyć się w sieci, zabijając wirtualnych terrorystów lub podkładając bomby.
If you can forgive the horribly executed Stream service, the game itself is a lot of fun. Unlike Doom 3, which quickly got boring for me, Half-Life 2 with its varied levels and terrain stayed fun from beginning to end. It earns 4 + GiN Gems overall.
WindowsGamezine (Dec 19, 2004)
Fun, passionant et pourvu d'une mise en scène à faire pâlir les plus grands films d'action, Half Life 2 est une réussite en tous les points. Et malgré le fait de le torcher en 14 heures ou encore les Loading énervant, tous les joueurs trouveront leur compte, pour peu que l'on ait un PC raisonnable évidemment. ^^ INDISPENSABLE, c'est tout.
90 (Jan 12, 2005)
Half-Life 2 boasts the best graphics in a game to date and feels like a Hollywood action movie. While the game doesn’t add anything innovative to the FPS genre and definitely has its slower points it is still far and away the best FPS experience ever made.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Oct, 2004)
Valve slaagt er met brio in om aan een reeds overbevolkt genre nog wat originaliteit en spitsvondigheid toe te voegen. Klasse!
90 (Nov 21, 2004)
L'eau a coulé sous les ponts depuis le premier Half-Life et son succès planétaire. Alors qu'il se vend toujours en grande surface, le jeu du siècle revient dans son deuxième opus... Freeman is back !
WindowsGamekult (Nov 22, 2004)
Reprenant avec talent les recettes utilisées pour le Half-Life original, Valve parvient avec Half-Life 2 à retrouver un peu de la magie qui illuminait son premier titre. Ambiance admirablement soignée, action frénétique et gameplay d'une grande variété, on ne s'ennuie pas une seconde dans ce FPS d'une grande efficacité et à la durée de vie somme toute correcte pour le genre, bien boostée de surcroît par l'apport de CS : Source côté multi.
90 (Nov 17, 2004)
Une attente interminable, un développement romanesque qui vaut toutes les fresques épiques et les péplums de la Terre et enfin, Il est là, Half-Life 2, celui qu'on a longtemps appelé l'arlésienne et qu'on finissait par prendre pour un mythe, une gigantesque farce ou un vaporware, du bruit du vent. Et bien que nenni, il existe bel et bien et si vous tenez à le savoir, il valait le coup d'attendre.
XboxGamePro (US) (Nov 14, 2005)
Half-Life 2 is a stunningly accurate recreation of the PC powerhouse, and is only held back by the lack of Xbox Live multiplayer. Gordon Freeman, Xbox players. Xbox players, Gordon Freeman. Now that introductions are out of the way, we don't have to waste any more time in describing how Half-Life 2 on the Xbox kicks total ass. If you're an action junkie, have we got a game for you.
Windows1UP (Nov 19, 2004)
Few would deny that the original Half-Life was a genuine revolution in game design. Developers Valve followed in the footsteps of pioneers like Looking Glass Studios and Bungie to forge a story-driven shooter with more depth and substance than the standard "kill everything that moves" approach of Doom and Duke Nukem. But where games like System Shock and Marathon had created Frankenstein's monsters in their approach to mash together shooting and plot, Half-Life went about it in an innovative, seamless manner, making the game's story an integral part of its action and never once breaking kayfabe. From the opening tram ride to the otherworldly finale, you saw the world through the eyes of the game's unlikely hero, theoretical physicist Gordon Freeman. The game had its flaws, but on the whole its conceptual cleverness and solidly-designed action made it hard for anyone but the most fault-finding cynic to complain.
87 (Nov 18, 2005)
Half-Life 2 ist nach wie vor einer meiner All-Time-Classics – erst vor kurzem habe ich die PC-Version wieder durchgespielt und jede Minute genossen. Das hat natürlich den Nachteil, dass ich durch die Grafik verwöhnt bin: Im direkten Vergleich sieht die Xbox-Fassung wie eine rucklige PC-Variante auf niedriger Detailstufe aus. Doch nach kurzer Zeit gewinnt das großartige Spieldesign die Oberhand und fesselt mich wieder ans Gamepad. Was bleibt, ist ein nach wie vor brillantes Spiel, das von seiner Atmosphäre, dem großartigen Sound, den abwechslungsreichen Levels und den aufregenden Gefechten lebt. Auf der Xbox mischt Half-Life 2 somit in der Oberliga mit – ballert sich aber aufgrund der mäßigen Technik nicht in den Wertungsolymp.
87 (Nov 27, 2005)
Half-Life 2 ist auch auf der Xbox ein hervorragender Ego-Shooter. Die Umsetzung ist in weiten Teilen gut gelungen, besonders da grafisch der Titel wohl das bestmögliche aus der alten Xbox herausholt. Allerdings trüben häufige Ruckler das Spielgeschehen und die langen Ladezeiten hemmen ein wenig den Spielfluss. Aufgrund dessen und der am PC einfacheren Steuerung ziehe ich die PC-Version auf jeden Fall vor, zumal Far Cry Instincts bravourös bewiesen hat, dass man es nicht bei einer reinen Umsetzung für Konsolen belassen muss. Wer bislang wegen der hohen Hardwareanforderungen oder dem Registrierungszwang den Titel auf dem PC noch nicht gespielt hat, wird aber auch auf der Xbox einen der besten Shooter überhaupt erleben. Auf einen Mehrspielermodus muss man dann aber leider verzichten.
XboxXBox Front (Nov 16, 2005)
Es gibt wohl kaum ein Spiel, auf das Fans in aller Welt in den vergangenen Jahren mehr gewartet haben, als auf die Fortsetzung eines der besten Spiele aller Zeiten. Die Rede ist von „Half Life“. Nach unzähligen Verschiebungen, einem immensen Datenklau und Ärger mit dem Internetprogramm „Steam“, welches das Spielen von „Half Life 2“ ausschließlich via Internetanschluss ermöglichte, fand der Titel bei den Fans absoluten Zuspruch und setzte neue Maßstäbe. Nun hat „Half Life 2“ endlich auch seinen Weg auf Microsofts Xbox gefunden. Ob das Spielerlebnis seinem PC Vorbild ebenbürtig ist, erfahrt ihr in unserem Test.
85 (Nov 22, 2005)
Half-Life 2 n'offre que des bases de gameplay assez simples mais il parvient à plonger le joueur dans un monde complet et prenant. C'est avant tout cette ambiance qui fait son charme et aide à pardonner des séquences ayant tendance à traîner en longueur (l'hydroglisseur par exemple) ou une I.A. sommaire. S'il nous arrive dans une version identique sur le plan du gameplay, il n'en va malheureusement pas de même pour tous les aspects. Techniquement bien moins performant et souffrant de loadings encore plus nombreux que sur PC, Half-Life 2 reste un excellent FPS sur Xbox mais qui aurait pu profiter de l'occasion pour corriger certains défauts ou fournir aux joueurs possédant console et PC, une raison de lui préférer la version de salon.
XboxGamezine (Dec 07, 2005)
Valve a réussi le pari de retranscrire Half-Life 2 sur Xbox, avec une réalisation d’une fluidité surprenante. La 3D est elle aussi plus que correcte, mais je vous mentirais en vous disant que cette version est plus jolie que la version PC. Cependant, il manque un gros atout : le jeu en réseau, et le développement de mods. Ce sera peut-être pour une prochaine fois… Autre petit détail énervant : difficile de s’identifier à un personnage toujours muet. Mais l’essentiel est là, Half-Life 2 reste un excellent jeu qui prouve qu’avec un peu de talent on peut encore faire de grandes choses sur les consoles actuelles.
WindowsNetjak (Jan 08, 2005)
Steam issues aside, Half-Life 2 is a well put together game in patches. There are some rough spots here and there, and this by all means doesn't approach Game of the Year status in my book. It is however, the best FPS this year, in my opinion. The atmosphere drops a train on what Halo 2 offers up, and the story despite the botched ending manages to entertain, and set the scene for the street fighting with the Combine, which, in my opinion was the high point of the game. I'd put this in my top 10 of the Year, but not my Top 5, and with a decent ending and the removal of half of the Gripes list, I'd say this would have made top 3.
XboxGameSpot (Nov 15, 2005)
Half-Life 2 faithfully captures the excellent single-player gameplay found in last year's hit PC game, but it also suffers from an erratic frame rate and there's no multiplayer.
80 (Dec 19, 2015)
FPS phare du début des années 2000, aventure devenue culte, le titre de Valve marqua au fer rouge toute une génération de joueurs sur PC avant de conquérir le territoire consoles puis Mobile. Portage de qualité conservant l'aura du jeu originel, ce Half-Life 2 version Android propose une expérience identique à celle consoles tout en restant fluide et donc sans ralentissements et conserve les forces de l'épisode originel sans paraître obsolète en 2015. Preuve si besoin il y avait de l'intemporalité de la création de Valve. Au-delà de son prix et de l'acquisition d'un appareil Android puissant, ce Half-Life 2 sur plates-formes "mobiles" souffle un vent de nostalgie sur le gamer que je suis.
WindowsFactornews (Nov 23, 2004)
Half-Life² est un excellent jeu, probablement le FPS solo le plus prenant sorti depuis bien longtemps. Son ambiance et son gameplay, pas original pour un sou mais maitrisé à la perfection, suffisent à nous faire plonger dans le jeu pour n'en ressortir qu'une fois l'aventure terminée. Toutefois, Half-Life² reste finalement très proche du premier épisode. N'espérez pas voir ici les innovations apportées par les derniers grands FPS, telles que la liberté de mouvement de Far Cry, ou l'éclairage dynamique de Doom III. Quelques "nouveautés", comme la conduite de véhicules ou l'implémentation réussie de la physique, suffisent néanmoins à nous faire prendre notre pied, et c'est au final bien là l'essentiel.
XboxX-Power (Jan 06, 2006)
Half-Life 2 bouwt verder op de succesformule van het orgineel en zorgt wederom voor een memorabele shooterervaring. Grafisch ziet het er enorm strak uit en je wordt getrakteerd op een zeer uitgebreid en gevarieerd feestmaal. Spijtig genoeg zijn er enkele minpunten die ervoor zorgen dat we niet kunnen spreken van een echte topper. De te lage moeilijkheidsgraad, de gebrekkige A.I., onnoemelijk veel laadtijden en het ontbreken van een multiplayer doen afbreuk aan één van de beste FPS’en op de Xbox.
WindowsJoystick (French) (Dec, 2004)
Bousculé par la concurrence, Half-Life 2 passe un peu à côté de son énorme potentiel. Si le spectacle est incontestablement au rendez-vous, les délais de développement supplémentaires n'ont hélas pas été suffisants pour équilibrer parfaitement son gameplay. Résultat : malgré un bon niveau, HL2 manque parfois de rythme et n'est pas aussi captivant que les meilleurs du genre. C'est cependant un titre à essayer, ne serait-ce que pour son moteur physique.
WindowsGamesFirst! (Dec 29, 2004)
On the whole, Half-Life 2 is a stellar game with some problems. When it comes right down to it, I'd recommend it to anyone - it is hands-down my favorite single-player PC game this year. Bravo to Valve on a genuinely fine work of video game art.
80 (Nov 19, 2004)
Strangely, though, what is missing is what caused Half-Life to live on for so long—multiplayer modes, which are available only via a new updated version of the classic Counter-Strike (a title that began as a mod for Half-Life). The game ends rather abruptly—especially considering the lengthy development time—but the impressive engine should easily spawn mods just as impressive as Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat. The final verdict may very well lie in how the fans respond to this most robust of engines.
WindowsJustPressPlay (Jul 07, 2005)
Was this game revolutionary? No, not like Half-Life. But it's agood Sequel to a classic. I wouldn't play Half-Life 2 unless I hadplayed through and beaten Half-life. The weapons are different (not bya lot, but it's VERY noticeable), the enemies are more diverse, themaps more elaborate, but it should be that way in a equal. Take whatworked and make it better. The core game play and story of the originalis still there and those that liked the original will want to play thesequel, and for the most part won't be disappointed. There will be afew complaints, but nothing earth shattering. I'm glad I waited. I was able to play this game with an open mind,and not have anything cloud my judgment or alter my experience. Is thisgame going to be a must play? No, only if you enjoyed the original.Other wise don't bother. You'll probably waste your money and not evencomplete it.
It's obviously the PC version that carries the edge, with a helpful resolution increase (the Xbox port runs in 480p at best), shorter load times, and stronger graphics engine. It also requires a powerhouse system to run, and given the low cost of the Xbox set up, this is an acceptable way to experience this just-short-of-complete-greatness first person shooter. If this is your only option, there's no reason not to give it a spin.
XboxGameDaily (Nov 18, 2005)
Ever since November 2004 I've wanted to check out Valve's Half-Life 2 but I didn't (and still don't) have the $1200 plus PC rig to run the damn thing, so my only option was to wait a year until the developers finished the Xbox version. Some of the GameDaily staff criticized me for holding out for what they consider to be an inferior port (and they're right), but I'm a console guy who enjoys spending $49.99 instead of several hundred dollars, and with that being said, this is a pretty friggin hot first person shooter. It's not perfect, but I'll be damned if it isn't the best Xbox send off I could ask for.
WindowsValhalla (Jul 03, 2006)
Jak to więc jest z drugim Half Lifem? Jest to gra niewątpliwie bardzo dobra, o bardzo wysokim poziomie wykonania i ze wciągającą fabułą. Nie jest jednak grą doskonałą - arsenał broni trąci myszką, dziwne rozwiązania graficzne i design niektórych map, czy wreszcie zupełnie chybiony i niedziałający Steam powodują, że nie można zupełnie zatracić się w morzu komplementów. Co tu jednak dużo mówić, jest to koleje wcielenie klasyka i każdy, kto ma choć trochę grosza przy duszy i lubi grać w gry komputerowe, powinien zakupić ten tytuł. Drobne malkontenctwo zaś pozostanie zapewne domeną podobnych mi, którzy oczekują od gier totalnej perfekcji. Czy marzę? Gran Turismo 4, które kreci się mojej Playstation 2 zdaje się mówić co innego.
XboxDiehard GameFan (Nov 23, 2005)
It’s not chocolate coated crack, but it’s probably the next best thing, especially if you enjoy a solid FPS. Remember how I mentioned that it will take you around 12 hours to beat the game for the first time? Well, I’m willing to wager that a good number of you will blast through that 12 hours in one sitting, or maybe two or three smaller blocks. Regardless, the game grabs a hold of you and really sucks you in. You’ll want to keep playing just to see what happens next in the storyline and to figure out why you are in City 17 and what is going on. Not to mention the combat and the variety of weapons manages to keep things fresh and interesting. It really is unfortunate that there is no multiplayer mode and that the story is relatively short, especially on your second or third run through, but we covered that in replayability. Suffice it to say that once you start playing HL2, you won’t want to put it down until the credits role.
XboxGame Informer Magazine (Dec, 2005)
Rather than tyring to get in on their PC-enabled brethren's mojo, though, console players would be much better served enjoying their own defining games. Playing this incarnation of Valve's masterpiece is like watching Return of the King on your grandmother's scratched-up 13-inch black-and-white TV with no sound.
XboxGameLemon (Feb 23, 2006)
Overall, Half-Life 2 is far from a bad game. It's got some solid shooting action and even a bit of non-frustrating puzzle solving, but it also doesn't really break any new ground and can feel seriously restrictive at times. If you're really into first-person shooters where the lone gunman must face down a hoard of invading aliens, needless to say, this one will definitely tickle you in all the right places. If, however, you're sick and tired of shooting alien heads off, or prefer shooters which emphasize tactics, you're probably going to be kind of bored for most of the game's last half.
XboxGamekult (Nov 25, 2005)
Mais sur Xbox, le principal grief concerne la réalisation : graphiquement fidèle à l'original sur PC, et donc pas vilaine du tout visuellement, cette version souffre d'un frame rate bas et irrégulier que la plupart des joueurs auront du mal à digérer. L'absence d'un quelconque mode multijoueur, très étonnant, aura également du mal à passer. En l'état, Half-Life 2 reste une très belle aventure qu'on pourra tout de même envisager de vivre sur Xbox, à condition bien sûr de ne pas disposer d'un PC.
WindowsGaming since 198x (Nov 12, 2007)
Cet épisode de la saga ne manque pas de bonnes idées, et Half-Life² mérite largement que l'on se penche sur son cas. Visuellement toujours agréable, au level design malin et à la prise en main immédiate, il souffre néammoins d'un rythme inégal pollué par quelques passages profondément ennuyeux. Au prix auquel est proposée l'Orange Box, on aurait toutefois bien tort de passer à côté.