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Macintosh version

Main menu
Intro narrative from the G-Man - Wake up and smell the ashes
Point Insertion - game start
City 17 security checkpoint Metro Cops while Dr. Breen rambles his narrative
Level loading attempts to maintain the suspension of disbelief and begins the next level from the exact point of the last
Tossing the can at the Metro Cop earns me a taste of the Stun Baton
The Plaza with the towering Citadel in the distance
Running across roof tops and ledges to evade the Metro Cops
A Red Letter Day - In the lab with Alyx, Professor Isaac and Barney
Sending Alyx through the teleport
Malfunction during my teleport - thanks Lamarr
Barney giving me back my signature weapon the crowbar
The towering Citadel
Crowbar to the rescue citizens
Now I can cap the Metro Cops with my 9mm
Underwater swimming with a crowbar?
A Vortigaunt powering up your HEV Suit
Yuk! Barnacles!
Taking fire from a Hunter-Chopper
Manhacks to make things more interesting
Headcrab rocket impacts in front of me
Headcrab jumping at me
Headcrab zombies
The Airboat
The G-Man at the red barn is always watching
What is that thing flying over?
Metro Cops overrun my position
Second attempt was better with the sentry gun
Incoming rockets!

Windows version

Main menu
"Big Brother" welcomes you to your new home...
Even the most advanced technological monstrosity is insignificant next to the power of the plug!
City 17 in all its glory.
The many objects and the varied scenery offer different approaches to difficult situations.
G-Man can often be spotted during the waterbike course.
You often need to leave your bike to open the gates to the next section.
Alyx introduces her pet: "Dog" - one of the funniest characters since Grim Fandango's Glottis.
Use the gravity gun to throw cans of white paint at monsters for a funny effect.
Ravenholm is a spooky place. Luckily, you get some help.
Defending a fortress against the Combine and the ant lions.
Ant lions play a surprising role in the later missions.
I just used a crane to throw my bike into a group of Combine soldiers.
Dog lends a hand in the havoc of City 17.
Move carefully, there are headcrabs hiding in the many wrecks.
The strider in the distance is defending the citadel.
Three little zombies... aren't they cute?
Feel the pain - cutting a zombie to half with your friendly gravity-gun.
Car is just one of the things that can fly in this game.
Dog throwing a tank at the combine soldiers at city 17.
Dog fighting combine space-ship.
Scanner at Black Mesa east.
Aliens cooking?!
And playing chess?!
Black Mesa east.
Fighting zombies and headcrabs at sandtraps chapter.
Firing explosive barrel with the gravity-gun at your enemies.
Zombie barbecue.
Ravenholm welcomes you.
Playing with magnets.
Close up of a Combine dropship.
Come to daddy...
My Ant Lion army attacking Combine soldiers.
Squad following and providing cover.
Right in the... Uh, carapace.
Anything that looks like it could be picked up can be picked up and placed anywhere. Out of sheer malice, you destroy your friend's TV set
I've engraved my name on the wall with pistol shots. I returned to the area ten minutes later, and the name didn't disappear
Using a mounted gun against poor, helpless Combine soldiers
An intuitive environmental puzzle: place some heavy objects on the plank to balance it. This will allow you to jump to the other side
Citadel in the distance - the sun's shining and a dead Combine lies in front of me... just another day in City 17.
Downed a gunship on Highway 17.
City 17 at sunset

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