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Half-Life: Source

Half-Life: Source Screenshots

Windows version

Entering the high-security reception area of the Black Mesa Research Facility.
At the reception desk, Security Officer Barney Calhoun tries to retrieve his files after a system-crash while a Black Mesa Scientist looks on.
A helpful map adorns a wall to assist visitors with finding their way.
The H.E.V. Mark IV "Hazard" Suit, a perfect fit for Dr. Gordon Freeman.
Color-coded stripes direct you to various places within the Facility.
Color-coded stripes direct you to various places within the Facility.
A grand Scientific experiment begins! Push the sample matter into the beam to start a reaction.
A reaction has taken place according to the experiment.
The experiment failed! It becomes a foreboding example of Science gone horribly wrong, an omen of the destruction to come!
This poor bastard Scientist didn't survive the failed experiment at the Black Mesa Test Labs.
A broken laser slices an unconscious security guard in two.
This is when you know you've been at your computer far too long!
Main menu.
The updated version of the game supports widescreen, controllers and more. Here Barney is showing one of the new features (projected shadows).
HL:S also features improved A.I. Here Barney is shooting a barnacle.
Barney is once again showing off some features of the game (water, physics). Barney? Are you okay?
Unforgettable scene.
The high definition pack is now officially available (check video options).
HL2, Ep1, Ep2 and HL:S all share important files. It's easy to replace models among games.