Half-Life Screenshots

Linux version

The title and main menu
Your holographic guide in the Hazard Course.
When you start the regular game, you get a title screen.
My locker
Ready to shove the 'specimen' into the machine.
Everything went to Hell.
Headcrab under glass.
If I help this security guard, he'll help me by fighting at my side. I've picked up a crowbar.
Use these to regain health.
The infamous G-Man
A mutated scientist
Bullsquids love headcrabs...for lunch.
I've gotten a combat shotgun.
A close-up of the G-Man, adjusting his tie.
Use these to recharge your suit.
I took down that auto turret.
I was killed by a Vortigaunt. I think this scientist was killed by gunfire.
And you thought your Army would defend you.
Now that I killed the soldier, I get his MP5 submachine gun.

Half-Life Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen and main menu
Title screen and main menu (Steam release)
The intro cutscene - like all others in the game - is done with in-game graphics and allows limited interactivity
The beginning of the game is peaceful. Welcome to the Black Mesa Research Facility!
Loading screen
The test chamber
Looks like this experiment went wrong...
Even in the future nothing works...
Unforseen consequences
Careful, now!
Your First Alien. Isn't it cute?
Red alert! Raise shields!
You're gonna need more "power" to deal with these two folks...
Be afraid of the dark
The G-Man!
Xen, towards the end. have to reach that creepy looking place...
...which harmlessly hosts a teleporter
A decisive battle near the game's end. If thats green glob hits you, you're teleported to another area... annoying
Spray-painted threats left by the marines. Their in-game AI is particularly remarkable considering their poor spelling
In trouble
A crowbar can make a real mess out of an old man
Having some fun in a Rapid Core
One of the bigger aliens in the game.
Shooting tons of incoming aliens with a turret
Beautiful view outside! Doesn't look very safe, though...
A alien going crazy at the car park
BOOOM! Apache helicopter shot down
Lunch time!
You can mark targets on the tactical map and bomb them
Shooting some soldiers with the attached grenade launcher
Destroying a wall with a super laser
Shot an Osprey helicopter with the gauss laser gun
More soldiers
Training: hazard course