Halo 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Halo 1 - or what is left of it (Intro).
Loading screen
Main menu
Driving around in the Warthog.
Even the Master Chief dies sometimes.
A heavy firefight
Deploying a bridge.
One of the covenant elders
Your friends delivered you a tank.
Start of the next part of the level
Yeah, fly away and let me do all the dirty work.
You also play the dark guy on the floor during some missions.
As a covenant on a city in the clouds
Preparing an ambush.
Turning invisible.
Making a stealth kill.
Watch out for enemy fire.
Nice waterfall
Looks like a big bug.
Miranda Keyes at close
Nice storm masking your attack.
Enemy hangar
Shoot those bugs.
Miranda Keyes flying a spaceship.
Snipers ready for action
Zooming in for the kill.
What a mess
Driving inside a tunnel.
Driving a tank through the bridge.

Xbox version

The start screen
The loading screen
You can change your colour and appearance at this screen.
The pause menu lets you check your mission status.
There are always plenty of games available online.
Multiplayer games are fast and furious.
You will be fighting on earth this time.
The graphics are not quite as good as Halo: Combat Evolved.
The Master Chief has had a refit.
Cortana is still your main contact in Halo 2.
It looks like you're going to have to fight your way in!
The Covenant have destroyed this city without mercy.
You can now take weapons from your allies.
It's best to find cover while reloading.
The sniper rifle is a great weapon for headshots.
Rockets can now lock on to enemies.
This Elite did not stand a chance in the dark!
Each weapon has a melee attack (But I missed!).
Mounted guns are great for taking out foes.
The tank makes short work of any Covenant in your way.
The Elites seem to go down quite easy in Halo 2.
It's also easy for the Master chief to go down too!
You can now use Covenant sniper weapons.
Duel weapons are a great feature.
Now that's what I call a plasma explosion!