Halo: Combat Evolved Screenshots

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Title / main menu
Intro Pillar of Autumn entering system
UNSC Captian Jacob Keyes
Master Chief leaving cryostor
Shield charging
Cortana AI
Finally a weapon
Helping out with the MA5B Assault Rifle
Dispatching the Covenant on our way to the exit
Taking aim on Grunts
Maintenance hall surprising a Grunt
Pillar of Autumn taking a beating
Coming down hot
Well we landed not good but landed
Plasma grenade
Covenant dropship
Strange building with lifeboat survivors in distance and I have a alien Needler weapon
Needler rounds homing after target
Dropship with Warthog thank goodness
Got the Warthog.... mount up!
Gotta park it and activate the bridge
Heading for bridge controls
Activating the bridge
Crossing the bridge
Checkpoint next level
Oops! wrong way!

Windows version

The main menu (and a nice view of Halo)
It all starts when Master Chief is brought out of cryo sleep early.
Covenant boarding parties attacking Master Chief's ship, the "Pillar of Autumn".
Cortana is your ship's AI, travelling companion, and mission director.
A large scale assault on a Covenant position.
A friendly drop ship on approach.
A well placed grenade sends this Covenant soldier flying.
It's hard to take the Covenant seriously when the interiors of their battle cruisers are decorated in lavender.
"Gentlemen, this is the M12-LRV. I like to call it the Warthog."
Lining up a sniper shot on a Covenant turret.
After disposing of the original owners, you can take over enemy turrets and vehicles.
They're called "The Flood" but I liked them better the first time when they were called "Head Crabs".
Halo's architects were masters of design simplicity and efficiency. You'll shoot your way through this exact room layout dozens of times.
Checkpoint save locations are there to remind you of Halo's console heritage.
The campaign menu
Multiplayer options
Flying the Banshee! Death from above!
The Pillar of Autumn is in pretty bad shape after the crash...
A lovely view of Halo
The Master Chief talks some trash with 343 Guilty Spark, the keeper of Halo
Can't we all just get along?
Cortana, aka "Teen Shodan" starts again with one of her psychotic outbursts... Man what is it with female AIs?
So nice of them to drop me a buggy!
Roadkill up ahead
Check out my wheels man
I'll have my Master Chief well done please
The Needler fire tracking projectiles.
Grenades take out crowds nicely.
Hunters are bad news and always work in pairs.
Can you spot the cloaked Elite?
Energy weapons do extra damage to enemy shields.

Xbox version

Title Screen - Main Menu
Icy world
It's getting dark
Nice flame
No chance against the powerful weapon
Beautiful colors!
One of the funny weapons
Merry Christmas, hehehe...
Sometimes violence alone won't solve the problem...
You could surely use some help...
To shoot or not to shoot?
Nice scenery