Halo: Reach Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Boot menu screen.
Main menu.
Game starts by showing the ending.
Main title.
Welcome to Reach.
You team is about to go on their first mission.
Exploring the colony site looking for cause of distress.
Gas cisterns create a big explosions so take that into consideration when enemies gather in their vicinity.
Use night-vision when moving through the dark areas.
Whatever happened to these poor soldiers...
Enemy in sight.
Dash into the crowd of weaker enemies to take them out with quick punches.
While zooming in with your rifle, you cannot move and your aiming while shooting is rather limited.
When out of bullets, pick up alien weapons and use them against their makers.
Some enemies are more resistant to gunfire, but your punches may take them out more quickly.
You can commandeer almost any vehicle you can find.
When driving a vehicle, make sure your comrades have boarded it as well as you cannot drive and fire jeeps at the same time.
Enemy weapons can be pretty powerful, but such rifles, and hence ammo, are usually scarce and can be only found off of elite soldiers.
The small grunts with turtle-like shields are weakest of the bunch, barely worth wasting a bullet.
Earning promotions.
Campaign menu lets you re-play any mission you have reached thus far.
In between missions, you will often use a VTOL aircraft to move from one place to another.
Some rifles have better scopes and let you take unaware enemy infantry from the distance.
Pushing forward.
Enemy transport ships come with a mounted gun so unless you have some really powerful weapon at your disposal, you should wait for them to leave the area before engaging the ground troops.
Flanking the enemy positions.
Calling in an artillery strike on enemy tanks.
From time to time your troops will bring you a vehicle to easily cover your ground and break through enemy positions.
Letting the AI drive while you handle the mounted gun.
You can run over enemy troops just as well as you can shoot them.
Taking out smaller enemy vehicles.
Stealth mission.
Sneaking up to an unaware Elite to silently assassinate him.
Sniper rifle is very powerful and has very high zoom level.
On most missions, by default pistol is your secondary weapon, but you can switch it with any other weapon you find along the way.
Heading toward the enemy lines.
Clash of two armies is about to commence.
Firing a grenade launcher.
Watch out for enemy turrets.
Enemy troops suddenly entering the battlefield via drop pods.
Some enemies have shields which need to be taken out before they can be harmed.
Welcome to New Alexandria, the place of events from Halo 3: ODST.
Watch out for suicide bombers.
A bunch of suicide bombers are heading your way... take them out before they reach you.
While your shields will automatically regenerate, you will have to use health kit to replenish your health.
Flying over New Alexandria.
Take out any incoming aircraft as you move toward your mission goal.
You can find various boosts on the battlefield, but can only carry and use one at the time.

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