Hamsters Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The game's title screen. This version was published by IDIGICON as part of their '5 Games For Girls' compilation
The game's main menu. The icons are, from left to right, Play a New Game, Load a Previous Game, Delete a Game, and Exit the Game
Starting a game. The first screen allows the player to choose a hamster from the four available and to name it/him/her
The game begins. There's the chosen hamster, in its play pen, looking appealing.
Hide and Seek: One of the mini games, this is a variation on the shell game. At the end of the shuffling the player must guess which pot conceals the hamster
Clicking on a hamster brings up a circle of grooming options. In the lower left the purple clock indicates a mini game has been played and cannot be played again until the timer runs out
This is the shop. It is only open during 'daytime', note the clock in the lower left. If the player runs out of treats and so on during the night then the hamsters will not be happy
Here a hamster has just been groomed. That made it happy so it sang and pooped gold coins. Note there's a pool of pee over on the right that needs cleaning up
Matching Pairs: Another mini-game that needs no explanation
Memory Madness: The third mini game
Hamster Dash: The final mini game. The player must click the left mouse button repeatedly to make their hamster run
A night-time shot. The player's point of view can be changed which is useful as the hamsters pee and poo in awkward places. T
Hamster think bubbles. These are optional but it helps anticipate their needs. Here they are both planning to defecate soon
With money and love hearts the hamsters toys can be upgraded. This food tray's colour can now be customised. Whoop-de-doo
Hamster Stats show which hamsters have won the most love hearts, i.e. completed the most mini games