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Hamurabi Screenshots

Browser version

Start screen
Starting a new game.
Error -- can't cover that expense!
Introduction (ChoiceScript version)
Start menu, stats
First turn
Trading grain for land
Next turn
Game over!

Hamurabi Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title and game start
Well, I officially suck at this.

Hamurabi Screenshots

Commodore PET/CBM version

Game start
I'm deposed because of mismanagement!

Hamurabi Screenshots

DOS version

Start screen, native WinDOS version
2002 Hugo port
Title screen, German 1996 release
German 1996 release

Hamurabi Screenshots

TRS-80 version

Game start - year 1
Input for buying acres of land and feeding people
Year 3 selling last of my land which will end the game
All land sold - Game over