Hannah Montana: The Movie Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen.
Hannah Montana and her horse.
You have to find these items.
Talking to Lorelei.
Hannah Montana's bedroom.
Your Zphone.
Hannah Montana's closet.
At the farmers market.
Shopping for clothes.
At carnival.
Playing frog hopping.
Main menu.
To help or not to help.
Nosy reporter.
Performing dance moves onstage.
Playing electric guitar.
Singing on a microphone.
Mini-game menu.
Performance scores.
Hannah's tour bus.
Part of song menu.
In front of north hall of university.
Loading screen.
Playing horse racing.
At a diplomatic dinner.
Item hunting at the university.
The concert about to begin.
Playing guitar.
Local snack shop.
Concert in meadow hall.
Mr. Bradley is not a nice guy.
Country dancing.
Hannah's best friend is Lilly.
In the kitchen.
You can customise your tour bus.
Talking to Robby Ray.
Front porch.
Talking to travis.
Horse riding in meadow fields.
Successful jumps.