Hard Drivin' Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Main menu
Race options
Qualified for Championship

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen and map
Automatic transmission or stick shift?
And they're off!
Driving down the road.

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Transmission Selection.
Let's Go.
Crash Replay.
Staright on or turn right?

Atari ST version

Title screen
Map of the track
Select transmission type
Get ready to race
Oncoming traffic
He hit me! (OK, I was driving on the wrong side of the road)
Replay of the crash
Passing under a stunt bridge
Time's up. Game over

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Choose a transmission type
Starting a race
Watch out for oncoming traffic
A loop ahead of you
Heading towards a bridge
A crash!

DOS version

title screen - VGA
an overview of the track - VGA
about to pass an oponent - VGA
the drawbridge on the stunt track - VGA
choose a transmission type - EGA
choose which track to drive on - EGA
jumping over the drawbridge - EGA
instant replay of a crash - EGA
title screen - CGA
cars blend into the background with 4 colors - CGA
instant replay of a jump - CGA
a miscalculated stunt - CGA
Title screen - Hercules Monochrome
See a map of the racetrack - Hercules Monochrome
Choose a transmission type - Hercules Monochrome
Starting a race - Hercules Monochrome

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
Choosing auto or manual speed controls
Getting started...
Off road
Mountains ahead...
Trying to slow down...
Stunt driving, indeed...
High scores
Instant replay
Stunt road is ahead, but you are on the speed way!

Lynx version

Title Screen
Choose between manual or automatic gears
Drive straight on for speed or next right for a stunt challenge
When you drive on the grass you get 10 seconds to get off it before you are automatically placed back on the track
Hitting buildings bounces you back and cracks the windscreen
When you crash you see an instant replay but from a 3rd person perspective
A replay of a head on collision with another car
The loop the loop in all its glory
Time waits for no man
You can see how far you got around the track after a race

ZX Spectrum version

The game loads very quickly. This is the first screen that the player sees
Then comes the game's main menu
This is an indication that the player is expected to drive correctly, well reasonably so
This is saying what a revolutionary simulation the game is, I think. Shame that after all the work of developing the game he writing is so hard to read.
The start of the game. The car goes no-where unless the key in the ignition is turned. Cue much reaching for the manual and frustrated hitting of keys
When the ignition has been started the game wants to know if the player prefers a manual or an automatic gear shift.
Then we're back to turning the key again. 2:00 minutes to complete the circuit
This is an unforgiving game. Three seconds in and the car's been in a crash
The instant replay almost gloatingly shows a shunt from behind
Initially steering with the joystick proved hard. When the car goes off road a ten second countdown starts
The instant replay shows the car explode when the ten seconds was up, even though the car had made it back onto the road. This is a tough game.
Some times the car was too responsive, others just not responsive enough, or could it be that I'm rubbish at driving games?
The game seems to class this as being off road too