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HardBall 4

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A PC Classic DOS Condemned (70)

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DOS 8 3.3
Genesis Awaiting 1 votes...
Combined MobyScore 8 3.3

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DOSEntertainment Weekly
With oversaturated colors, realistic-looking players (cleverly introduced onto the field in the form of trading cards), and physics that approximate what actually happens on a baseball diamond, the disc affords little room for complaint.
DOSPC Games (Germany)
Der vierte Teil der Hardball-Serie kann wieder durch die Bank begeistern. Durch die realitätsnahe Grafik, die mitreißende Sprachausgabe und vor allem das vortreffliche Gameplay geht Hardball 4 bereits imn ersten Inning so weit in Führung, daß die Konkurrenten nur neidvoll auf das Scoreboard blicken können. Baseballfans sollten blind zugreifen, Interessierte zumindest einen Blick riskieren.
GenesisConsoles Plus
Les mouvements des différents joueurs sont plutôt réalistes et la prise en main rapide. La composition des différentes équipes est d'actualité. Ainsi, vous aurez le plaisir de voir évoluer sous vos yeux vos joueurs favoris.
If you already own Hardball III, then '94 might not be worth it. But, if you're still looking for that all-in-one Genesis baseball game, Hardball '94 is a safe bet.
GenesisGame Players
Although the choppy and 8-bit-like graphics and sparse music and sound effects in HardBall '94 won't keep players coming back, the in-depth --- practically managerial --- involvement offered by the game will. So if you're tired of arcade-like sluggers and are looking for a more serious baseball cart, step to the plate and check out HardBall 94's delivery.
DOSWorld Village (Gamer's Zone)
It's all up to you. That's Hardball 4 greatest attribute, that you can choose what exactly it is you want to do. This is the best baseball game on the computer market today and it's well worth the money even if you aren't a die hard baseball fan.
GenesisVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
Hardball '94 continues Accolade's great tradition of extremely playable baseball games, but there's not much new here besides some hot animation in the batting view and the MLBPA license. The fielder animation could still use some refinement and the heavy player inertia makes it easy to overrun fly balls. But with it's incredible list of options, team editor and detailed statistics tracking, Hardball still ranks near the top of the Genesis baseball heap.
GenesisGamePro (US)
Major league players, stats and plenty of options make this cart a solid game. Is it worth the price you've already got Hardball III? No, but if you're a first time buyer who's looking for a well-rounded baseball game, Hardball '94 will score for you.
DOSPower Play
Tja, liebe „HardbalI“-Macher, dieser Streich ist nicht ganz so gut gelungen. wie er sollte. Zwar spielt sich der vierte Part locker von einer Base zur anderen, aber der nötige Kick und die Eleganz eines „Front Page Sports: Baseball“ geht der BaIljagd ab. So vermissen wir ein Äquivalent zum feinfühlig einstellbaren Schwierigkeitsgrad des Kontrahenten und auch die Steuerung im Outfield läßt, wie schon in „Hardball 3“ etwas zu wünschen übrig. Der gute Al Michaels schießt allerdings den Vogel ab: Da alle Samples für jeden Satz ständig neu zusammengebastelt werden, schreckt AJ wie ein Kanarienvogel innerhalb eines Satzes durch fünf Tonlagen und entreißt uns immer wieder neue Schmunzler. manchmal auch herzhafte Lacher. Freunde von lustigen Samples und Baseballfreaks, die die Dynamix-Simulation schon auswendig kennen, dürfen getrost zugreifen. Ein echtes Highlight ist „Hardball 4“ leider nicht.
Stunning VGA graphics; more extensive statistics than previous HardBall games. Unrealistic play on the field; disappointing sound effects. If you're a HardBall fan, or more interested in fun than realism, this latest version will surely satisfy.
DOSPC Player (Germany)
Hardball 4 wird primär diejenigen begeistern, die ein ungezwungenes Spielchen mehr schätzen als eine hundertprozentige Simulation des amerikanischen Nationalsports mit ellenlangen Statistiken.
DOSComputer Gaming World (CGW)
HARDBALL IV is a remarkable game graphically, but it is baseball by analogy alone. Once you learn pitching placement, outfield play and the timing of the pitch, you will be able to control game results. With all the beauty of the graphics and the play-by-play announcing, though, it's easy to suspend reality and enjoy the batting practice.
GenesisAll Game Guide
Despite the lack of officially sanctioned teams, if you enjoy the strategy side of baseball and feel that cutting-edge graphics and presentation take a back seat to playability, then you'll find a lot to enjoy in this game. On the other hand, if you're looking for the perfect balance between fast action and simulation then you should probably look elsewhere. Hardball '94 will be most remembered for its attempt at realism, methodical pace, and impressive roster of customizable features.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic
Hardball 94 looks impressive when you read the back of the box, but the game itself doesn't live up to its promise.
DOSHigh Score
Det ska dock sägas, i objektivitetens namn, att de som redan förlorat sin själ till datorbaseball nog kommer att ha syndigt roligt med det här spelet. För oss andra fortsätter jakten på Det Roliga Baseballspelet.