HardBall III Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Accolade Presents (MCGA/VGA)
Title screen (MCGA/VGA)
Main menu (MCGA/VGA)
Before the game (MCGA/VGA)
Just started. (MCGA/VGA)
A game in progress (MCGA/VGA)
More gameplay (MCGA/VGA)
Batter up! (MCGA/VGA)
Batting practice (MCGA/VGA)
Some league play options (MCGA/VGA)
You can customize player stats. (MCGA/VGA)
Player Screen (MCGA/VGA)
Setup before game (EGA)
Setup before game (VGA)
Accolade Presents (EGA)
Title screen (EGA)
Main menu (EGA)
Player Screen (EGA)
Setting some game options. (EGA)
Players take the field... (EGA)
Demo Mode (EGA)
Here's some pitching/batting options. (EGA)
Here's the pitch! (EGA)
Running to base view. (EGA)
Manual Protection Checking (VGA)
The player editor (EGA)
Manual Protection Checking (EGA)

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
Practice some batting.
Start the game, choose the teams and some other options
Team selection screen
The field gets crowded
Ready to bat
Successful hit
Ready to throw

SNES version

Title Screen
In Game
League Play
Select your star player
Ready to bat
Here comes the pitch
Hit the ball to the left
On the mound
Ball is pitched
Man on first base
Going for third base
Will you make it to first
Low hit to the right