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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 5 2.8
Amstrad CPC Awaiting 5 votes...
Apple II Awaiting 5 votes...
Apple IIgs Awaiting 5 votes...
Atari 8-bit Awaiting 5 votes...
Atari ST Awaiting 5 votes...
Commodore 64 6 4.2
DOS Awaiting 5 votes...
Genesis 6 3.1
Macintosh Awaiting 5 votes...
MSX Awaiting 5 votes...
ZX Spectrum Awaiting 5 votes...
Combined User Score 17 3.4

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Commodore 64Computer and Video Games (CVG) (Apr, 1986)
Hardball has strategy, action and extra added addictiveness. So grab your glove, Charlie Brown and head for the pitcher's mound this instant!
Commodore 64Zzap! (Mar, 1986)
Accolade have struck the balance of difficulty perfectly; although very hard at first, once you know what you're doing it is possible to hit or pitch the ball wherever you see fit. Another excellent feature is where all aspects of baseball have been included in the game, from hitting the ball round the field to the tricky job of managing and fielding the right sort of team -- the potential of the game is just immense. Hardball is surely the best real life sports simulation to date and sets new standards in gameplay, depth and animation.
ZX SpectrumComputer Gamer (Feb, 1987)
One of the nicest things about Hardball is that the computer plays a good but not impossible game. OK, you will probably lose at first but you will not be outclassed and the thrill of hitting your first home run is tremendous (in one rival baseball simulation, I lost my first match 64-0. I have not played that game since!). The animation is excellent and you don't have to be a baseball fan to enjoy the game although I suspect that as a lot of people will have been watching the World Series on Channel 4 recently, they will be itching to have a go. A great game, highly recommended.
Commodore 64ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (May, 1986)
Ein weiteres Handicap für den Spieler ist die zwar in Deutsch verfaßte, dennoch aber etwas unzureichende Programmbeschreibung. Da davon auszugehen ist, daß die Regeln des Baseballs nur wenigen geläufig sein werden, sollte dem Spieler schon eine etwas weitergehende Einführung in die Grundzüge der Regeln beigefügt werden. Kenntnisse der Regeln sowie der Wertung sind zum Spielen des Programms unbedingt von Vorteil. Und dennoch – die hervorragende Grafik und Animation sowie die vielfältigen Variationsmöglichkeiten machen Hard Ball wirklich spielenswert. Sehr zu empfehlen!
GenesisMean Machines (Jun, 1991)
After the disappointing Super League Baseball, Hardball comes as a breath of fresh air. It's not easy to get to grips with (expect to be thrashed by the computer the first few times!), but effort is rewarded with the fun of making that first home run. The animation of the pitcher and batter makes up for the otherwise poor graphics, and the options include changing everything from the quality of the opposition to the type of bats used. As with most sports games, Hardball is best played with another person; but this is still a good one-player game.
Spielerisch weiß HardBall! nach wie vor zu überzeugen und macht viel Spaß. Sämtliche Effekte wurden digitalisiert, während des Spiels werden Kommentare vom Old-Star-Schiri Eddie Montague abgegeben. Im Grunde fehlt diesem Baseball-Game nichts - außer ein richtiger Liga-Modus. Als Ex-Baseballer (kein Scherz!) kann ich dieses Programm wirklich nur empfehlen und ihm den Vorrang vor Super League Baseball geben.
Undoubtedly one of the most graphic baseball simulations around, Hardball offers tons of variety and little to waste! the digitized are well done, and the graphics are excellent. The background music could use a little work, but that can be turned off. Not bad for a sports game.
AmigaThe Games Machine (UK) (Oct, 1987)
Accolade's highly acclaimed baseball simulation Hardball! is now available for the Amiga, courtesy of US Gold. Surprisingly, it is not much of an improvement over its 8-bit counterparts, despite the inclusion of sampled speech at opportune moments.
GenesisPower Play (Oct, 1991)
Unter dem Videospiele-Label Ballistic wurde eine zufriedenstellende Umsetzung herausgebracht, die zwar gut spielbar ist, aber die Fähigkeiten des Mega Drives bei weitem nicht ausnützt. Baseball-Fans werden sich davon nicht irritieren lassen, zumal der Spielablauf dem Computervorbild entspricht - und das war ja nicht schlecht.
ZX SpectrumTilt (Mar, 1987)
Hardball : avant de jouer, commencez surtout par vous imprégner des règles assez complexes du baseball. Vous disposez d'une équipe complète et il vous faudra savoir changer à l'occasion de lanceur ou de rattrapeur en fonction de leur état de fatigue. Le jeu est bien rendu.
Commodore 64All Game Guide (1998)
While HardBall! is graphically ahead of the pack and features a good pitching interface, it is not terribly fun. Batting and pitching are great but fielding is slow which slows down the pace of an already slow sport. Still, this is the best baseball game you can find on the Commodore 64 through 1985.
AmigaCommodore User (Oct, 1987)
Much more of an arcade game than a simulation, it takes the exciting sections of a game and compacts it into a few nailbiting sections. Having played the 64 version, I took the easy route and started playing immediately. Wow! The graphics and animation were always good, but on the Amiga they are incredible.
Atari 8-bitThe Video Game Critic (Nov 04, 2006)
While this scheme allows the fielders to be larger and better animated, it's detrimental to the overall gameplay. Making matters worse, the outfielders are tiny and move slowly. This was apparently done to convey distance, but balls tossed in from the outfield take an eternity to arrive. On the bright side, Hardball's controls make it easy to toss the ball around the bases, steal, and substitute players. The audio is weak, and that creepy carnival music that plays during the title screen has got to go. Taken an a whole, Hardball does manage to provide a competitive baseball experience, but its experimental camera angles keep it firmly entrenched in the minor leagues.
Atari STST Format (Oct, 1993)
[Budget re-release] This is dull, and there's no excuse for a game as dull as this selling for ten quid in late 1993 - it was a stupid idea in the first place, but it's been executed ineptly, it looks naff (six of the eight screenshots on the box are of the same screen...), the only sound consists of a horrible burst of white noise when you finally manage to hit the ball, the presentation is cheap, nasty and confusing and there's practically nothing to do. But then the game was written six years ago - what did you expect?
30 (Aug 05, 2013)
Now, combine all this with poor outfielding, difficult batting and AI that’s a hitting powerhouse, and you have a game that’s just plain not fun to play at all. I was unable to sit through more than one exhibition game at a time, let alone an entire season, as it’s that broken and frustrating to play. This is just one of the many series of baseball games that started out incredibly weak. I can’t recommend this to anyone at all, even fans that are nostalgic towards these old sports games, since there’s really no redeeming qualities to be found here. If you’re looking for decent 16-bit baseball games, then I’d jump ahead to Electronic Arts’ Triple Play series. They were unfortunately “too little, too late” for the console but are really awesome to play otherwise!
Timing is more important than strategy in this game and it would probably be disappointing to anyone other than an avid arcade fan.
Apple IIHappy Computer (Mar, 1986)
Durch die vielen spielstrategischen Entscheidungen wird „Hardball“ zu einer echten Simulation des Baseball-Sports. Das anspruchsvolle Programm ist ein Hochgenuß für alle Freunde von Sport-Spielen, die mit den Regeln zurechtkommen.
Commodore 64Happy Computer (Mar, 1986)
Durch die vielen spielstrategischen Entscheidungen wird „Hardball“ zu einer echten Simulation des Baseball-Sports. Das anspruchsvolle Programm ist ein Hochgenuß für alle Freunde von Sport-Spielen, die mit den Regeln zurechtkommen.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic (Jul 07, 2011)
The first time I played Hardball with my friend Steve it took us ten minutes just to figure out how to throw the damn ball! This flaw destroys the two-player experience, and even when playing the CPU I sometimes find myself staring at the screen wondering why nothing's happening. Hardball didn't have much going for it to begin with, but this user interface blunder pushed me over the edge.