Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Quidditch menu
Wizard dueling menu
House point menu
Map screen
Folio magi screen
Loading screen
Harry potter casts a spell on statue
Small waterfall
Harry Potter and a frog
Harry Potter has found a treasure chest
Someone is trapped on that tree
Save book saves the game
Is Harry Potter in prison?
Outside magic school
Inside magic school
Harry Potter gets some help
The pink lady
Harry Potter has found a pet
This room has a lot of pictures on the wall
Silver wizard cars open this door
Harry Potter is busted
Magic school teacher Gilderoy Lockhart
Another game with this type of task
Harry Potter and friends
This time there is a time limit
Harry Potter leaving bookstore
Flying car?
Harry Potter sleeping
HArry Potter and a very big tree
In Professor Snape's potions class
Buying some stuff
That crack in the wall means there's a passage beyond it
Slytherin's lair
Fighting spiders
Drinking a health potion
Spider boss
Jump pad
Fire-shooting turtle and a pixie
Boulder escape
The final fight with the Serpent would have ended pretty quick with fatal results if not the help of this bird
Fighting the Serpent
Everyone gathers in the hall for celebration

Xbox version

Opening cinematic shows various scenes that will await you in the game but which will be familiar to those that saw the second movie
Main Title
Main Menu
Loading screens show a picture of the current place of events
When you get close to certain characters, they will automatically face you and you'll be able to talk to them
Looking at Ron from 1st-person perspective (you cannot walk while in 1st-person)
Cleaning the barn of the gnomes pest
Throughout the game you'll find many chests that will hold useful items to gather
Your first duel will be against the enchanted washing machine
Harry seems to be thrilled about de-gnoming the garden
Process of de-gnoming the garden consists of catching the gnome and throwing it far from the garden
This gnome went flying far, perhaps setting the new record
Collecting the cards for book of famous wizard & witches will help Harry build up his stamina
When you forget what needs to be done, check out the "To Do" list
Books usually mean that Harry's about to learn yet another spell
When you acquire some new spell, you can set up a hot-key (or in this case, a hot-button) for it
Seems to have found a secret wall thanks to the light spell
At some points in the game, Harry can call Hedwig for some help
Glowing scroll lets you save your game (always overwriting your last save)
At the entrance hall, looking at other students from a 1st-person perspective
Prepping for some practice in flying
Harry's got to pass through as many floating circles while flying on a broom to get the highest grade