Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Screenshots

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Title screen and main menu
At the beginning of the game the camp is under attack, you need to get out of here.
Select next location to visit.
Choose a character for the next mission.
Use water magic to put out this fire.
Professor Moody has some tasks for you.
Use magic to move heavy or large objects.
On top of the castle; put out the fires and get rid of the attacking critters!
Escape from the forest...

PSP version

Main menu
Character select
Into movie
Quidditch World Cup 1st game level.
Moving stone with use of Wingardium Leviosa spell.
Portkey on bridge.
Level select screen
Player rating in statistic screen
the dugbog
Summoning bonuses using Accio spell
Harry name fly out of Goblet of fire
Equipping characters with cards
Mass use of Aqua Eructo to put out fire
Spraying water on salamander
Using spell to lower bridge
Wizard Pairs mini-game
Salamander in Wizard Pairs mini-game
Building ladder from stone block using Wingardium Leviosa spell
Hermione in Forbidden Forest
Card collection screen
Triple Jinx Card front
Triple Jinx Card back

Windows version

Title screen
Choose your player.
The enemy is often hard to describe.
The fire at the fair
Collaboration is the key to success.
Enter a super frenzied mode and crush your enemies.
Replay the levels you've beaten to find all the hidden treasure.
Open game cards by earning magic beans.
The class of Defense against Dark Arts
Versatile magic wand will even extinguish fire.
Or fire burning salamandras.
Main menu
A set of cards
Each card depicts a scene from the film
FMV intro
One of statistics screens
One of Moody's challenges
Hogwarts roofs at a rainy night
In the woods
These plants can be launched to clear the poisonous mushrooms
Chased by the dragon
Collecting beans while escaping from dragon
More fire lizards
Cut scene before one of the stages
At the bottom of the lake
Weird creatures
The goblet of fire
Overview of the labyrinth
Harry in the labyrinth
You have to deal with the skeletons first