Harvest Moon GB Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Part of the opening animation.
Title screen (English version)
Title screen (Japanese version)
Title screen (Super Game Boy)
Choose your name
Are you male or female?
Do you like dogs or cats?
At the start of the game, you are visited by the old ranch owner's spirit.
In you house with your cat.
My possessions.
Beddie-bye time.
In my chicken coop. I need some chickens.
In my tool shed.
In the back of the tool shed is the caves of the harvest sprites. I am talking to one.
I have no bags of veggies.
Going to town.
In the church.
In the animal shop.

Game Boy Color version

Title screen
Home sweet home...
Bad dog! Bad dog!
I have to punish you!
There is no shipment today?
Skirt chasing.
Or maybe should I choose this one?