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Head Over Heels

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Atari 8-bit

User Reviews

The Immortals (#12) ZX Spectrum Ashley Pomeroy (233)

Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Amiga 4 2.3
Amstrad CPC 7 3.6
Amstrad PCW Awaiting 1 votes...
Atari 8-bit 3 3.4
Atari ST 3 2.4
Commodore 64 9 3.1
iPad 1 4.0
iPhone 1 4.0
MSX 5 3.2
ZX Spectrum 8 3.7
Combined MobyScore 41 3.3

The Press Says

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ZX SpectrumSinclair User
Head Over Heels is either - depending on your mood - yet another 3D arcade adventure featuring Ultimate-style graphics with impossible problems and lots of moods, or another improvement on a tried and tested game-style involving a complex map and many genuinely interesting puzzles
ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair
Long-serving readers of YS may remember my total obsession with this game when it first appeared in Spring 1987. Three years! It certainly doesn't seem like it. In fact the whole idea of the Clinic was inspired by the game - for the first four or five months it was "Dr B's Head Over Heels Clinic", until the letters started to ask questions about other games. Playing it for the first time in ages, I have to admit I can see what all the fuss was about.
ZX SpectrumCrash!
In a far distant galaxy, many light years away, lie four worlds enslaved by an an evil empire. On each, unrest simmers, suppressed by the dictatorial Emperor who rules his territories from the planet Blacktooth. Neighbouring worlds look to the dark skies and wonder. In fear they send two spies from the planet Freedom, to kindle revolution upon the slave planets, and recover the crowns that have been lost. Only in this way can the might of the Empire be fettered.
Atari STST Action
The long-awaited conversion of Head Over Heels to the 16-bit machine caused a stir among the more ageing journalists who remembered the game for its mind-blowing gameplay and simple but devastatingly effective graphics. Fortunately, none of the graphics or playability have been left out of the ST version. The graphics still look 8-bit but they certainly bring back memories! Head Over Heels still remains the classic that it was many years ago.
Atari 8-bitComputer and Video Games (CVG)
It's been rated a classic in every other version, and all I can add is that XL and XE owners really must have this in their collection.
ZX SpectrumEurogamer.net (UK)
Head Over Heels is a celebration of unabashed fun, devoid of purpose or pretence, lavishing decadent thrills on players in a way that most developers refuse to even attempt. It's the epitome of the gamer's game, and doesn't ask for permission to be enjoyed.
ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair
Remember Batman? Who can forget it! Jon Ritman and Bernie Drummond's Filmation-style arcade-adventure was a true~blue tie-dyed classic, a game that stands as one of the best ever seen on the Speccy. Combining razor-sharp graphics, endlessly fascinating gameplay and an excellent plot, it was one of Ocean's very finest hours (three o'clock being one of my own best). Virtually my favourite game ever, in fact. Until Head Over Heels came along, that is...
ZX SpectrumSinclair User
Aaargh! Cutesy games! I hates 'em. Still, you have to admit that Head Over Heels is, ahem, head and shoulders above horridness like Blobsy Goes to Weebletown, so it's good to see it re-released at a budget price. This is the acceptable face of cutesiness, an isometric perspective multi-room masterpiece by John Ritman and Bernie Drummond, and it's interesting to note that there hasn't really been anything better since.
ZX SpectrumCrash!
Head Over Heels is one of the classic Spectrum games. Packed full of playability and cute graphics it couldn't fail.
Amstrad CPCJeuxvideo.com
Head over heels, véritable concentré de créativité et d'ingéniosité, fait voyager le joueur dans un monde qui ne ressemble à aucun autre. Mêlant diverses influences à travers les cinq planètes à visiter, le soft ne tombe jamais dans le cliché et présente des environnements riches en détails. Non content d'offrir deux personnages ayant une prise en main spécifique, Head over Heel permet aux joueurs de les fusionner afin de profiter de tous leurs atouts réunis en une seule entité. Jamais la coopération n'a été aussi bien exploitée dans un jeu de plates-formes/réflexion.
Amstrad CPCHappy Computer
Spielerisch ist Head over Heels aber auf allen Computern gleich: ein ebenso komplexes wie faszinierendes 3D-Action-Adventure, das zur absoluten Elite dieses Genres zählt. Was mich allerdings etwas stört, ist die frappierende Ähnlichkeit mit "Bat Man", dem Spiel, das die Programmierer vorher veröffentlichten. Wer aber nur auf Action steht, sei gewarnt: Bei Head over Heels ist das Lösen von logischen Rätseln mindestens genauso wichtig wie Geschicklichkeit.
Amstrad CPCTilt
Ce programme, comme vous pouvez le constater, dispose d'un scénario extrêmement touffu, difficile à décrire en si peu de lignes. L'humour et la fantaisie dominent avec une multiplicité de créatures et de décors. La présentation de ce jeu, bien que classique, jouit d'une irréprochable 3D. Le graphisme est d'une grande finesse agrémenté d'agréables couleurs. On notera les anachronismes volontaires du décor qui donnent au jeu toute sa saveur. L'animation est de la même qualité : irréprochables mouvements des ascenseurs, des robots, etc. Le bruitage, pas exceptionnel, est entièrement paramétrable comme la sensibilité des commandes. Un bon jeu.
AmigaAmiga Joker
Außer englischem Brachialhumor bietet das Game über 300 Räume zum Erkunden, ausgesprochen logische Rätsel und vor allem jede Menge Spielspaß. Präsentationsmäßig gibt‘s putzig animierte aber ansonsten recht spartanische Grafik, der Sound besteht nur aus FX und Jingles. Die Steuerung per Stick oder Tasten ist keinesfalls überbelegt, läßt sich dadurch aber auch sehr gut handhaben: laufen, hüpfen, Gegenstände bewegen oder gemeinsame Operationen - alles kein Problem. Kurzum, viel Nostalgie zu einem fairen Preis!