Headhunter Screenshots

User Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Jack Wade, the games hero, looking ultra cool in his shades
The weapons in the game dont fire bullets, they're Electric Neural Projectiles (ENP) design to kill without harming internal body organs
Change targets to eliminate the closer threat
Hope Jack can reload before this creep whacks him
Wade can peek around corners so you can better plan your attack
Use your bike to transport you between missions.

PlayStation 2 version

Robocop-inspired media breaks set the tone of Headhunter's future world.
Title screen
Main menu
Jack narrowly escapes having his organs harvested.
He still remembers how to use a gun.
Plenty of narrative cutscenes.
Loading screens show comically tasteless fake ads.
Exploring Angela's house.
Travel between mission zones on a bike.
High speeds rack up skill points.
Jack's competition.
Complete VR tests to gain higher-class headhunter licenses.
In-game menu screen.
Product placement!
No shortage of thug-shooting.
Peek out from cover to attack.
Sneak around silently...
...and break the necks of the unaware.