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    Extra Headline Harry and the Great Paper Race Extra


    Headline Harry, editor par excellence and staunch believer in the truth, dreams of making the U.S. Daily Star America's #1 newspaper. However, Marvin Muckraker and his band of yellow journalists at the Diabolical Daily are turning Harry's dream into a nightmare! They're scooping leads, twisting facts, and printing sensationalized lies. They're giving reputable journalists everywhere a bad name. And what's worse, they're SELLING MORE PAPERS!!

    As Harry's ace reporter, it's your job to outsmart these saboteurs - to uncover the true stories and get them on the front page first. It's a race to the deadline that will take you across the country and back through time. You'll encounter false leads, lying informants, unethical tricks, and all kinds of unexpected treachery. It may even get weird. But it'll all be worth it. Because every story you file first will get you one step closer to winning the Reporter of the Year award, tossing The Diabolical into the trash where it belongs, and making Harry's dream come true!

    "Stop the presses! Learning becomes fantastic, fact-filled, fun!" - Peter Scisco COMPUTE

    "Headline Harry is a hit. of those rare games that succesfully combines learning with fun and excitement. PCHJ gives it a definite thumbs up!" - Tom Byron PC Home Journal

    " excellent learning tool (for logic, deductive reasoning, U.S. geography, and modern U.S. History) that will challenge and capture the imagination...." - Lance Elko Game Player's PC Strategy Guide

    "Headline Harry is a newsworthy 'scoop' in educational software. Funny and compelling, it gives kids a reporter's-eye view of U.S. history" - Computing Game World

    A LEARNING ADVENTURE GAME THAT MAKES LEARNING FUN! Each news assignment is designed to enrich your knowledge in key areas: Historical and cultural events spanning four decades of American history (1950-1990) U.S. geography including a colorful map with regional information Stories related to politics, sports, arts and entertainment, science, and more!

    Also develops fact-finding and problem-solving skills and improves reading comprehension!


    Dynamic VGA graphics and animation motivate and entertain as you search for facts nationwide. Stimulation music, realistic sound effects, and digitalized speech add excitement as you race against the clock.

    Game play becomes more challenging as you successfully file stories.

    Easy-to-use on-screen control panel and Reporter's Special Edition Guide will make you an ace reporter in no time.

    Contributed by Peter Hall (150) on Jan 13, 2000.