Headline Harry and The Great Paper Race Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Enjoying the beach..."Get back to work pronto!"
Title Screen
Meet Harry
Meet the Diabolicals
Getting briefed
Your very own Press Pass!
Travel Map
Oklahoma Map.
A rival reporter shows up!
Talking to people at a diner.
Texas Map.
In a cab.
Make a phone call.
I called Dr. Know on the phone.
You need to collect information such as the year, the date, and key words and people for your notebook.
Reading a book at a bookstore.
In a limo.
Headline Harry calls to let you know that time is running out!
Notebook information - What I've collected so far.
News conference.
When you successfully finish a story, you get to name it,
Completed a story.
Checking out my notebook.
Washington State map.
Looks like my rival got here first!
Jotting down a note.
Listening to the radio.
A call from Lazar.