Heart of China Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

The title screen.
Intro - Nurse Kate treats villagers.
Start of the game - on the docks.
Downtown in a Chinese city.
Choose a spot to land.
Coming in for a landing.
Your airplane.
The fortress.
Underground tunnels.
Lucky's inventory.
Chi gets ready to do some ninja action - while you take care of Kate.
Indiana Jones style!
Looking for a way to escape.
World War I style tank.
Drive the tank to escape - arcade sequence.
Flying to Kathmandu.
The streets of Katmandu.
Bojon - the local despot.
Telegraph office.
Thanks for everything!
Airfield in Istanbul.
Marketplace in Istanbul.
The streets of Istanbul.
Close up of Kate.
City street.
The train station.
Outside the palace.
Local merchant.
Kate's inventory.
The old shell game.
On the Orient Express to Paris.
Aboard the Orient Express.
Fighting with a goon on top of the train - arcade sequence.
Khaaaaaan! - I mean Kaaaate!
Our hero finally gets the girl!

DOS version

Title (VGA)
Intro (VGA)
Game Start (VGA)
Title (EGA)
Intro (EGA)
Game Start (EGA)
Title (CGA)
Intro (CGA)
Game Start (CGA)
E.A. Lomax, your boss (VGA)
Hong Kong
Master Wu's herb shop (VGA)
Inside the bar
Talking to Ho (VGA)
Meeting Chi (VGA)
At the airport (VGA)
Streets of Hong Kong (EGA)
Talking with Ho (EGA)
At the airport (EGA)
This guy doesn't seem to want to help me (EGA)
Chi's inventory (VGA)
Intro: Kate is kidnapped! (VGA)
Intro: Kate tends small boy's wound
Sneaking into the bad guy's fortress. (VGA)
With you're help the locals decide to bring down a local despot. (VGA)
Sardar a local character finally proves useful. (VGA)
Goodbye and thanks for all the fish! Opps... wrong story! (VGA)
Lucky and Kate in Istanbul (VGA)
Downtown Istanbul (VGA)
Here come the royal guards! (VGA)
Lucky is carried off! (VGA)
Inside a rather shady shop (VGA)
Walking down the dusty streets. (VGA)
This lady good use a good long stay a the local funny farm.
One of Le Deng's goons meets up with you.
Oh, really? Well, we'll see about that!
Fighting on top of the Orient Express.
Looks like we took care of the bad guy!