Hellbreed Credits (Browser)

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Hellbreed Credits

The Inflammables

Lead Game Client and Tools DeveloperBjörn Acker
ArtistTobias Bertrand, Konstantin Dimitrov, Ivan Stanchev
Game Client DeveloperFlorian David
Lead DesignerSteffen Hemme
Level DesignerLenn Jochum
Quality AssuranceMarc Koebrich
Lead Level DesignerAndreas Liebeskind
Multiplayer Server and Backend DeveloperStefan Sonntag
Project LeadNils Wachter
Lead Game DesignerNils Wachter

Gameforge Staff

ProducerKristin Janulik, Alexis Guariguata
Quality AssuranceJulia Koschel

Additional Creatives

MusicHendrik Schwarzer
StorySebastian Büttner, Oliver Hohengarten
WebsiteUrs Krämer
IllustrationsSvetlin Velinov

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