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Arcade 3 3.3
Genesis 10 3.8
Combined MobyScore 13 3.7

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GenesisComputer and Video Games (CVG)
Graphically it's tremendous - the brilliant backdrops of the Toaplan coin-op have been faithfully reproduced - down to the the last pixel. The sound too is simply spot-on, with pulse-racing tunes and ear-blasting FX. But it's the playability of this effort that put's it head-and-shoulders above the opposition - the ship just feels so good to control and the satisfaction of destroying the huge end-of-level guardians is just tremendous fun. Hellfire is certainty a bit on the difficult side. Office shoot 'em up veterans were hard-pushed to complete the game in easy mode! With extra skill levels thrown in for added testability, Hellfire simply burns up the opposition! Go for it now!
GenesisMean Machines
Toaplan's coin-op was simply superb and I'm glad to say that this Megadrive conversion not only captures the amazing graphics, sound and playability of the coin-op - but even adds to it! The music must get a special mention. The game's full of groovy tunes that suit the frenetic blasting action perfectly. Everything about the game is just so polished and feels so good - I defy you not to be addicted by this shoot 'em classic! Hellfire is a flamin' good arcade classic. Put it at the top of your shopping list - NOW!
GenesisSega Force
Men är du en Shoot-'em-Up-fan och inte har testat Hellfire, så tycker jag definitivt att du ska kuta till närmsta videobutik och hyra det. HENT-gruppen har gjort detta möjligt - det går inte att köpa.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic
Hellfire compensates for its marginal graphics with an incredible soundtrack that melds perfectly with the action. Stage one's edgy electronic theme is hands-down sensational. Can you name a game released in the past ten years with music this good? I'm waiting. No? I didn't think so. Chalk another one up to classic games! Also notable is the game's relentless difficulty. When you enter the space station of stage one, you'll immediately find yourself is a seriously intense crossfire situation. After surviving the extremely long and challenging first stage, I felt like I needed a cigarette! Even so, Hellfire never feels cheap or frustrating, and a generous number of continues are available. An intense shooter that's a joy to play, this is an absolute must-have for Genesis shooter fans.
GenesisPower Play
Bei dem Action-Spektakel "Hellfire" wird konsequent horizontal gescrollt. Mindestens sechs (ungewöhnlich lange) Levels stehen Eurem wendigen Abfangjäger bevor. Erfreulicherweise ist das Raumschiff ein Deluxe-Modell und zeichnet sich durch eine gehobene Ausstattung aus.
In fact, it's an incredibly addictive shoot-'em-up.
GenesisVideo Games
Alle, die dachten, daß so schnell kein Ballerspektakel an Thunder Force III herankommen würde, wurden mit Hellfire eines besseren belehrt. Technisch zwar bei weitem nicht so perfekt und eindrucksvoll bietet das Spiel ganz andere Qualitäten: Gut abgestimmte Extrawaffen, bunte Grafiken und vor allem ein weitaus weniger hektischer Spielfluß sind die Trümpfe.
So far you shooter fans out there, give this one a try. It's a fun game with a unique gimmick that I haven't seen before. If, however, you aren't a fan of shooters, there's not enough new here to attract you to the genre. For some reason, you don't see this game mentioned with the rest of the great Genesis shooters, such as Gaiares, Sagaia, or M.U.S.H.A., but it should be up there with the best shooters, if you are a fan of the genre.
GenesisASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Die Grafiken sowie die hübsch animierten Sprites wußten recht gut zu gefallen, ganz im Gegensatz zum Scrolling. das eher mit Ruckeleinlagen glänzen konnte. In Sachen Sound gab‘s auf dieser Konsole ebenfalls schon Besseres. Ballerfreaks können dennoch getrost zugreifen.
GenesisACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
The makers of this cart must have been stumped for some graphics designers when they produced Hellfire. This is the first time I've ever had to fly a chunky slice of sprite and shoot fish-heads, and I hope it will be my last. On the upside, the visuals are bright and colourful. Audio is split between thumpy sound FX and bouncy soundtracks.
GenesisThunderbolt Games
Hellfire can be fun to play, because it's smart, but most of your time will be spent recovering from unforeseeable crashes; you spend more time being dragged about with one foot in one stirrup than enjoying the ride from the saddle proper.