Heretic Kingdoms: The Inquisition Screenshots

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Windows version

Main menu
Character creation screen. Change your main stats, name, looks, game difficulty, and starting attunements. Mouse over the attunement to see what they do
Here, you can see your inventory and what nighttime looks like. Mouse over an item for info (including how close you are to learning the attunement on it)
Your inventory is very limited. Using various containers can help (see the additional 4 slots)
Other containers have more slots, as you can see (the 9 slots shown)
You can look at your attunements and see what each does through this screen. "Earth Element, Melee" means it will only work when you are using a melee weapon that is imbued with earth magic
Here are your character stats... along with what appears to be dinosaur bones
Chests and other things can contain items (the lower slots are the chest)
Having a conversation. The atmospheric effects are nice
As with any conversation, you can decide what to talk about
This is the trade interface. Note that the colors around an item indicate the type of magic it is imbued with
When you rest at a campfire, or other location, you can change what attunments you have active
The graphics are really nice. When you have a weapon spell active (such as +50% poison damage), your weapon will have a visual effect to match
Fighting a Soulraven in the Dreamworld
When you kill something in the Dreamworld, it leaves Essence. This Essence will give you a +5 boost to your attunement points (in order to gain any attunements you're trying to get)
Also found in the Dreamworld are Hexes... Unlike what you might think, these actually help you by giving you +10 to your stat points (for improving main stats)
This is a well defended War Camp
The world map is used to move between locations
If you complete the quest to purchase this house, you will have a large chest to place items for storage (and a free place to rest)
I think there are some Celtic influences to this town's bridge...
Want to see what quests you have? Easily see what you've done and what needs done... and each is narrated with full voiceover
Now that is a nice water wheel