Hero Siege Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu screen. For the Steam version the SHOP feature does not cost real life money; instead the player finds rare crystals which can be spent.
Character creation screen where one of 5 (soon to be six) classes can be selected. The hardcore mode turns on permanent death.
The act selection screen; after being the 30th, 60th and 90th waves the other 3 acts open up to the character.
Should the game detect a supported game controller this handy screen will appear once each time the program is executed.
This is the shop screen where a where a number of vanity items can be purchased from the pool of crystals. This pool is shared by all characters.
The save slot screen where the characters created are saved. Red is strength, green is speed, yellow is armor, and blue is health. Strangely, cooperative play is enabled in this screen.
This is the in-game shop screen (not related to the one available in main menu). This can be opened at any time to spend gold on temporary status improvements.
This is the player stats screen and it can be opened anytime during play to spend awarded skill points. These values are permanent even if your character dies during play.
Here my Marksman character is just getting started. The row of lock icons on the bottom left show active skills that can be use. The grayish arrow near the character indicates approaching monsters.
A dungeon can open at any time during play; these are completely optional and usually quite small. Notice the counter on the top showing 9 seconds left until the next wave.
This is one of the many random dungeons that can be entered. They usually offer some tricks, puzzles and traps, but the reward will often be a relic.
Achievement notifications like this will appear during play, they are the same ones that get activated via Steam.
The purple gauge shows character level progress. The green gauge shows character health. The blinking cross icon at the bottom shows that there are skill points left to be spent.
The holy statue on the far right gave my Marksman character a permanent improvement to the armor stat. Meanwhile an Arachnid Mother gives chase.
This play style is often referred to by gamers as kiting which can be seen easily by the horde of following monsters.
My redneck character made it past the 30th wave and into the 2nd act which has a winter theme. He is currently carrying a green potion of unknown effect as seen on the far right.
Example of a relic discovery in an underground dungeon. Most relics provide a passive statistical boon to the character, but are lost at death.
When your character dies this screen while appear to summarize the relics found. I had been doing very well, so this is was disappointing.