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1997 Computer Gaming World ad.:
    The Quest For True Heroes Rages On...

    The Price of Loyalty introduces 4 new campaigns and a slew of enhancements to the Heroes of Might and Magic II world. Control the course of an expanding empire in Descendants, or try your tactics against a horde of spell crafters in The Wizards Isle. Discover new heroes and artifacts as you explore and conquer 24 new campaign maps. Log in and go head-to-head or team up with friends in 20 new stand alone scenarios.

    Two New Full Length Campaigns

    Plus Two New "Mini" Campaigns

    New Cinematic Scenes Bring The Battles And Their Aftermath to Stunning Life

    Dozens Of Enhancements Including New Heroes, Events, And Artifacts

    HEROES of Might and Magic II

    The Price Of Loyalty Expansion Pack.

    Contributed by Zovni (10665) on Jul 09, 2001.

Unknown Source:
    *Four new campaigns and storylines.

    *Dozens of new heroes, artifacts and events.

    *Over 30 new stand alone maps.

    *Network, Modem and Internet Team or competitive play for up to 6 players.

    Contributed by Jeff Sinasac (409) on May 28, 2000.