Hexen 2Contributed by Andrew Hartnett (2292) on Aug 30, 2000.

Cheat Codes:

To activate a cheat, push the tilde key [~] and enter its corresponding code below.

Cheat                              Code
Adjust skill level*              SKILL
All items                          IMPULSE 43
All weapons and manna    IMPULSE 9
Become Assassin            IMPULSE 174
Become Crusader            IMPULSE 172
Become Necromancer      IMPULSE 173
Become Paladin              IMPULSE 171
Boots                             IMPULSE 109
Change class*                PLAYERCLASS
Change name*                NAME
Change weapon*             IMPULSE 
Chase camera                CHASE_ACTIVE 1
Chaos device                  IMPULSE 104
Display server flags         IMPULSE 149
Enable crosshair            CROSSHAIR 1
Force Cube                    IMPULSE 113
Freeze monsters            IMPULSE 36
Glyph                            IMPULSE 108
God mode                     GOD

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