Hi-Res Adventure #0: Mission Asteroid Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

The beginning
You can choose to play the game in text-only mode
The office
Briefing room
The general gives you your mission
Computer room
Now why would someone like Mission Control store an explosive?
The gymnasium
Shower room
A long hallway
"What's up, Doc?"
The rocket's control room
The rocket's store room
Orbiting the earth.
Cruisin' through space, pushin' buttons...
Arrived at asteroid.
A small step for me, a giant leap for mankind.
Wandering on the asteroid, admiring bizarre rock formations.
Oh, a cave. Shall we enter?
This pit look just like the place to drop some little explosives.
Back to earth... Oops! Should have set the timer to a shorter value...

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen (first release)
Title screen 1 (second release)
Title screen 2 (second release)
Beginning the game outside mission control
The building secretary
The general will tell you about your mission
There's a weight room here so you can work out before the mission
The computer room (featuring an Atari computer!)
Now who would leave these explosives lying about?
Visit the doctor for your pre-flight checkup
Here's the rocket
Control room; approaching the asteroid
You'll need a space suit to venture outside
On the surface of a small asteroid
On the asteroid; there's a cave here!
Exploring the cave

Commodore 64 version

The beginning
Playing the game in text-only mode
Looks like you're wanted
The secretary
The general gives you your instructions
Computer room
Shower room
What's up, Doc?
An airfield with a rocket in the distance
The rocket's control panel
Instructions on how to operate the rocket
Orbiting the Earth
In space
There's the asteroid
Make sure to wear this suit before you go out
On the asteroid's surface
A cave
Inside the cave