WalkthroughContributed by Katakis | カタキス (39520) on Aug 14, 2005.

Hi-Res Adventure #2: Wizard and the Princess
Walkthrough by *Katakis* ([email protected])

In Wizard and the Princess, you must find the princess who has been kidnapped by an evil wizard. In order to find his castle, you need to venture through different scenery and travel to an island.

Unlike my other walkthroughs, all directions that you have to enter as commands are listen as abbreviations ( N - North, S - South), U - Up, D - Down, etc. This is done to save you from typing the whole word.

Without further ado, on to the walkthrough...

You start out in the village, on the outskirts of the desert. Go S (x2), E, S, E, and S. GET ROCK. This is the only rock without a scorpion behind it. Go N, W, and N (x2) and THROW ROCK at the snake blocking the way out of the village. Go N and DRINK WATER. Now go E and GET STICK. (If the rattlesnake appears in a scene, USE STICK to scare it off. Head N and W. GET LOCKET. Walk W and S. A small snake is trapped under a rock, so GET ROCK and you will free it. Go S. There is a hole in one of the rocks. LOOK HOLE and GET CRACKER inside. Go N (x2), W, and N to reach the chasm. Say HOCUS and a bridge will form over the chasm. Go N to the woods.

Go N. LOOK and your items will be stolen by the gnome. Move E then N. Say HISS and you will be transformed into a snake. GO HOLE to enter the tunnel. Go S (x3). Your inventory is all here. GET BREAD, GET CRACKER, and GET LOCKET. Now UNLOCK DOOR and OPEN DOOR. Go S, U, and GO HOLE to exit the cave. Walk E and N and you will meet a parrot. GIVE CRACKER to him and GET VIAL he offers you. Go S, W(x2), and N to arrive at the brook. GET WATER and then proceed S and W. GIVE BREAD to the lion, then move N to the beach. Here, GET ROPE and GO BOAT. You will notice that the boat has a hole in it. USE BLANKET to cover up the hole. Head N (x2) and drink water. Head N and E (x3).

At the beach, GO BEACH to leave the boat, then go N (x2) and east. GET ANCHOR. Go W and TIE ROPE. When the game asks you tie rope to what, enter TO ANCHOR. THROW ROPE to make it hang around the tree, giving you access to the tree house. Head on U and GET SHOVEL. Climb back D and go S (x2) to return to the boat. Use shovel to DIG X to find a treasure chest. OPEN CHEST and a pirate will run away with it. Go E, N, and W to the cave. GO CAVE and OPEN CHEST. LOOK CHEST and GET HARP from it. Head N, E, and N. DRINK VIAL and fly N.

Go N and GET RING. Move N and W to the rainbow. GO RAINBOW. GET COIN and go N to the rickety bridge. Say LUCY to lose all your stuff. Now go W (x2) and N to the cave. GO CAVE. GET ALL to get your inventory back. Go N, S, and W to the giant. PLAY HARP to make him leave the area. Go N (x2) to the peddler and BUY HORN. Move N (x2) to arrive at the castle, and PLAY HORN to lower the drawbridge. Enter the castle by going N.

Inside, go N, W (x3), N, E (x2), N (x2), W, N, and E (x3) to the locked door. USE KNIFE to pick the lock. OPEN DOOR and proceed E, U, D, and U. RUB RING to catch the bird that is flying around in the tower. Move D and E. KISS FROG to make it change into a princess (happens only if you have the bird). Go E (x2) and OPEN CLOSET. LOOK CLOSET to see some shoes. GET SHOES and WEAR SHOES. Say WHOOSH and the two of you will appear in the desert. There, go N to return the princess to the king.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Hi-Res Adventure #2: Wizard and the Princess. Now try your luck with Sierra's next Hi-Res adventure, Cranston Manor.

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