Hi-Res Adventure #3: Cranston Manor Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

The beginning
The game in text-only mode
Outside the general store
Oh boy!
The junk yard
The side of Cranston Manor
"Would anyone mind if I steal this bag?"
The mansion's dusty attic
The bird atrium
"Stop following me!"
We've got a cage, some cheese, and here's a mouse... hmmm... I wonder what to do...
Cranston manor has long corridors...
... and towers, reminiscent of King's Quest II...
... and strange-looking fountains.
Yup, you shouldn't do that.
Found some money. Well hidden, but not well enough for me!
Time to turn on the lamp...
Strange keyhole, indeed...
Some mighty mushrooms are growing underground!
How cute! The little tin soldier... just shot me?!
There is even an abandoned subway station!
Destroying computers is fun!
Yet another treasure to pick up.
Glp... This message is a bit discomforting...
This is the beast! A pink bull! RUN!!!
Somehow, the sign reminds of some ground-breaking adventure... Colossal Cave, perhaps?
The bridal suite. Wow. Don't look too close into the mirror :-)
What a stare!

FM-7 version

Starting location
Same place in stylish black & white