Hidden Expedition: The Uncharted Islands Screenshots

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Windows version

Title / main menu
Game locations map
Game start
Reviewing journal
Boat dock - objects
Interesting structures in the triangle... guess you make do with what you have
Rearrange the rocket ship puzzle
Tree house - objects
Undertow and his gang
Gate puzzle
Slipping aboard Undertow's vessel
Door hatch puzzle
Ship cannons and Delia
Rocket ship cockpit
Rocket launch
Our rocket crashed into the sea near the Forgotten City
Inside the Forgotten City
Gideon statue - objects
The Forgotten City is very Gothic
Delia painting - objects
Repair bay - objects
Desk - objects
Filling the air lock to leave the Forgotten City
Undertow's technology on the sea floor
Struck by a Porcupine fish and the toxin is making it really hard to find objects
Undertow's personal junkyard - objects
Getting ready to cut my way into Undertow's vessel
Undertow's vessel has a real Jules Verne feel to it