Hill Street Blues is a top-down action / strategy mix.

“Let’s be careful out there!”

Based on the ‘80s TV drama series Hill Street Blues, this game puts you in the role of Captain Furillo of the Hill Street police department. Crime rates are soaring in the precinct, and it’s up to your team of nine officers (all well-known from the series and with digitized portraits) to keep the streets safe.

Your officers move on foot or by car on a 2D top-down map of the city, complete with real-time traffic. True to the series, each day starts with a roll call from Sgt. Esterhaus. Once on duty, listen to radio operator A.J. Hill report crimes every few minutes. Deploy officers to the scene, help the victim and call an ambulance or coroner; next, identify and find the suspect. Some criminals may flee, others even shoot at you. Give chase or open fire if necessary. When the bad guy is arrested, a court trial may follow.

Hill Street Blues is controlled entirely with the mouse via a set of icons – that’s everything but intuitive, especially when directing a single officer through the streets. Since there will soon be multiple crimes all over the city, the challenge is to co-ordinate multiple officers simultaneously and keep track of cases and suspects. If your success rate is high enough, you will ultimately be promoted to chief of police.

Contributed by -Chris (7565) on Oct 28, 2002.

Hill Street Blues is a "cop simulator". You play a police cadet who wants to get to the top. But before that, you need to do everything a policeman needs to do. So you jump in your patrol car and chase bad guys, or maybe just go on foot patrol and stop pickpockets or help old people with crossing the street. Of course, there can be homicides, fleeing suspects, you can build road blocks, call ambulances and even shoot on suspects :)

Contributed by phlux (4340) on May 14, 2002.