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HIND: The Russian Combat Helicopter Simulation

HIND: The Russian Combat Helicopter Simulation Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
The distinctive Russian blue cockpits
Go practice, fly a single mission or start a campaign.
Cockpit view on a cloudy day
Picking up some Spetznatz after cleaing the LZ myself.
The mission planner
Landing the beast.
Loading my Mi-24 with different missiles, bombs or gun pods.
Cut-scene shot
Gunner's cockpit
The Apache is attacking from the left.
In this mission I'm picking up wounded soldiers.
A MiG-27 over the battlefield
Preparing for a night sortie.
A group of four Mi-24 taking off from a landing zone near the battlefield.
A city somewhere in South Korea
Mujahideen fighter firing with the heavy machine gun.
Turned the night vision on.
Dropping chaffs and flares to avoid the incoming missile.
Scored some hits with unguided rockets.
Damn, I'm getting chased by a F-14 Tomcat.
A group of Mujahideen fighters
I have landed in front of the soviet headquarters.
Gain enough altitude before you are dropping bombs!
There are plenty of secondary targets to destroy.
Attacking vehicles with the turret gun.
Mi-8 refueling.
Watching a missile on the way to the target.
Flying high over a valley in Afghanistan.