Hissatsu Pachinko Station Monster House Special Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

The game starts with the Sunsoft and Takeya logos before running an optional animated sequence featuring the Monster House machines
The game's start screen
This is the first Japanese game I have come across that allows both Kanji and English characters for the player's name
There are three pachinko parlors but they are not all available straight away.
This is the nice lady cashier in the Takeya pachinko parlor
Inside the parlor the arrow keys are used to select a machine. The red characters in the message bar indicate that the player is currently pointing at an occupied machine
This is the player's machine. L1/L2 zoom in and out. R1/R2 feed the machine cash
The triangle brings up current game stats. Top left is the game date & time, lower right shows we have 30k in credit and have fed the machine nothing, yet
The power control, lower right, is displayed when the circle key is pressed. Then, and only then, will the left/right keys adjust the power
Pressing the cross key brings up a menu from which game stats can be accessed.
Pressing cross brings up a menu with game stats options. there is also a game configuration option and this which shows the position of the pins on the machine
So once the balls are flowing and hitting the target these reels spin. The object is to keep them spinning until a winning line comes up
Unlike other pachinko simulations, when the player has a winning line the player's point of view does not change and zooms in on the central reels
The number in the upper right is the bonus feature stage number, this is five of fifteen. Each stage changes the animation. Ghosts set the table, guests arrive, party and leave
The bonus feature ends with this screen
The machine selection screen in another game mode. In this mode the player has unlimited credit
Variant two of the CR Monster House machine, slight changes to the pins and the lower part is coloured orange otherwise it is the same as the one in the preceding shots
This machine just titled 'Monster House'. It is probably the original. The artwork is different to the two preceding machines