Hissatsu Pachinko Station Now 3 Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

The game's start screen follows a short animation
There are only two machines. Left/right arrows swap between them, circle selects
The first table. To make the central reels spin steel balls must drop into the gap between the two small orange quadrants that are just above the word START in the lower centre of the screen
The player selects the power with which the balls are fired with the control in the lower right. The circle makes it appear and the left/right control adjusts it
The L1/2 buttons zoom in/out on the central reels. Unlike some games the player does not automatically zoom in when there's a chance of a winning line
At random intervals something dramatic happens in the background, most of the time this seems to serve no purpose other than to keep the player amused and awake
The outer reels matched but the player did not get a winning line. However this nice ninja lady seems to be giving the player a second chance.
A winning line is three of a kind. This triggers a series of animated sequences
Winning feature stage one. The stage number is in red and the number of times a steel ball hits the target is in blue. There are ten stages in all.
Winning feature stage two. This shows a frog juggling plates. Stage ten shows the same animation.
The end of the animation sequence. The triangle has been pressed to show the player's current credit at this point
The functions assigned to the gamepad's buttons can be changed during the game
The second machine in this product has a different background but uses the same symbols on the central reels. The pins look to be the same as does the name at the top