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    IBM CD-ROM - From the beginning of recorded history to the start of WW1 despots have tried to rule the world. Many have come close only to be swept aside by the tides of history. Can you avoid this fate? We don't think so... but we invite you to try.

    The history of mankind unfolds before your eyes as you play this fascinating game. Starting 5,000 years ago with the ancient Sumerians, a succession of 49 empires rise and fall with the rapidly passing centuries across the entire width of the globe. This new computer version of our award-winning boardgame is faithful to its predecessor while adding the excitement of computer action and graphics which include original illustrations of the warriors who paved the way to Empires with their lives. Can be played by any combination of 1 to 7 human or computer opponents live or via e-mail.
  • Obstacles such as plague, civil war, barbarian incursions, earthquakes, floods and holy wars are announced with exciting animation to decide the fate of nations.
  • The computer does the accounting chores and prompts players regarding the scoring consequences of each placement.
  • Can be played "solitaire" against the computer or with friends via e-mail.
  • IBM PC or compatible, MS-Windows 95 or 3.1, 486 or Pentium processor with CD-ROM, 8MB RAM minimum.

    Contributed by jean-louis (31890) on Jul 25, 2015.

Unknown Source:
    The Historical Game of Strategy and World Conquest

    It took the Pharaohs a lifetime to build the pyramids. Entire dynasties rose and fell before the Great Wall of China was completed. Yet these and other monumental tasks unfold before your eyes against the panoramic background of the rise and fall of the world's greatest civilizations won by men in arms raging grom ancient Sumerian charioteers to the Kaiser's Stormtroopers. But the road to empire runs though seven Epochs -- each barred by a host of calamities such as plague, civil war, barabarian incursion, earthquakes, floods and holy wars announded in animated splendor to decide the fate of nations.

    Game Features:
    • 1 to 7 human and/or computer players vie for supremacy from the vangate point of the Gods
    • Dedicated E-Mail version with diplomacy messaging system
    • CD quality theme music from the 4 corners of the world
    • 20 fully-animated calamities and windfalls
    • 9 momentum-turning events per player
    • 49 of the greatest Empires in History -- each illustrated with artifacts of the period
    • 9 settings of AI competence and temerament for each player
    • Perpetual scorekeeping, plus on-screen advisors offering sage insights to assist your exaltedness on the road to empire
    • 48-page full color Gamer's Guide
    • Map of the world -- full-color reference key

    Contributed by Tony Van (2856) on Dec 20, 1999.