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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

User Reviews

Read the book. If you like it, then (and only then) will you be prepared to like the game. Commodore 64 Jacqke (966)
One of the funniest games ever made. DOS saladpuncher (21)
Two words: BABEL FISH DOS mclazyj (28)
Another Infocom Milestone DOS Tony Van (2691)

Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Amiga 13 3.9
Amstrad CPC 8 3.3
Amstrad PCW Awaiting 1 votes...
Apple II 19 4.0
Atari 8-bit 7 3.8
Atari ST 13 3.8
Browser 5 4.2
Commodore 16, Plus/4 1 4.0
Commodore 64 19 4.0
Commodore 128 2 4.5
DOS 58 4.0
Macintosh 6 3.8
PC Booter 3 4.4
TI-99/4A 3 4.6
TRS-80 2 4.5
TRS-80 CoCo 2 4.5
Combined MobyScore 161 4.0

The Press Says

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True to the Douglas Adams books in every way, this game is a classic to fans of either the book series, or Infocom text adventures in general.
AmigaAmiga Action
Arthur Dent is not having a very good day. No sooner had he got out of bed than everything started to go wrong.
DOSTop Secret
Gra odziedziczyła po książce podstawowy pomysł i atmosferę. Jest tak samo jak oryginał pełna typowo angielskiego humoru i wyjątkowo przewrotnych zagadek. Trochę denerwujący jest kompletny brak grafiki i dźwięku - jest to czysta tekstówka. Nic zresztą dziwnego, powstała w 1985... Za te drobne braki odpłaca wyjątkową "inteligencją" - na poziomie opisanej w "Bajtku" gry "Demon's Tomb". Cóż, nobody's perfect i nie zawsze mamy naraz extra grafikę, super muzykę i genialny scenariusz. Efekty i bajery nie są jednak najważniejsze, szczególnie gdy gra nadrabia to pomysłami w innych dziedzinach. Dobrze znających angielski zapraszam do gry. Jeśli nie będziecie już zupełnie wiedzieć co zrobić, zróbcie coś całkowicie szalonego. Powinno pomóc.
DOSAdventure Classic Gaming
In 1984 during the golden age of Infocom when interactive fiction is king, Douglas Adams is asked to write a text adventure game based on his popular BBC sci-fi series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Intrigued by the possibility that computers can tell stories, he readily agrees. The game he has created with Infocom is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, based on his book series of the same name. The game is richly described, backed by an excellent forgiving parser, and more fun to play than you can shake a stick at. The only dark spot in an otherwise sterling effort is Adams’ convoluted sense of logic, compounded by an unsatisfying ending. Other frustrations of the game owe more to the paradigm of game design from the early era of interactive fiction than anything Adams has done himself.
The writing is some of Infocom's very best, which is fortunate because the game itself is a little too short. The atmosphere produced is almost exactly like that of the book, even if specific details of the plot are often changed. The puzzles (including the legendary Babel Fish puzzle) are based on a brand of "consistent illogic" that is rather reminiscent of Lewis Carroll, and make the game one of those few that many will some day play again even after having solved it once.
DOSAll Game Guide
Despite its two flaws, fans of the book will find The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy to be a very entertaining experience, thanks to the strength of its writing, its wit and charm, and the unique puzzle logic. If you haven't read the book, though, a trip to your local dentist will most likely be more pleasant than the gameplay experience you'll get from the game.