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Hitman: Absolution is the fifth game in the stealth assassin series starring Agent 47 as the protagonist. The story continues after the events of the previous game, Hitman: Blood Money. Diana Burnwood, Agent 47's handler with the International Contract Agency, goes rogue and sets up a sabotage operation that risks exposing the entire agency. Benjamin Travis reforms the agency and puts a hit on Burnwood, tasking Agent 47 to kill her and bring back the teenage girl Victoria that is in her care. Early on in the game he tracks down Diana, but hesitates when he has the opportunity to kill her. From there, the story unfolds into a larger conspiracy that puts the girl Victoria in the center. Compared to the previous game, 47 now often has an emotional bond with the victims and he becomes hunted himself as well.

Rather than independent missions, they are now linked together with sections where 47 travels from one location to another. The basic gameplay is still present. He often has to infiltrate locations to take out a specific target and disappear again. Points are scored by completing primary and secondary objectives, along with the chosen method. Choosing a careful approach based on stealth and non-lethal kills is always rewarded more. After missions a ranking is shown and it is compared to players worldwide. In addition there are separate challenges to complete, such as using a certain amount of different weapons or disguises. Points are used to access upgrades that enhance Agent 47's skills, such as less visibility when hiding, more accuracy when shooting, less time to strangle opponents or faster melee combat. When the operation goes wrong, full out shooting is also possible, but will not lead to the best reward.

The core gameplay is still based around looking for cover, taking out and dragging people out of sight, and some acrobatic maneuvers. Certain parts of the environment can be used to jump or to hang on a ledge, but not everything. A feature called Instinct shows whether a certain part can be used or not. Instinct is gathered through actions in the game. It can also be used to activate Point Shooting. This mechanic allows Agent 47 to stop time, mark the opponents, and then continue to fire and kill quickly in succession. Another Instinct feature is the ability to look through walls to see the location of enemies and their movement pattern. A further use is bluff. When wearing a disguise, certain characters may still recognize him, especially when he gets too close. In those situations a bluff can be made as a last resort that eats up a lot of Instinct. Agent 47 will then make a move that throws them off so they lose their suspicion.

His main weapon is the signature Silverballer pistol with a silencer. Two of them can be equipped and used together. Weapons left behind by enemies can also be picked up and used. In addition there is room for gadgets such as a piano string, but also items found in the environment such as bottles, bricks, hammers, knives etc. They are used to kill or can be thrown to create a distraction. As enemies often patrol in groups, they need to be isolated and their movement needs to be studied. Strangled enemies can either be killed or just be rendered unconscious. To avoid alarms, they always need to be hidden, out of sight.

Next to the main mission, Contracts can be completed as an asynchronous multiplayer mode. These are custom tasks created by the developer or other players. Anyone can mark a specific target in a level and determine how he ought to be killed, based on a certain weapon or disguise for instance. These challenges can then be taken on by other players. Up to three victims can be assigned to a single Contract.


Hitman: Absolution PlayStation 3 Inventory shows collected items throughout the level.
Hitman: Absolution PlayStation 3 Hiding behind the curtain until the attackers pass.
Hitman: Absolution PlayStation 3 Red indicators shows the position of enemy fire
Hitman: Absolution Windows 47 chooses a risky route

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Hitman: Absolution Screenshot
Hitman: Absolution Screenshot
Hitman: Absolution Screenshot
Hitman: Absolution Screenshot

Alternate Titles

  • "Hitman: Rozgrzeszenie" -- Polish title
  • "ヒットマン アブソリューション " -- Japanese spelling

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Critic Reviews

Tech-Gaming Windows Dec 01, 2012 A- 91
PC Games (Germany) Windows Nov 20, 2012 88 out of 100 88 Windows Dec 06, 2012 86 out of 100 86 PlayStation 3 2012 8.5 out of 10 85 Windows Nov 18, 2012 17 out of 20 85
PlayStation Trophies PlayStation 3 Nov 19, 2012 83 out of 100 83 PlayStation 3 Nov 22, 2012 82 out of 100 82
Factornews Windows Nov 27, 2012 8 out of 10 80
Absolute Games ( Windows Nov 23, 2012 76 out of 100 76
GameSpy Windows Nov 18, 2012 3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars 70


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  • GameStar (Germany) / GamePro (Germany)
    • 2012 - #4 Best Action Game of the Year (Readers' Vote)
    • 2012 - #8 Best Console Game of the Year (Readers' Vote)
    • 2012 - #9 Best PC Game of the Year (Readers' Vote)
  • PC Games (Germany)
    • Issue 01/2013 – #3 Game of the Year 2012 (together with Diablo III)
    • Issue 01/2013 – #3 Action Game of the Year 2012 (Readers' Vote)

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