The Hobbit Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
You start in your home
Here is what it looks like.
I went outside. Gloomy.
More info on outside.
Oh, dear! Trolls!
I was eaten. I died.

Apple II version

Title screen
Full description of starting location, plus a request to flip disks.
Illustration for first location; compare the descriptions and see how slim this one has become!
Departing the Shire
This doesn't look so bad, but whose cauldron is that?
Mr. Baggins is no tank, that's for certain.

BBC Micro version

Starting location. The picture and description screens are separate.
Captured by Goblins and thrown into this dungeon.
Thorin apparently wants to get out as soon as possible. It gets a bit funny when he refuses your requests to aid you in escaping.
You meet Elrond here.
Trolls cave
Wandering through mountains
At the gate to Mirkwood
Further exploring the area nearby

Commodore 64 version

Your home in the Shire.
Waiting in the forest. Because of the ANIMACTION system, creatures moved around the world, so sometimes waiting was a good strategy.
The troll's clearing - about two locations from your home, and your first good chance to get killed.

Macintosh version

Title screen
Starting location
Trolls clearing picture
Text description of the clearing
Wandering through the Misty Mountains.
Misty valley
In a cave
Beorn's house
At the gate of Mirkwood

MSX version

Title screen
Gandalph gives you...
Trolls clearing
Trolls cave
At the gate of Mirkwood
Trees that look like they're in water

Oric version

Starting location
Trolls cave
Text display - fend off a warg. There are considerably less illustrations compared to other versions.
Thrown into the dungeon

PC Booter version

Title Screen
The beginning of the game, and it's graphic...
...and the much more rich text interactive fiction that goes with it.
A gloomy, dreary land
A small clearing -- with a kettle...
Through the trees
You have been eaten by Trolls.
Through the Misty Mountains
I was captured and thrown into this dungeon
Gate to Mirkwood
A lovely spot..
..that's what he said. And then I died.

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
You start the game in your house
Outside your house are lots of hills
Troll's footprints
The troll camp